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Ancient Saint World…

Spires of the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race stood in an abyss. Even with the loss of Utmost Beings, the power of the seal there was still existent.


At this moment, a loud laughter broke out from that infinitely deep abyss in the middle.

"Unexpected... Unexpected indeed! To think that two of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race would fall! What other capabilities do you Ancient race beings have to still imprison Your Empress here?"

It had been a long time since the Fire Water Empress had been imprisoned in this place. The moment the power of the seal dipped a little, she could feel that her chance had arrived.

That ma.s.sive amount of power from her burst forth and slammed out against the seal relentlessly, trying to break it down entirely.

The brows of the five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race furrowed.

"Fire Water Empress, you had better just stay here obediently. The Ancient Saint World isn't a place you can act all brazenly." For the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, the Fire Water Empress was an existence that gave them an endless headache.

For the past millions of years, the Fire Water Empress had been reincarnating endlessly. Each time she reincarnated, it would shake up the entire world. Her past few incarnations were still manageable. The eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race would just come forth together and kill her.

However, following her endless reincarnations, her powers also grew stronger. This power of hers gave them a thumping headache.

This was especially the case for this present incarnation of hers. The cultivation of the Fire Water Empress had managed to reach a mystifying state that could threaten the status of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race directly.

Eventually in that final battle, all of the eight Utmost Beings were forced back by her. They had no other choice but to depend on the powers of the Heaven's Will to trap her within this infinite abyss for all eternity, so that she had no chance of coming back at all.

"Just you guys and you think that you can hold down Your Empress here? That's but a fool's dream!" The Fire Water Empress hollered out as a tremendous power erupted forth from that infinite abyss.


The seal trembled momentarily as a bright glare shone out in all directions. The Intents of Fire and Water began to fuse with one another, causing the entire world to shake. The seal started shivering uncontrollably, as though it could no longer withstand this power.

When the five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race caught sight of this, their faces changed as they roared out, pushing back on the seal with all their might. They had to repress the Fire Water Empress in this abyss for all eternity.

The Utmost Beings knew that it would be a complete disaster for the Ancient race should the Fire Water Empress break out of the seal.

Now that they had lost two great Utmost Beings, the power of the Ancient race had dropped by a certain degree. If the Fire Water Empress were to descend upon the world once more, it would be an immense pressure for them.

"HAHA! With just you guys? That's far from enough." Within that infinitely deep abyss, the Fire Water Empress gave off a superior disposition as she tossed her robes, sending out an Intent of Fire and Water that unfurled over.

This Intent of Fire and Water transformed endlessly before manifesting into a dragon that roared out menacingly and slammed against the seal.

"True Essences of Fire and Water! Eternal across all ancient times!"

The aura of the Fire Water Empress started turning more mysterious. The power that was bursting forth from her had far exceeded what she was capable of! While being sealed here for countless of years, the Fire Water Empress spent the time having a complete review of her martial arts. This was especially the case after she did something like that with Lin Fan.

She was now clearer than ever about the secrets behind the fusion of Fire and Water. Initially, Fire and Water were never meant to coexist. However, after the Fire Water Empress engaged in that activity with Lin Fan, she had realized that those True Essences of Fire and Water that she had thought to be impossible to fuse were actually showing signs of fusing!

For the Fire Water Empress, this was something absolutely inconceivable.

If they were truly able to fuse, then her powers would definitely reach a new terrifying state.

"How could this be?"

"Fire Water Empress! How could your True Essences of Fire and Water show signs of fusing? You have attempted it endlessly over countless reincarnations. Yet, you've never ever succeeded! How could you possibly do it during this round of reincarnation?"

When the five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race caught sight of this, they got frantic. They knew what the outcome of the fusion of the True Essences of Fire and Water would be: She would be matchless. There would be no one in the entire world who could go against the Fire Water Empress any longer!

"A bunch of ignorant fools. The encounters of Your Emperor here aren't something that you guys can understand. The pleasures between men and women are something that go with the natural order of the world. It isn't something beasts like you Ancient race beings can ever hope to understand. You must be dreaming if you think that you can continue to seal Your Emperor here! Fools…get destroyed!" The Fire Water Empress hollered.

