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Deep in the mountains and ancient ruins, far in the wilderness and desolate lands, there existed countless powerful beings who were once matchless in their own generations and overlords in one way or another. However, when they finally reached the Greater celestial full cultivation state, their hearts were mowed down into despair in the face of the endless path of merely grinding for Energy Grid Line Chains.

What was the use of cultivating so many Energy Grid Line Chains? At the end of the day, other than raising their strength further, there was no purpose to be served.

There had been countless of powerful beings in the past who had chosen to just live out the rest of their lives till death just because they could never ever step beyond that Greater celestial full cultivation state. For any powerful being, this was an intolerable blow.

However, there were countless of powerful beings who were indignant as well. They were bent on going against the Heavens to forcefully try to break through the Greater celestial full cultivation state and enter that realm of eternity.

However, for the past 10,000 years ever since the Xuanhuang World was split into two, there had never been another powerful being who could break through these shackles any longer.

Day and night, day and night, these countless powerful beings would gaze up into the skies with a tormented heart. Initially, they thought that seeking the path of martial arts would eventually lead them into the realm of eternity. But it was only to find out at the end of the day that it was all nothing but a dream.

For the sake of martial arts, they had forsaken everything. And by the looks of it now, none of it was worth it.

But yet, on this fateful day, something changed.

From all the secret grounds across the Xuanhuang World, streaks of light beams shot up straight into the Heavens. A series of ferocious auras turned into dragons that roared up against the Heavens for a long, long time.

"Hundred years! It's been a hundred years! To think that I could finally break through now!"

At this very moment, countless powerful beings suddenly realized that there was no longer anything in their path forward! At this moment, they felt free as though they could dissipate from the spot at any moment!

Lin Fan had cultivated the Xuanhuang World and opened up the barriers of the Heavens and Earth. The light screen that had split the Xuanhuang World into two evaporated. That initially thin Spirit Qi of the world started getting denser.

It was so dense that it could almost materialize into a physical state right now.

"By the looks of it, there seems to have been quite a number of powerful beings from the Xuanhuang World who have broken through the barrier."

Every single thing that happened within the Xuanhuang World was under the Lin Fan's control.

Countless powerful beings broke through that once existent barrier of the Xuanhuang World and entered a higher state.

One aura!

Two auras!

Three auras!

Three thousand six hundred auras!

With a single thought, Lin Fan could sense all the auras that were surging forth from all around the Xuanhuang World instantly.

"Eh? Mie Qiongqi…"

At this moment, Lin Fan took notice of Mie Qiongqi's status.

On the Nameless Peak, Mie Qiongqi's aura was skyrocketing as the aura of life and death coiled through his body. The gates of the Heaven and Earth were opened wide as though they were connected to a mysterious place.

This boundless life and death aura gushed down from those gates of the and bathed Mie Qiongqi in it.

"The Gates of Life and Death... Unkillable Indestructible… Breakthrough!"

With Mie Qiongqi as the center of it all, an aura rose up and turned into a typhoon. This typhoon ripped through the entire world, shrouding the entire Nameless Peak within it.

Looking at the current status of Mie Qiongqi, Lin Fan did feel a little astonished.

Utmost celestial lower level cultivation state.

Utmost celestial middle level cultivation state.

Utmost celestial full cultivation state.


This aura could not rest for a long time. It only came to a standstill after he reached Utmost celestial full cultivation state.

"Indeed, he's not someone that Yours Truly had trained up for nothing! He has prepared well with his foundation for him to skyrocket to the Utmost celestial full cultivation state with a single shot. From here on forth, he will definitely be a part of the main force."

Lin Fan had not expected that Mie Qiongqi would be able to skip through several stages of the cultivation state at one go! He was truly a matchless talent!

Initially, Mie Qiongqi was the only one in the entire Xuanhuang World who had skipped through so many stages.

