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"Haha! Shall all of you be turned into vengeful spirits in my Yudou h.e.l.l?" Yudou Ghost Emperor's black robes danced in the sky, seemingly able to encompa.s.s the entire Heavens.

As he raised ten black fingers into the sky, a series of ghastly wails howled out into the entire world.

Accompanying those wails were a cl.u.s.ter of mountains with a pitch black door within them. The pitch black door slammed open, sending a boundless Ghost Qi rippling out of it. As though they were Grim Reapers, they started winding themselves against the Ancient race army.


"Help us, Sovereign King!"

"Save me…!"

The series of tragic cries rang out repeatedly. All of those Ancient race beings who were coiled around by the Ghost Qi turned into dried up corpses as their souls were stolen from them. In fact, even the spirit, essence, and vitality within their bodies were lost out immediately as well.

"Such vicious methods." Lin Fan gazed over and could not help but have his eyes linger for a moment. Indeed, he was not a powerful being of divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state for no reason. Every single strike was so overbearing.

In the blink of an eye, a large bunch of Ancient race beings died under that Ghost Qi just like that.

"Eternal G.o.d Flames!"


A hissing sound rang out as a storm of fire rained down from the skies akin to a shower of meteors, that flew over in the direction of the Ancient race army.

The eyes of the Aeon Fire G.o.d Emperor were indifferent. That huge red robe he was wearing was burning with Eternal Flames. With the wave of his hand, the entire sea of flames descended and caged the Ancient race beings within.

Be it centurion, tribunus, or legatus, all of them had no chance of withstanding this sea of flames.

The moment an Eternal G.o.d state being struck out would be an earth-shattering one. Even if it were someone of a divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state, they wouldn't be able to defend against it.

The disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect sat on the ground, crippled.

They were scared silly by now.

Even though these eight old fogeys were the slaves of the Motherf*cking Human King, each and every one of their moves were extremely appalling.

Each time they attacked, there would be a huge patch missing from the Ancient race army.

To the eight of them, this 10,000,000 strong Ancient race army was something they could take down with the back of their hands. There was no need to retaliate at all against them.

Looking at how those malevolent and horrid looking Ancient race beings were crying out sorrowfully right now, the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect felt their hearts freezing up.

Even though it wasn't happening to them, the wails found their way striking into the core of their hearts as well. They were entirely rattled right now.

"Too horrifying! The methods of these powerful beings are way too cruel!"

"Against the Ancient race beings, there's no such word as cruel! The moment these Ancient race beings catch hold of any beings of the thousands of races, they would resort to all sorts of torments to them as well. These guys have no humanity in them!"

"Might be to the Motherf*cking Human King! Kill off all of these Ancient race beings!"

Looking at the methods of the eight of them, Grandmaster Yun was clear that these were dark arts that they were using. Just where in the world did Lin Fan recruit these elderly beings?

Grandmaster Yun could not figure it out at all.

However, he knew that the predicament this time around could be considered as tided through by now. With these eight powerful old beings around, Sovereign King Qi and the others were of no threat.

It was just that if they were to kill off so many Ancient race armies, wouldn't that incur the wrath of the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World?

The moment he thought about this, Grandmaster Yun's face turned pale.

"Lin Fan, watch out for the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World." Grandmaster Yun yelled out.

The origins of the Ancient race remained a legend. However, to Grandmaster Yun, he felt that the Ancient race beings were born from the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

If they were to kill off these 10,000,000 army warriors, something horrifying should probably happen.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you had better stop now!" Sovereign King Zheng was enraged right now. He had not expected the outcome to be as such.

Just where in the world did these eight old fogeys come from? To think that they would be this strong. Now that the 10,000,000 troops Ancient race army was in their hands, there was no room for resistance at all!

This was a one sided ma.s.sacre!

"Nope, I can't stop it right now. The moment these slaves of mine strike out, it's as though they're on crack or something. There's no way they can just stop right now." Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and replied.

The Dao of the Paradise was revolving continuously, taking in all the essence, spirit, and vitality of these Ancient race beings.

Even though the essence, spirit, and vitality given off by every single Ancient race being was quite minimal, there were so many Ancient race beings altogether. That amounted to quite a bit of it all.

All of the souls that were brought by the Yudou Ghost Emperor were cast by Lin Fan into the 18 Levels of h.e.l.l.

