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On hearing someone knocking on the gate, Lin Xiao flinched by instinct.

There should have been a fixed set of signals if the three chief seniors came to visit. However, apart from the seniors supplying medicinal materials, there had only been a disciple visiting and offering them meals.

Since the disciple was allocated to them by Li Taixuan, Lin Xiao had 100m percent faith in him.

Be that as it might, Lin Xiao still set a pa.s.sword for his visit just in case.

This time, Lin Xiao could tell the sound from neither the three seniors nor the disciple. A fleeting smile flashed across his face.

Right then, a voice went off outside,  "Esteemed Taoist Shan, sorry about barging in. It's time for meal."

Wu Gui was about to say something when Lin Xiao stopped him.

Then Lin Xiao rose and went to open the door in person.

Seeing this, Wu Gui and w.a.n.g Di stood up accordingly.

Having been up to their necks for days, they failed to get around to having some rest. Once they wound down, they wished if only they could sleep paralyzed forever.

However, with Lin Xiao sitting still and proceeding with pellet production, they dared not slack off.

Now Lin Xiao went to open the door, they hastened to rush forth and beat Lin Xiao to it before he arrived at the gate.

They opened the door as Lin Xiao instructed forthwith.

Seeing the door open, the disciple outside had a thorough scanning of the whole Furnace Hall before he laid his eyes on Lin Xiao who stood right in the middle.

Right then, Lin Xiao put on an inoffensive smile and came up to fetch the lunchbox. He said, "Martial brother, thank you very much.  For your information, there is no need for you to offer meals anymore, because the b.a.s.t.a.r.d…heh…Esteemed Taoist Shan just left."

Knowing that Shan Chengfeng was gone, the disciple felt at ease.

Though he himself failed to notice the transformation of his mien, Lin Xiao captured that straight off.

After taking one step on his way back, the disciple rolled his eyes and paused. He turned back and said to Lin Xiao,"Martial Brother, as far as I'm concerned, Shan Chengfeng was real twisted b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He not only took over our Furnace Hall but also made all the disciples in our sect work all day long. Not to mention us, you, Wu Gui, and w.a.n.g Di work even harder, as you are totally at the mercy of him as his slaves."

The disciple felt for their "miserable" situation.

On hearing this, Lin Xiao decided to take the opportunity to go on playacting. He feinted to lay his heart bare to the visitor, "Spot-on!   The old dog was literally inhumane.  Come and take a look, you  will figure out how much we had been tortured by him these days. He has a high-level cultivation that allows him to stay awake. What about me? My cultivation is merely at the second level of the Refining Divine Realm.   G.o.d knows how I bore up these days!"

The disciple hastened to soothe him, "Martial brother, you worked too hard.  But he is the first-rate alchemy master in Chijing Prefecture."

"Alchemy master?  What a joke!   He is just an a.s.shole!  Martial Brother, to be honest with you, I offered to help because I a.s.sumed I could learn from him.  However, he kept everything from us as if we were thieves!" Lin Xiao let out a grievant cry.

Lin Xiao gritted his teeth and looked as if he had been attempting to smash Shan Chengfeng into pieces.

The disciple looked at him with a compa.s.sionate look. However, Lin Xiao captured a fleeting contempt popping up in his eyes.

Right then, an ear-splitting sound went off in the Furnace Hall — a furnace exploded.

While the disciple was startled, Lin Xiao turned back and patted himself on the head. He was about to rush to the furnace when he decided to rewind and shut the gate.

The disciple pressed his ear against the gate in a haste and captured Lin Xiao asking, "Brother Wu Gui, how come you failed again?"

Lin Xiao's question almost cracked him up, but he held it back.

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