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"Sect leader, you are afraid of the old man Chi Yan?" Lin Xiao realized that in Li Taixuan's heart, Chi Yan was like the flood and beast, and he feared Chi Yan very much.

Li Taixuan was shocked and repeatedly waved his hands, "No, no, though I'm a little afraid of him, the real reason is ... Alas! "

In the end, Li Taixuan's voice was helplessness and ashamed.

Lin Xiao also did not answer, and waited for the following words.

After for a while, Li Taixuan said, "In fact, I feel guilty. When grandmaster was in the sect, the sect was really strong, but now..."

Li Taixuan shook his head.

"Aren't our Tai Xuan Sect one of the five main sects in Red Vitex County? Was it stronger before? "Lin Xiao reminded of Wu Gui's words.

Hearing Lin Xiao's words, Li Taixuan was excited. As long as martial uncle was here, in the future, the grandmaster would definitely come back. If grandmaster came back... But in the blink of an eye, Li Taixuan's face turned red.

"Lin Xiao, who told you this?" Li Taixuan spoke in a louder voice, and his face looked very strange, angry, and ashamed. But because of this, he finally called Lin Xiao's name smoothly.

Although Wu Gui was hateful, Lin Xiao didn't have the habit of reporting others secretly. So he just said that he heard it from an anonymous disciple.

Li Taixuan sighed, and he was somewhat sad and ashamed, "Tai Xuan Sect was once one of the five main sects in Red Vitex County, but it has declined year by year. Now we can only keep a foothold for hundreds of miles around. If the grandmaster sees this, he will kill me."

So that was what it was, Lin Xiao knew why Li Taixuan was afraid.

"Sect leader, I don't blame you. Along this way, I saw the beast forest which keeps the spiritual beast, the spirit weapon hall which casts into weapons, the inscription hall which studies the rune, the breeding spirit garden which grows herbs and the tripod hall we are now in, these things are arranged in good order. What's more, I see the disciples of sect all showing respect to you, which indicates that you are very competent."

Lin Xiao a.n.a.lyzed rationally.

Li Taixuan breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. This martial uncle was very intelligent. Thinking of this, Li Taixuan felt a little ashamed.

As a matter of fact, Li Taixuan took Lin Xiao to visit Tai Xuan Sect, because he had some selfish motives. After Lin Xiao visited the situation of Tai Xuan Sect, in case the grandmaster came back, Lin Xiao will certainly plead for him.

"Lin Xiao, or we make you the sect leader!" This sentence escaped Li Taixuan's lip.

But as soon as he said the word, he regretted. He was so gutless that he wanted to give an awful mess to a child. Now, he remedied, "I mean, the jadeite ring in your hand is the supreme token of Tai Xuan Sect, so you will be the overlord of the Tai Xuan Sect."

Speaking of this, Li Taixuan again cautioned solemnly, "Lin Xiao, you must keep the jadeite ring carefully, and do not expose it. The grandmaster used to be called Chi Yan Magical King, so he has offended many people. If other old men in grandmaster's period see this jadeite ring, you will be in danger."

So dangerous. Lin Xiao was surprised, and nodded solemnly. Then he took the topic back, "The sect leader, the sect's hostile forces are very strong now?"

Lin Xiao felt that it was necessary to understand this question. After all, Tai Xuan Sect now was like his home. If all his family was gone, everything was empty talk.

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