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「Rin and Asuta have been captured by werewolves?」


Mea informs with a tense look.

Furthermore, the mood of the place gets heavy.

The werewolves were coming to this village,

And bringing the two boy goblins with them.

Their names are Asuta and Rin.

Both were friends of Daidarian, and Asuta, Sari's younger brother.

「Asuta, Rin」

「So you… were alive?」

Sari emotions were in turmoil right now.

The feeling of joy that her brother is alive and the feeling of despair of him being captured by the werewolves, the two feelings are mixed.

「Please wait here! I'll get your brother right away!」

A high elf who cannot stay quiet enters into a charge posture when she hears the crisis of her friend's brother.

「Do you have a plan?」

Sari ask Rize.

「I don't have such a thing! A werewolf is not a match against me」

Ah, that's what I thought.

To be honest, it's not even a possibility that I will lose too.

But if the lives of those two goblins come into play, then the story is different.

It doesn't matter what approach I take, the first thing to do is to protect those two goblins.

If possible I would like to shoot the werewolves from afar with long distance magic, but because their five senses are very acute, the possibility of them realizing our plan is very high.  

And at that time they could be used as meat shields to protect themselves from magic.

I can't use my barrier unless I get close to the target.

When I told Rize about that effect…

「Then what should we do? They will reach the village soon!」

U〜mu, you're right

It's because we can not attack them by surprise that it become a difficult situation.

「We can somehow negotiate with them when they arrive in the village?」

「They are not people with whom you can negotiate, besides, what it would be your bargaining point? Furthermore, they look down on us since they're used to killing us after using us」

I hear the voices of the goblins discussing.

(Eh? Negotiation? 

You just have to offer something of more value than those goblins.

Although there is a great possibility that you will be betrayed once the exchange is made, by that time the goblins will be free momentarily.

Then, at that time…

「Hey Rize, I came up with an idea. It's simple but it may work…」


「Yes! But for it to work I need your cooperation and it will be a bad role. Want to try it?」

「Of course I will do it! It's Sari's brother after all!」

Good! I have acquired her help, now I just have to get her word since there is a high probability that I will end up being beaten.

「Even if it was something humiliating for you, could you endure it?」

「A foolish question!」

「I understand, now I have your word now so don't think about hitting me later. It's a promise! Don't forget it later!」

「You're so persistent! Just tell me what is your idea!」

「Okay, my idea is…」

700 meters away from the village to the East.

The werewolves were steadily approaching the village.

「We'll soon arrive!」

「*Gasp* At last」

「Um? What? Is there something ahead? A monster? No, that's wrong」

「Hey, the one hiding in front come out at once!」

Even in the darkness of the night it is impossible to escape from the werewolves who are said to be the forest hunters.

「G-Good evening」

「A d.a.m.n gargoyle?」


It was a gargoyle what came out from deep in the bushes making a rustling sound.


「And those with the hood on? Tell me now who are they are?」

「T-these are my slaves」

「*Sun sun*(Sniffing), hey hey, that smell, could it be…」

The nose of a werewolf begins to move.

Then his mouth opens.


An expression of joy appears on the face of one of the werewolves when he able to infer the smell of the person under the hood.

「Ah, that's not good!」

Soon, the cloak that hid her whole body is removed.  

What appeared under the cloak was an elf girl handcuffed.

「Uoo! A woman! An elf!」

「I can't believe it!」

「Moreover, a quality good!」

It's natural, after all her looks is already top cla.s.s.

Besides, as she is dressed as a slave she has nothing but two pieces of torn clothes covering her body.

Since her body is wrapped in a torn fabric up to her crotch in V-shaped form, the exposure is great.

Thanks to that, her cleavage stands out and her long, slender and well-proportioned feet can be seen in full up to her crotch but with important parts covered.


It's difficult to see because it is night, but if you try hard you can see that her skin is all red.

It seems she is fighting with the sense of shame that was born by exposing her skin.

Why did we get to this point? For that we must return 12 minutes in time.

「Are you stupid!? Why should I go with that outfit!? You just want to see me!」

When I told her my plan, Rize got angry.

「I also think that is an idiot plan. But if we don't do something like that, we'll be unable to separate the werewolves from the goblins 」

「B-But even if you say that… No… I don't want to」

And like that flowed the conversation, with a plan that could not be called a plan.

 ①I walk through the forest with Rize dressed as a slave

 ②The werewolves discover me.

 ③The werewolves will try to steal Rize from me

 ④I'll throw a tantrum telling them to give Rize back→And as a matter of course, the werewolves will refuse

 ⑤Then I'll ask them to give back the goblins at least

 ⑥The exchange of goblins and the elf is formed

 ⑦When the goblins are released, Rize will begin her attack

Although I can't find a reasonable reason why a wingless gargoyle could be walking through the forest with an elf as a slave.

But even if they think it's strange, at the end of the day a wingless gargoyle looks weak, so I don't they would put their guard up high.

I should have expected it, but it's enough that they have been distracted momentarily.

Now I have to use that gap and protect those two goblins.

I didn't bring Baum with me this time.

Forgive me, if I had brought you with me it would be even more suspicious.

「Forgive me, but only you can do this, for Mea it would be impossible since she wouldn't be able to defend herself. 」

「B-But even so…」


It is difficult even for Sari to ask her knowing what the plan involves.

It can't be helped, leave it to me!

「Sari! I'm sure Rize understands what has to be done! What? Do you think that Rize is a selfish woman? Don't insult her! It is nothing but an insult to doubt your friend!」

「Eh…? Ah, eh?」

Rize-san looks stupidly at the me who started talking pa.s.sionately.

I won't give you time to think.

Since she seems to have a low defense against these types of attacks.

「Hear me, Rize. I thought about staying silent, but the truth is that I was jealous of you even before I got to know you 」

「Eh, eh?」

「It's obvious why! You're such a beautiful elf that it wouldn't be strange at all if you were mistaken for G.o.ddess, and look at me, I'm a ugly gargoyle who has lost his wings. Oh, why the world is so unfair! Just thinking these kinds of things makes me hate myself even more!」

「But you know what! I don't feel a shred of jealousy right now! You know why?」

「W-What're you saying?」

「Because you told me that you didn't hate me. It's because I understood that there are people who would recognize someone like me. You are the one who has pulled up my heart that was trapped in darkness. I thought that if there is such a child in this world then that I wouldn't need to throw away the world. That's why, please save those young goblins!!」

I have no idea what I'm saying, the only thing I know is that my speech had emotion.

I don't know what's what anymore.

「You're the only! Rize! Your power is necessary to save the goblins, wouldn't you lend me… a hand?」

Well, I left her stunned, now the last push.

「Hey Mido, couldn't you tell her how you felt when Daidarian returned?」

「Aaah, enough! I'll do it!」

Good, I have acquired the consent of Rize, now the plan can begin!

…Now then, let's return to the present.

Here we go werewolves, we will show you our acting ability!

Come on, the fight has started!

The only worrying thing is Rize's patience.

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