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Lin Xiao simply nodded and briefed them about the proportions of the medicinal materials and spiritual herbs. In order to have them kick-start the refinement process, Lin Xiao went on with his instructions nonstop. While adjusting the fire with mudras, he started the refinement of another furnace of antidote pellets.

Having the most suitable physiques of alchemy as well as eagerness to learn, Wu Gui and w.a.n.g Di soon got the hang of the antidote refinement techniques.

Satisfied with their progress, Lin Xiao nodded. He was about to pop out when the voices of the three chief seniors went off outside the Furnace Hall.

Making a narrow opening of the gate, Lin Xiao had them in.

This time, the three chief seniors came with more medicinal materials and spiritual herbs.

Seeing Wu Gui and w.a.n.g Di refining elixirs in a professional manner, they all went bewildered and looked over at Lin Xiao struck dumb.

Ignorant about w.a.n.g Di's competence, they knew Wu Gui through and through. Though talented in alchemy, he wouldn't be able to bring his endowments into full play ― alchemy was not a strong suit of the Taixuan Sect, unlike the Danling Sect.

However, Wu Gui was already in the process of elixir refinement. Without a doubt, the credit went to Lin Xiao again.

It was simply unbelievable that Wu Gui managed to refine pellets on his own within only two or three hours.

After the three chief seniors came back to themselves, they all gazed at Lin Xiao with admiration welling up in their eyes.

"The Taixuan Sect was surely on its way to resurrection by virtue of Lin Xiao," they thought to themselves.

As a matter of fact, Lin Xiao was about to test the Most Refined Royal Pellets with Li Taixuan. Now that the three chief seniors crashed the gate, a new idea flashed across his mind. Lin Xiao took out three pellets and asked, "These are the freshly-produced Most Refined Royal Pellets, would you care to have a go?"

Sharing a glance, they made a step forward, fetched the pellets and took them in.

Sitting cross-legged for a quarter, they opened their eyes almost at the same time. While standing up, they fixed their eyes on Lin Xiao across the board.

Twitches running through their lips, the three seniors began shivering.

After a while, a senior opened his mouth and said with a trembling voice, rather thrilled, "What...what is it?"

"The Most Refined Royal Pellets ― the first-cla.s.s pellets for warriors of the Regimen Realm," Lin Xiao said.

"What? That is a Regimen Realm pellet? It still works, although all three of us' cultivation stand close to the level of the Yinyang Realm. Amazing!" the senior responded.

"The Most Refined Royal Pellets are not inferior to the Martial Law Gestation Elixirs!" another senior exclaimed in jubilance.

"You are wrong about it. In some sense, the Most Refined Royal Pellets were even more functional. They work for all warriors at the Refining Divine Realm. Generally speaking, warriors of the Refining Divine Realm are the foundation of their respective sects in Chijing Prefecture. Only with strong warriors of this level can a sect thrive," Lin Xiao went on with his a.n.a.lysis.

Thrilled to the brim, the three chief seniors stared at Lin Xiao in ecstasy, with admiration filling their eyes.

However, they soon turned embarra.s.sed.

Compared to Lin Xiao, they felt they simply wasted their life away.

Taking no notice of the awkwardness in their eyes, Lin Xiao felt a bit excited as well.

Given the Most Refined Royal Pellets worked perfectly for the three chief seniors, it went without saying that it also applied to all the disciples.

The implementation is going to kick off once more pellets came out.

"Esteemed seniors, if it were you, when would you see fit to invade the Taixuan Sect?" Lin Xiao asked in a bid to figure out how much time was allowed for him to make preparations.

After a moment of silence, one senior hastened to respond, "Since the patriarch has been under the weather due to the accident during his cultivation, I believe the Suomo Sect is going to take action before long."

"The annual martial contest of our sect is taking place in ten days, and all the disciples will take part. That will be a golden opportunity for the Suomo Sect!" another said.

"Spot-on! The Suomo sect will be able to catch the whole lot in one action with all disciples present," the third wrapped it up.

Hearing their discussions, Lin Xiao nodded in agreement.

However, he retained a question. He asked with his eyes glistening with sparkles, "The Taixuan Sect was a solid establishment by Xuanwu the Supreme Emperor after all. The Suomo Sect, inevitably, would have a sense of fear for that. What kind of approaches do you think they might take?"

The three chief seniors knitted their eyebrows. In a short while, they raised their heads, stupefied with a scare.

Apparently, they had figured out the possible approaches. They were about to speak out when Lin Xiao hushed them up.

Eyebrows knitted, Lin Xiao pondered, seemingly baffled about the problem.

The seniors looked at Lin Xiao, dying for his ideas.

"Esteemed Seniors, please keep on collecting medicinal materials for me and leave me alone for a moment," Lin Xiao requested.

The three chief seniors nodded and left.

Lin Xiao began pacing about in the Furnace Hall, seeking viable countermeasures.

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