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"To think that the Evil Alliance Palace Master would be so despicable to want to head straight for the ma.s.ses of the Battle Emperor Sect." All of the elders who were brought forth by Grandmaster Yun changed their expressions immediately.

Sovereign Kings Qi and Zheng along with the Fox Emperor, if those three were to hold down the Motherf*cking Human King and their Grandmaster, there was no way all of them could even fend off against the Evil Alliance Palace Master.

Not only that, there were countless legatus within the Ancient race army. There were also quite a number of divine celestial level 5 or 6 powerful beings.

Even though Battle Emperor Sect was a sect, they didn't have too many disciples with high cultivation states. Most likely, even if the Motherf*cking Human King and the others were to live on, the Battle Emperor Sect might just cease to exist!

"What a shameless piece of sh*t!" The ma.s.ses were enraged within their hearts right now. To think that this Evil Alliance Palace Master would be this shameless!

"Evil Alliance Palace Master, this is our battle to fight. To think that you would discard your honor and strike out at the mere disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect!" Grandmaster Yun lectured out harshly, infuriated in his heart.

The Evil Alliance Palace Master could be considered quite a powerful being as well. How could he be so shamelessly despicable?

"HAHA! Old Man Yun! Don't place your righteous notions onto me. The way the Evil Alliance conducts our business is to exterminate from the roots down. Since you want to help the Battle Emperor Sect, we'll just have to see if you've got the capabilities to do so!" Naturally, the Evil Alliance Palace Master wasn't going to give in just like that.

He was going to have everyone from the Battle Emperor Sect killed right here. This was all to let the Motherf*cking Human King know that if he wanted to save them, then Your Palace Master here would just have to kill all of them before his very eyes!

Right now, Grandmaster Wu He of the Battle Emperor Sect was looking pretty terrible. To think that things would develop as such. From the start, it was already pretty difficult to deal with the two Sovereign Kings. To think that there would be 2 more powerful beings added to the fray now.

The Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor both had really notorious names, and were extremely difficult to deal with.

This wasn't even including the Ancient race army that was waiting.

Even if those two didn't choose to strike out, the Ancient race army could just exhaust them out indefinitely before annihilating the Battle Emperor Sect just like that.

"Evil Alliance Palace Master, we brought with us a 10,000,000 strong army. It doesn't matter how many powerful beings they have in their midst. The Battle Emperor Sect must die. Even if there were only these few left in the end, what can they do?" Sovereign King Qi was filled with confidence of winning this right now.

Even though the death of Sovereign King Wei had brought him that little bit of a surprise, that moment had long since disappeared into the air.

After all, it was only someone insignificant who had died anyway.

"Lin Fan, how many of them can you hold back?" Grandmaster Yun came beside Lin Fan and asked in a soft whisper.

This situation right now was definitely c.u.mbersome. If it were only the Sovereign King Qi and the others, so be it. But, there were the 10,000,000 troops that they had to consider right now as well.

While the strength of the Ancient race army was definitely incomparable to their own, it was still a formidable force to behold for the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect.

That vast sea of soldiers was definitely enough to break through anything.

Even if it were he himself who had to face off this entire 10,000,000 troops Ancient race army, he could definitely kill quite a number. But, he reckoned that he'd still be forced retreating at the end of the day.

"Hold back how many? All of them, of course." Lin Fan replied indifferently.


Grandmaster Yun did not know what Lin Fan meant by this. Hold back all of them? Even if he had the intention to do so, he had to have the matching power to boot!

Looking at how Grandmaster Yun was somewhat disbelieving of his words, Lin Fan chuckled out helplessly. However, it did not bother him. After all, in a few moments time, everyone would know whether what he said was true or not.

"Swallow up all of those living beings! Today, we shall flatten the entire Battle Emperor Sect!" Sovereign King Zheng waved his hands. With that, the Ancient race army began to move as they let out a sinister, cold grin amongst all of the soldiers.

For everyone from this Ancient race army right now, there was only a limited number of prey available. If they were any bit slower, they might not be able to get anything at all.

"Evil Alliance Palace Master, Fox Emperor, you guys take care of that Motherf*cking Human King. I'll kill off that Old Man Yun together with Sovereign King Qi." Sovereign King Zheng bellowed.

