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Sovereign King Zheng had not expected this man before him to be this strong. Not only were his powers boundless and relentless, every single strike brought with it a devastating effect as well.

Even he could not dare to say that he could take down the other party with just his powers alone.

With that said, it wouldn't be so easy for the other party to kill him either.

The only thing that startled the Sovereign King Zheng was that this Motherf*cking Human King would have these many tricks up his sleeves. There was no way to tell of his true background and capabilities at all. Who would have thought that the simple looking kick alone would wield such power to it?

Under that single kick, his entire battle power was lost. What sort of a G.o.dly move was that? Even the Lord Utmost Being did not have any moves as such!

Blood Sea was like a bloodthirsty demon right now that sucked the Sovereign King Zheng's Essence Blood relentlessly.


The Sovereign King Zheng was realizing that his Essence Blood was being sucked up by the other party continuously. However, he couldn't fight back at all.

It had been a long time since Blood Sea had leveled up. If Lin Fan could gather enough today, it might be time to have it evolve to the next stage.

'Ding…Blood Sea Experience Points +100,000'

'Ding…Blood Sea Experience Points +100,000'

The notifications from the system rang out relentlessly. Lin Fan could feel his Blood Sea strengthening as he let out a wry smile.

Sovereign King Zheng was a powerful being of divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state. Every single drop of Essence Blood from his body was extremely valuable. This wasn't something that could be compared to that Sovereign King Wei, who was forcefully boosted up.

If a divine celestial level 1, True state being were to refine and cultivate with even a single drop of his Essence Blood, he would be able to reach the Realm state immediately.

That was the way to ensure instant success.

Broop! Broop!

At this moment, Lin Fan was starting to realize that there were some changes in his Paradise. Within that vast and boundless Paradise, a gigantic sea of blood was starting to grow out of nowhere.

This sea of blood possessed an immense amount of powers to it. It was as though every single drop of blood possessed some sort of a miraculous use to it on its own.

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling Blood Sea.'

'Ding…Blood Sea Level 10.'

'Ding…As long as the Sea of Blood doesn't perish, your body doesn't perish.'

Instantly, Lin Fan opened up both of his eyes, "To think that it would craft out an entire Sea of Blood."

As for Sovereign King Zheng, his entire body was dried up right now, without a single trace of power after losing all of his Essence Blood.

"It's getting harder to level Blood Sea now. To think that it would only level up after killing these many Ancient race beings. The Essence Blood required for it is simply way too much."

Ever since Lin Fan had ascended into the Ancient Saint World from the Lower World, he had been killing the entire time. Only G.o.d knew how many Ancient race beings he had slain so far. However, it took him all the way till now to gather enough experience points to raise the level of Blood Sea up to Level 10.

"This Blood Sea is way too sinister." Lin Fan flicked out his finger. A ball of fire floated gently into his Paradise, before being tossed into his Blood Sea.


In the blink of an eye, the Blood Sea rumbled furiously. An endless amount of sinister aura began evaporating before disappearing within the world.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state Sovereign King Zheng.'

'Ding…Experience Points +800,000'

"Sovereign King Zheng is dead!"

"All three Sovereign Kings of the Ancient race are dead! We're saved!"

At this moment, all the disciples of Battle Emperor Sect who caught sight of how Sovereign King Zheng turned into dust before disappearing into the air let out a look of glee.

At the start when the Ancient race army had attacked, they were completely scared to h.e.l.l. However, the situation had changed so much so quickly that they were finding it difficult to accept these facts.

"HAHA! I've got it! The Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock belongs to me now!" Just at this moment, a series of laughter burst out from the void.

"Evil Alliance Palace Master! This is something that Your Emperor here has gotten for himself! Therefore, it should belong to Your Emperor!" The Fox Emperor was delighted. After a tiresome battle, this treasure was finally in his hands as he had wished for.

Even the Weapon Spirit within had been subdued by the Fox Emperor himself.

The face of the Evil Alliance Palace Master was extremely terrible right now. So close. He was just so, so close!

"That doesn't belong to you. That belongs to me." Looking at those two men in the void, Lin Fan chuckled and said.

The moment this voice rang out, it caused both the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor to snap back to their senses.

Especially when they saw how Sovereign King Zheng was slain by this Motherf*cking Human King, their faces changed immediately.

The Fox Emperor steadied his spirits, "This treasure is already in the hands of Your Emperor here. You shall only dream of getting it!"

In a flash, the Fox Emperor's figure shifted as he disappeared into the void. For the Fox Emperor, if he didn't run away at this moment, when else would be the right moment to run? This was it.

