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Lin Fan knew what would happen next. It was unacceptable to take him away in front of a talented disciple. However, to be honest, Lin Fan did not like respecting such kind of a person.

"Junior disciple, do you want something?" Lin Fan turned around and asked. Compared to Ye Shaotian, Lin Fan looked more generous.

Ye Shaotian was so angry that Lin Fan kept calling him Junior disciple. He knew that Lin Fan was mocking him.

"So, you will just take him in?" Ye Shaotian asked with a hostile tone. Ye Shaotian did not care about this junior master. The grand master just gave the mountain to him as a merciful act. He was nothing.

"He is not the disciple of the Glory Sect anymore. What is wrong if I take him into my Saint Devil Sect? Young man, be more generous. What you are doing is bad for your future." Lin Fan totally sounded like an elder at this point.

"Hm, it sounds like you think you are stronger than me. Fine, let me test this out." Ye Shaotian looked at Lin Fan with disdain. He could not keep Feng Bujue, unless he had that capability.

Ye Shaotian did not care about the unnamed mountain which was given by the grand master. There were many other unnamed mountains in the sect, and there were many others which were better than that one.

Now, the grand master gave him that unnamed mountain. So, Ye Shaotian thought the grand master did not really care about Lin Fan that much. As long as he did not threaten Lin Fan’s life, he just needed to humiliate Lin Fan in public and teach him a lesson that there were people who he should never mess with.

Those outer sect disciples were surprised. Ye Shaotian just defeated Feng Bujue, and now he was going to crush the unnamed mountain.

He was truly talented and arrogant, leaving no room for the enemy.

This guy from the unnamed mountain called himself junior master. Now, if he did not take the challenge, he would be humiliated.

They never considered Lin Fan as a junior master. Although the grand master gave the unnamed mountain to him, they should be ideally calling him junior master. But, no one cared. This junior master who came from nowhere did not earn their respect at all. They though Lin Fan was just lucky.

Lin Fan looked at Ye Shaotian and sighed, "Junior disciple, why you even try to do this? I am your junior master, I cannot attack a disciple. Fine then, I will just stand here and let you attack me three times. I will not fight back."

Feng Bujue was surprised. He did not believe what he heard. He had experienced the power of Ye Shaotian. He was too strong. Even though they had a similar power level, Feng Bujue was defeated within three rounds.

Ye Shaotian was definitely the number one among them. He was even able to fight someone who was at a higher level.

This master of his said he would stand here and take three attacks. How was this possible?


Lin Fan shook his hands and smiled, "How is it? I will let you attack me three times."

Ye Shaotian smiles with no emotion, "Fine then. If you can take three attacks from me, I will let this go."

Those outer sect disciples looked at Lin Fan, who looked very calm right now.

Was he serious?

"Brother Ye, do not overdo it. The grand master gave the unnamed mountain to him. If you kill him, it will be trouble." Ruo Mengyu said.

"Em, no worry." Ye Shaotian was not stupid enough to kill him. However, letting him stay in bed for several months would be okay.

Lin Fan had seen through Ye Shaotian. He was good, but Lin Fan’s pericelestial level body was going to be too tough for him.

The low pericelestial level body was enough to take care of him.


"Grand master, should we stop this?" Senior elder Wuya said.

"No need, just watch. Lin Fan knows what he is doing. He is beyond my antic.i.p.ation. I think even though his potential was destroyed and he had lost all hope, he can actually recover." Grand master Yan looked at Lin Fan and tried to see through him.

However, Lin Fan did not release any energy, so Grand master Yan could not sense anything.

That was strange.

Lin Fan stepped forward and stood there while smiling, "I am ready."

Ye Shaotian laughed. He was going to restore his glory and let the outer sect disciple respect him as the king.


Ye Shaotian shouted and started his attack.

The outer sect disciples were shocked by that attack. They knew that attack was powerful, so strong that they even had trouble breathing just by being in the vicinity. If they had been facing the attack, they would have no idea what to do.


Ye Shaotian smiled, ‘This attack cannot kill you, but your organs will move places.’

"Not bad, but this attack is too rough."

Ye Shaotian was confident before, but he suddenly yelled ‘impossible’ at the time.

Lin Fan had received no damage after this attack. He looked totally fine.


Lin Fan looked at Ye Shaotian’s face and smiled.

The Immortal Golden Body did not have levels or an experience bar now. However, Lin Fan could feel that when the attack hit him, something went inside his body.

Lin Fan figured that something had replaced the experience.


Ye Shaotian punched Lin Fan again. The fist carried even more power than the attack earlier. It seemed that it could even punch through the sky.


"Good, stronger now." Lin Fan smiled. He could feel that his body was getting strong. However, leveling up was still far away. No worries, he had enough time.

Those outer sect disciples could not believe what they were watching. Ye Shaotian’s attacks could not even move Lin Fan. What was wrong?

Feng Bujue was shocked beyond words. This was not real.

Grand master Yan and Senior elder Wuya were also surprised.

"How strong is that body?"

"Truly. He consumed the blood of monsters and survived. Grand master’s pills did help him, but the key is the strength of his body. It has pa.s.sed beyond common fighter by too much."


Ye Shaotian saw those disciples’ surprised faces, which made him even more furious. Lin Fan’s smile was very unacceptable and annoying.


"Combination Cardinal palm."

Ye Shaotian used all of his strength, an attack that finally seemed worth considering to Lin Fan. It was very powerful as it used the universe energy, and seemed like it would sweep the world.

Grand master Yan and Senior master Wuya saw the attack and were a bit surprised. This attack...


"Still alive?" Ye Shaotian was enraged out of breath.

"Not bad, not bad… This attack is awesome." Lin Fan nodded and was happy about this disciple.

‘You..." Ye Shaotian was shocked beyond words. His strongest attack was useless, how was that possible? Those outer sect disciples started to boo him, that was unacceptable.

"Impossible." Ye Shaotian was angry and attacked with all his skills. He did not care about the three attacks promise.

"Brother Ye..." Ruo Mengyu saw her lover go mad and started to worry.

Lin Fan frowned at the time.

"Hey, disciple. It is enough. Do not overdo it. I am not your punching bag." Lin Fan reminded him. He kept attacking and those attacks were good, but Lin Fan was the junior master. He needed to act like one.

"Impossible, impossible..." Ye Shaotian shouted in anger.

"You..." Lin Fan was a bit angry now. Ye Shaotian was an outlaw. ‘Fine, I have to disable you for a while.’


Lin Fan suddenly raised his leg and tried to kick him away. However, Ye Shaotian jumped into the sky and opened his legs. Lin Fan tried to retrieve the attack but it was too late.



Those disciples who were booing were shocked when they saw what happened.

‘Ding… congratulations on creating Inhumane martial skill: Ball Kicking.’

‘The secret of ball kicking, sneak attack.’

Lin Fan stopped, "Disciple, I was going to kick you away, but..." Lin Fan had no idea what to do now. Lin Fan realized Ye Shaotian was feeling the real pain. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t help but cry.

Lin Fan could swear to the heavens that he did not mean it. For Lin Fan, monkey steals peaches was inhumane already. He never thought he would create something worse today. Was he going to use his feet and hands to fight in the future?

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