"d.a.m.n it! We must absolutely not let her out!" The Utmost Beings yelled out as they used all of their powers to try and contain the seal of the Fire Water Empress.

However, this seal required the powers of eight Utmost Beings. Now that two of them were gone, this was a huge drop in their powers as well.

"Haha! You will never be able to stop me!"

The Fire Water Empress burst out laughing wildly. However, at this moment, something that shocked the Fire Water Empress happened.

A boundless amount of power descended down from the skies. The void was torn apart by a mysterious gigantic arm that covered the entire sky as it descended down.

"Fire Water Empress, the Ancient race is not for you to violate! You shall remain in this place for all eternity!"

The booming voice was extremely tyrannical, rendering one helpless against it. The moment the Fire Water Empress, who was in that infinitely deep abyss, heard this voice, her face changed.

That boundless power that pummelled down seemed even more devastating than ever, as though it wanted to push down the Fire Water Empress, who had broken out of the seal forcefully.

"Heaven's Will… How could this be? How could you possibly be awakened so quickly?" The peerlessly beautiful face of the Fire Water Empress revealed a look of shock, evidently unable to come to terms with the truth right now.

"Fire Water Empress... Stay in this place for all eternity."


That heaven encompa.s.sing palm caused the seal, that was about to break open, gleam with a shining glow once more.

"Your Empress will definitely get out of here. Definitely!"

"Heaven's Will."

The last remaining five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race greeted him politely.

"The Infinite Worlds are about to open up. You guys have to suppress the Infinite Worlds out there." The voice of the Heaven's Will was extremely vicissitudinous. Yet, it brought with it an endless amount of authority.

"Heaven's Will, we are lacking two amongst the eight Utmost Beings right now. Could you create two more Utmost Beings?"

"No. The Eternal G.o.d Seat is in the hands of that human. There will be no Utmost Being because of that. No matter what, you guys have to kill off that human."

Most of them did not know much about the human clearly. However, Fault was extremely familiar with that human. That battle was fresh as yesterday in his mind. If not for that human, the Ancient race wouldn't have lost two Utmost Beings just like that.

With the Xuanhuang World cultivated under him, Lin Fan had completed this final task. Right now, everything about the Xuanhuang World would progress according to his will.

The Xuanhuang World was the home of the Human race. There were countless of geniuses within. Initially, with the heavenly barrier, none of these humans could progress any further.

But now that Lin Fan had cultivated it, he was naturally ready to open up the barrier of the Xuanhuang World, allowing it to communicate with the Ancient Saint World.

From now on forth, the Greater celestial full cultivation state would no longer be the final endpoint of the Xuanhuang World. Everyone would be able to progress further.

Even if it were the Divine celestial cultivation state, that would no longer be a dream.

Given the potential of the Human race, Lin Fan believed that there would definitely be peerless geniuses that would be produced. With that, he would have more confidence in going against the Ancient race.

A few days later…

Lin Fan floated gently above the void of the Xuanhuang World.

By now, everything had been prepared.

Naturally, Lin Fan was going to break through the barrier of the Xuanhuang World, allowing it to link up with the Ancient Saint World entirely.

"It's time for our fates to be changed. Everyone, prepare yourselves."

Lin Fan looked up into those boundless skies as his body started gushing out with power akin to tidal waves, surging ferociously.


Lin Fan slammed out with a punch, shaking the entire world.


This punch was absolutely devastating. Everything it pa.s.sed by was destroyed instantly. It broke through the cages of this world, opening it up to a brand new one.


Lin Fan yelled out.

The entire Xuanhuang World was bathed in a bright beam of light.

The Heaven and Earth trembled while the void began to crack apart, extinguishing an endless amount of Spirit Qi. And somewhere within the secret grounds, an incredible, endless breach opened up, causing an endless amount of Saint Spirit Qi to gush down, encompa.s.sing the entire Xuanhuang World.

At every single corner of the Xuanhuang World, countless of hidden powerful beings had suddenly realized that the world had changed entirely. For all of these powerful beings, a change as such was something they could have never imagined.

And a change even more terrifying for everyone else happened all of a sudden.

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