Lin Fan shook his head, looking at that dumb fool try.

Indeed, it wasn't long before a yell of shock rang out.

"T-this place is sealed! I can't get out of it! d.a.m.n it!" The figure of the Fox Emperor appeared once more. This time around, the look on his face was absolutely horrendous.

The moment the Evil Alliance Palace Master heard these words, his face changed immediately, sensing that the situation wasn't good now.


The eight old fogeys were done with ma.s.sacring the 10,000,000 strong Ancient race army now as they returned behind Lin Fan's back.

"Run, go on and run. Why aren't you running anymore?" Lin Fan floated in the air gently and asked in an indifferent voice.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Are you really bent on killing us no matter what?" The Fox Emperor glared at Lin Fan. He wasn't afraid of Lin Fan; he was afraid of the eight old fogeys behind him.

The aura that was given off by them was really repressing. If they were to strike out, he might be done in by them in a split second.

"Grandmaster Yun! This has nothing to do with me! Let me go!" The Evil Alliance Palace Master looked at Grandmaster Yun and called out.

He knew that this Motherf*cking Human King was a madman. To think that he would even dare to kill the Sovereign Kings of the Ancient race. It was evident that he wasn't afraid of them at all.

However, if Grandmaster Yun were to speak up for him, he might still stand a chance to live.

"Now, tell me. Aren't you guys just plain stupid? Your life and death are in the control of Your Motherf*cking King here. What has this got to do with Grandmaster Yun?" Lin Fan laughed out.

Regarding the intent of the Evil Alliance Palace Master, how could he not know of it?

"You…!" Looking at how this Motherf*cking Human King would dare to scold him, the Evil Alliance Palace Master was angered for a brief moment. However, he instantly suppressed the anger back down into his stomach.

"Motherf*cking Human King, what do you want then?" The Evil Alliance Palace Master asked.

"You shouldn't ask me what I want. Your son was killed by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race. Yet, you come before me right now seeking vengeance, and now ask ME what I want? Are you honestly r.e.t.a.r.ded or what?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"I'm done with seeking vengeance." For the sake of his life, the Evil Alliance Palace Master couldn't think about anything else right now. As long as he could make it out of here alive, he would definitely hunt down this sc.u.mbag.

"Haha!" Lin Fan burst out laughing at this moment. He then turned his gaze to the Fox Emperor, "Fox Emperor, hand me the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock."

The Fox Emperor looked at Lin Fan. His heart was filled with reluctance right now, with a hesitating look on his face. This was a b.l.o.o.d.y rare treasure! If he were to give it up just like this, he would be really indignant!

"Motherf*cking Human King, Your Emperor here is willing to give you something in exchange." The Fox Emperor replied after thinking for a long time.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! How dare you trample on the dignity I tried to give you and try to bargain with me? Alright, go forth and cripple these guys. Bring them to my face after that!" Lin Fan did not want to continue the conversation any longer.

If he were to strike out personally, things might get a little difficult. However, if it was these eight old fogeys, that was a different story altogether.

"Yes, Master." The old fogeys nodded their heads together. They then burst forth towards the Fox Emperor and the Evil Alliance Palace Master.

"Motherf*cking Human King, don't you go overboard now!!!" The faces of the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor changed immediately as they yelled out.

It was fast. Before long, the Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor were tossed before Lin Fan's face by the old fogeys like two dead dogs.

"S-so strong…!"

Grandmaster Yun's heart jerked momentarily when he caught sight of this.

He did not know how strong those old fogeys truly were. However, in that instant, he understood it finally. The eight old fogeys…their true strength was definitely that at divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.

That could be concluded because even the Fox Emperor and the Evil Alliance Palace Master couldn't even last a single round of fighting.

Lin Fan played with the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock in his hands right now before tossing it into his storage.

"Motherf*cking Human King, please don't kill me! Please let me go!" The Evil Alliance Palace Master cried out in fear.

He had not expected these eight old fogeys to be this strong! The moment they struck out, the two of them were subjugated instantly without any chance of fighting back at all!

How could Lin Fan possibly let these two go? However, at that instant, Lin Fan frowned. Looking up into the void, he saw a pair of gigantic hands ripping through the seal that was set up ferociously.

Accompanying it was a roaring voice.

"Motherf*cking Human King, this matter here, it's the fault of our Evil Alliance. Please give Your Senior here some face and let him off."

But just at this moment, yet another voice boomed through the void.

"Motherf*cking Human King, I am the Old Master of the Fox race. Please give me some face. Could we just let this matter of my grandson off at this point?"


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