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And just like that, Sovereign King Qi died within the Paradise.

Sensing that his connection with Sovereign King Qi was cut off, the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock jerked momentarily and vibrated more intensely. This was a Supreme Grade Dao Weapon that had no master right now. The Weapon Spirit wasn't dumb. Immediately, it broke free of its control and wanted to make its escape.

"Wanna run?" Lin Fan laughed out coldly. He was h.e.l.l bent on getting his hands on that Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock. How could he allow that fella to escape?

A gigantic palm of power encompa.s.sed the entire skies as it grabbed out at the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock.

"I'm a Supreme Grade Dao Weapon! I'm just one step away from being an Utmost Treasure! You can't kill me! I've got my own encounters awaiting me!" The Weapon Spirit within the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock began to rail out. A series of bell rings resounded across the sky as it delved into the void, wanting to escape.

"And that encounter of yours awaiting you is for you to leave with me." How could Lin Fan allow a treasure such as this to escape? It was extremely rare to catch a hold of such a rare treasure!

A treasure that could attack one's spirits directly! If he could level this up to a certain state, it would definitely be incredibly formidable!

"Why did things come to this? For the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock to break free of its control on its own… Does it mean that Sovereign King Qi is already dead?" Witnessing the sight before him, Sovereign King Zheng's face was frightened.

"You want to s.n.a.t.c.h the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock? Dream on!" Sovereign King Zheng did not want to think too much any longer. His both arms shook out, causing tremors to spread through the entire void.

Layer after layer, the void began to stack up against itself, trying to prevent Lin Fan's path forward from reaching the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock.

"Evil Alliance Palace Master, Fox Emperor! How long more are you guys going to continue watching idly!" Sovereign King Zheng blasted out. These two fellas. d.a.m.n them!

The Evil Alliance Palace Master exchanged glances with the Fox Emperor and nodded together. Their figures flashed. However, the direction they flashed in was not towards Lin Fan. Instead, they delved into the void, reaching out for the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock.

"Evil Alliance Palace Master, Fox Emperor! The two of you shall die terrible deaths!" The moment Sovereign King Zheng caught sight of this, his expression changed. To think that those two f*cking b*stards would be coveting the treasure!

"Haha! Sovereign King Zheng! Just hold him back for us, won't you?" The Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor could both tell that this human was pretty strong. They might not be able to get the upper hand out of this. However, if they could get their hands on that treasure that struck at one's spirits, they would have earned big out of this.

This Supreme Graded Dao Weapon couldn't have been crafted by any mere Ancient race being at all.

The state of the battlefield right now had everyone from the Battle Emperor Sect completely stumped by now. They had not expected the Motherf*cking Human King to be this strong. To think that he could still hold his ground in a one versus four!

"Just what sort of an encounter has that lad gone through once again? To think that he would have grown this strong." Grandmaster Yun was startled.

Wasn't this speed of improvement way too fast? To think that he would have grown this much in just a span of three years! If he were given a bit more time, wouldn't his improvements leap into the Heavens itself?

But, this was good as well. The stronger Lin Fan was, the more benefits there were for the beings of the thousands of races.

Everyone from the Battle Emperor Sect watched this situation unfold before their eyes fixatedly with bated breaths. They were afraid that even a single sudden motion from them might cause a distraction for the Motherf*cking Human King.

The eight old fogeys were already rampaging through the entire Ancient race army by now. It was a complete oppression. For them, the Ancient race army was nothing more than ants beneath their feet. The moment he stepped down once, there would be a large patch full of the crushed and the dead.

The Sovereign King Zheng had given up by now as well. Even if there were reinforcements, it would all be too late to salvage this situation right now.

"F*ck! How dare you guys try to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure of Yours Truly?" Looking at how those two fellas were grabbing out for the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock, Lin Fan was p.i.s.sed. If they were to truly get their hands on it, wouldn't Yours Truly have worked so hard for nothing?


Suddenly, a loud explosion boomed out. Lin Fan turned his gaze over and laughed out.

The surrounding Heavens and Earth had long been sealed up by those eight old fogeys.

While the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock might be strong, if it wanted to break through the seal laid down by those eight old fogeys, it was still quite a bit far off.