"Haha! Children! Kill and feast on them! Don't leave any standing!" Sovereign King Qi burst out laughing wildly as an endless aura shot out from him.

This aura was extremely berserk as it rippled through the entire world.

"Hold on." Just at this moment, Lin Fan shouted up into the skies above him, "Are you guys b.l.o.o.d.y sick in the head? Do you guys really think that you're going to do us in for sure?"

Lin Fan was pretty displeased right now. Were this bunch of Ancient race beings just a b.l.o.o.d.y bunch of brain-dead sh*ts? Did they really think that they could act so insolently just because they had the advantage in numbers?

"Motherf*cking Human King, what else do you have to say? Are you starting to feel afraid now? But, the outcome for you today is fixed. You shall have to die here." Sovereign King Zheng laughed out mockingly.

"Fear your little p*nis hair! Good, good! You guys are really acting tough, now that you think you've got tons of people under you. But today, Yours Truly will just have to see who has the strongest capabilities! All of you, come on out!" Lin Fan bellowed, getting a little peeved.

These guys were really way too much! Did they really take them for pushovers?

Grandmaster Yun did not know what Lin Fan was trying to do. However, he was instantly flabbergasted in the next moment.

Everyone from the Battle Emperor Sect had already made their preparations for the attack. While they might feel fear in their hearts, all of them felt a boundless amount of courage surging within them. They were going to fight the Ancient race till their deaths.

However, just at this moment, the voids boomed out with a bright beam of light. It was so dazzling that everyone's eyes were starting to sting because of it.

"Old Master Universe, get the h.e.l.l out!"

"Yudou Ghost Emperor, get the h.e.l.l out!"

"Aeon Fire G.o.d Emperor, get the h.e.l.l out!"

"Ma.s.sacring Emperor, get the h.e.l.l out!"

In the blink of an eye, following Lin Fan's bellow, the entire world shone with a bright radiance. Yin and Yang were interchanging rapidly while a demonic picture of Taiji rose up along with a tremendous aura that filled the entire world with it.

"S-so strong! This aura is just so strong!"

The moment Old Master Universe came out, the strange phenomenon that followed him was absolutely confounding. They had sensed an immensely unparalleled amount of energy surging out towards them.

This power was so strong that it was in a state where they couldn't even fight against it at all.

However, it wasn't long before yet another astounding sight appeared.

Yet another ma.s.sive aura emitted forth.

This aura was sinister beyond any other. Countless ghosts filled the sky, howling and wailing. A black light covered the world. It seemed as though some terrifying existence was living within this black light.

Following tightly after was yet another strong aura.

A sea of flames surged through the entire world, burning with an ancient rage. The sky was as red as they could get under this scorching blaze, as though it could melt down at any moment.

"What's this?"

"Just where are these auras coming from? Who's the one producing them? How could they be this strong!"

"What has the Motherf*cking Human Emperor done! Why is there this sudden influx of tremendous auras?"

At this moment, everyone was stumped. Under these eight different auras, they felt as though they were little ships coursing through this gigantic tsunami right now that could swallow them up at any moment.

"S-so strong!" Feeling these eight auras, even Grandmaster Yun could not help but tense up a little. At the same time, he looked at Lin Fan with a curious look in his eyes. He wondered just what sort of a method Lin Fan was using right now.

Sovereign Kings Qi, Zheng, and the others changed their expressions in unison. They could feel the extremely ferocious auras appearing.

This aura wasn't something they could go against.

The Evil Alliance Palace Master exchanged glances with the Fox Emperor. Both of them revealed a filling panic within their eyes at this moment. They had not expected the Motherf*cking Human King to have this up his sleeves!

"You bunch of b*stards! Yours Truly here had not intended on bullying you guys from the start. But, you guys are simply going way overboard! Since that's the case, Yours Truly shall have to oppress you guys with pure strength and squish you guys to death!"


Lightning flashed and crackled across the entire sky. In the blink of an eye, 8 figures appeared suddenly within the void.

Following it, all eight of them kneeled down onto the ground and kowtowed in a flush.


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