But unexpectedly, Yao Wuxie in the Dead Demon City broke through as well! While that aura of his was nowhere as formidable as Mie Qiongqi, the aura of the special body type was something that amazed Lin Fan.

A series of Venomous Demon G.o.ds surrounded Yao Wuxie's body. Each of them howled out furiously and surged with immense powers. Instantly, they turned into Venomous Talismans that floated around the head of Yao Wuxie before entering his Inner World.


Yao Wuxie roared out with a heaven piercing disposition. The skies were shrouded with mist before he sucked it all within his body.

Utmost celestial upper level cultivation state.

"Pretty strong!"

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he could not help but feel a tinge of envy.

Some people were just born extraordinary.

A single year of cultivation could match up to ten, perhaps even hundred years of cultivation for others.

There were countless aged and experienced powerful beings in the Xuanhuang World who had remained at Greater celestial full cultivation state for a long time. However, even with their acc.u.mulated foundations, they could only skip to Utmost celestial middle level cultivation state at best.

If they found out about Mie Qiongqi and Yao Wuxie, they would probably puke out blood and die in rage.

This time around, after the barrier of the Xuanhuang World and Ancient Saint World was broken through, and there were countless powerful beings who entered an even higher state.

But in Lin Fan's opinion, this was only just a nice front to look at.

Back when the Xuanhuang World was split into two, the Spirit Qi had become extremely weak. For all of these powerful beings who could cultivate till a Greater celestial full cultivation state, they could already be considered as talents amongst talents.

But, it was exactly because of this that even after attaining a Greater celestial full cultivation state, they stayed stuck here for the past 100 years. With that, their innate potentials had long been wasted.

"Seems like the newer generation is still where the hope lies. All these elders of the older generation should serve as a good guide for those of the younger generations."

Lin Fan naturally had a plan of his own. Given the current situation, he had to hurry and get his hands on some Shengyang Pills so that he could use Hundred Years in A Single Thought. By then, with all of these geniuses coming forth, the Ancient race would be f*cked over back and forth!

And just at this moment, the entire Xuanhuang World shook. Countless powerful beings who had broken through suddenly felt that there was a source of energy that was trying to reach out to them from the unknowns. It was trying to lead them to ascend to a higher platform.

"Huehue. The Ancient Saint World has sensed it and is trying to pull these people over. That's a fool's dream!"

Lin Fan slapped out with his palm. Instantly, a boundless amount of power shot right into the void. That tremendous power of beckoning that was calling out to everyone evaporated instantly. As for the powerful beings of the Xuanhuang World, they were bewildered.

They did not know what had just happened.

They could sense from the unknowns that if they were to follow this power of beckoning, they could enter an even greater world. But, the power of beckoning disappeared all of a sudden as though it had never existed.

But for the ma.s.ses, this didn't matter anymore. The fact that they had entered a higher cultivation state had already allowed these old time powerful beings to find a new lease of life in those sunken hearts of theirs.

As for where that power of beckoning was trying to lead them to, it didn't bother them any longer.

"Seems like it's about time to head to the Ancient Saint World now. Given the current situation, with my physical body state so d.a.m.n b.l.o.o.d.y overpowered, I can just go face everything head on!"

"Time to scam some Shengyang Pills and find some powerful beings to purify and reform so that they can cultivate some Shengyang Pills for me."

"The requirement of ten trillion Shengyang Pills IS a little scary."

Seeing his strength, Lin Fan was filled with confidence once again. His physical body state was now a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state body. Only, he did not know if it would hurt if he were whacked by an Utmost Being.

If he had the chance, he would definitely give it a good try.

When Lin Fan appeared in the Ancient Saint World once more, this time around, following him was the Xuanhuang World which was revolving around in his Inner World.

The current Lin Fan was the controller of the Xuanhuang World. Every single change would happen through a single thought of his. The feeling of having complete control over countless lives was something too awesome for Lin Fan.

In the past, he might not have even dared to dream of something as such.

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