At this moment, Lin Fan was no longer bothered about those two fellas. He turned his sight over to Sovereign King Zheng.

"Motherf*cking Human King! We'll take it that it's the Ancient race's loss this time around. Can we just be done with this matter now?" Sovereign King Zheng asked out.

"Oh, since you're already here now, what do YOU think? Do YOU think it's alright?" Lin Fan chuckled. Was this Sovereign King Zheng some kind of a dumbf*ck? Did he think that he could come and go as he wished? Didn't he have any regards for Yours Truly at all?

"D-don't go overboard now! The Ancient race isn't something you can offend so easily!" Sovereign King Zheng was angered now. The reason why he had relented earlier on wasn't because he was afraid of Lin Fan. It was because the Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock was a Supreme Grade Dao Weapon. Even amongst the Ancient race, it was considered an extremely precious treasure. If it were stolen by the Evil Alliance Palace Master or the Fox Emperor, they would definitely be taking in a huge loss.

"Heh. Yours Truly here LOVES to rile up and find trouble with the Ancient race now. Let me see what I CAN'T offend about the Ancient race then!" Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and sn.i.g.g.e.red.

"You…!" The eyes of Sovereign King Zheng flashed with an ominous gleam.

"You what you? I've already spent more than enough time talking c.r.a.p with you. Now, we'll see just what capabilities you have to hold on more." Lin Fan did not want to say anything any longer as he struck out in a jiffy.

"d.a.m.n IT!" Sovereign King Zheng bellowed and returned a fist. He wanted to smash this Motherf*cking Human King into bits with a single punch.

That punch possessed an unparalleled might, as though there were many top tiered Ancient race beings contained within it, hollering out as well.


Sovereign King Zheng knew that this Motherf*cking Human King before him had quite a formidable strength to him. Therefore, he did not dare to act casually as he incinerated an endless amount of Shengyang Pills right away.

All of a sudden, a berserk amount of energy erupted forth from the body of Sovereign King Zheng.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of how Sovereign King Zheng ignited tens of millions of Shengyang Pills just like that, his eyes sparkled with excitement. Rich! This Sovereign King Zheng was way too rich!

His physical body state now was that of a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state being. Even though this punch might be ferocious, Lin Fan had the confidence of taking it on.

But, just at this moment, Lin Fan realized that the void behind him were starting to vibrate.

A horrifying aura was seeping out from within.

"Holy f*ck! This fella is playing dirty!" Lin Fan's brows creased. At the same time, he caught sight of the cruel smirk on Sovereign King Zheng's face.

A Battle Thorn that shone with a ghastly shine appeared behind Lin Fan.

Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that the Shengyang Pills that were expended by the Sovereign King Zheng earlier on weren't used on that punch of his. They boosted this treasure of his!

The ignition of tens of millions of Shengyang Pills had allowed this treasure to enter a complete state of frenzy!

"To think that this Battle Thorn is yet another Supreme Graded Dao Weapon!" Lin Fan was elated right now. However, if he were to be pierced by this frenzied Battle Thorn right now, even his physical body state might not be able to withstand the blow.

Lin Fan spun his body around and sent a furious punch onto the tip of that Battle Thorn.

A berserk amount of energy ripped out of his body as well.

Under the might of his punch, that Battle Thorn shook violently, sending out an even stronger force behind it.


An illusory figure of a Roc appeared behind Lin Fan's back as he opened his mouth wide. Without any hesitation, he swallowed the entire Battle Thorn whole.

"Motherf*cking Human King! How dare you swallow my treasure? You're courting your own death!" Sovereign King Zheng roared out, controlling the Battle Thorn to kill everything unknown in its way.

But, in the blink of an eye, Sovereign King Zheng's face changed. He had suddenly realized that he was being suppressed by some unknown thing, rendering him rooted to the spot.

"Beast! What have you done to me!" Sovereign King Zheng blared out.

Lin Fan laughed out coldly, punching and kicking out at the same time.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

"True Origins Crushing Kick."

A pair of gigantic fists appeared before the face of Sovereign King Zheng.

"You're courting death!" Sovereign King Zheng slapped out with his palm, causing these fists that had just appeared from the void to dissipate. But, just at that moment, a sinister looking leg that followed a nefarious looking path struck out at his groin area.



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