The cultivation was endless right now, and the powers of the Paradise were increasing.

"YOU BEAST!" Sovereign King Qi was hopping in rage right now, as he could tolerate this no longer. Howling out in rage, he bolted out at Lin Fan.

"Green h.e.l.l Ancient Clock! Encompa.s.s all living beings and steal their souls!"



Suddenly, a weird sounding ring of a bell rang right into Lin Fan's ears.

The moment he heard the sound of this bell, Lin Fan felt his spirit rattle for a moment. It was as though something was going to get hooked away from him by the sound of this clanging bell.

Lin Fan activated his Paradise immediately to protect himself. The moment these bell sounds entered the Paradise, they dissipated away.

"What's this?" Lin Fan looked over at Sovereign King Qi.

However, he caught sight of Sovereign King Qi holding on to a green colored clock. There were all sorts of symbols lining the surface of this ancient clock, causing it to shine with a G.o.dly glow.

'Supreme Grade Dao Weapon, Ancient race Holy Clock.'

A single glance of Lin Fan was all that was required for him to see through everything.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you must die here today!' Sovereign King Qi blasted out. Flicking his finger, the Holy Clock in his hands burst forth with a brilliant gleam.

This beam of light pierced straight into the void. With that, a thick and dense Ancient Saint aura burst forth from it.


"I knew it. The Sovereign Kings of the Ancient race are rich f*cks! Seems like that's truly the case! Alright, that Holy Clock? Yours Truly wants it now!" This was the first time Lin Fan was coming across a treasure that could attack straight into one's heart.

At the same time, he was coming up with some plans for it. If he could get that into his hands and cultivate it, he might be able to come up with some sort of an alarming treasure.

Lin Fan stretched out his hands, ignoring the attacks of Sovereign King Qi and the others entirely as he reached out straight for that Holy Clock up in the void.

The five fingers that were reaching out for the Holy Clock were thick like mountains. A series of powerful Colossal Dragons were coiling around it. Each Colossal Dragon brought with it an endless amount of power.

"Hmph! You want to steal the Holy Clock? We'll just have to see if you've got the capabilities then." Sovereign King Qi bellowed out, replying with a fist in retaliation, "Heavenly Province!"

The Paradise that was cultivated out by Sovereign King Qi was an entire country of its own. There were countless living beings within them, all seemingly close to the Heavens itself.

The fist landed squarely, causing the face of Sovereign King Qi to be filled with glee. However, it didn't take him long to realize that the Lin Fan's body was akin to crystallized walls. It started shattering bit by bit, and in its place were a series of tree branches.

"What's this?" The face of Sovereign King Qi changed immediately. However, in the blink of an eye, his entire arm was wrapped around by those dense tree branches. Before he knew it, he was dragged within.

Inside the Paradise…

"Brothers, come on out! The prey is here!"

The Thunder Trainer King had been waiting for a long time now. The moment he caught sight of the Paradise's crystallized walls flashing brightly, he got exhilarated as he swung out with the long whip in his hands.

"Insolent!" Sovereign King Qi used a single hand to slap away the long whip. However, by the time he reacted, he found himself stuck within a part of the Paradise.

"Oh, benefactor. If you lay down the butcher's knife, you will become a Buddha on the spot. Come, follow Your Trainer King here into the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Receive my electroconvulsive therapy and you shall walk towards a brand new life from here on forth." The Thunder Trainer King was filled with a Buddhist glow right now as he commented compa.s.sionately.

"COURTING DEATH…!" The Sovereign King Qi burst out in a holler. To think that this human would dare to bring him into his Paradise! This was completely courting death!

"Hais…" The Thunder Trainer King let out a sigh of exasperation. In the blink of an eye, the entire ground trembled violently as the sky jerked into darkness.

A series of howls came out.

The dragons were growling while the tigers were roaring. The Rocs were stretching out their great wings and flying around. All sorts of living beings were encircling the Sovereign King Qi from all directions.

13,000 living beings of the Paradise were watching the Sovereign King Qi with covetous eyes.

The tree branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree were swooshing around as well as they broke out of the mud below. They coiled themselves around the Sovereign King Qi's body tightly.

"W-WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?" Sovereign King Qi was in a huge shock right now.

"This is the Reform of Love." The Thunder Trainer King replied indifferently.

He then shook his head and waved his hands gently, "Do it."

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