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Lin Fan had truly not expected that this would be a seal. He then looked at the Heaven's Will in astonishment, "Why is there a seal on the Xuanhuang World?"

"Master, that is something I have no idea about either. The moment I came into existence, this seal was already present."

"Oh, I see. So that's the way things are."

Lin Fan felt a little rattled in his heart. He was pretty curious as well, wondering what purpose this seal served.

And how could the Xuanhuang World be sealed up?

"Seal… Well, time to open up the seal and see if there are any changes."

Lin Fan roared out and slapped out with both his palms. Instantly, a mysterious energy burst forth from Lin Fan.

"Remove the seal! All over the world!"


All of a sudden, the void vibrated. The chains that were revolving around the core let out a bedazzling gleam.

A power that caused even Lin Fan to shiver erupted out within the world.


When the power collided with Lin Fan's palms, he was sent knocking backward instantly. He let out a startled look. This was a power that he had never once seen before! It seemed as though it was boundless and infinite!


As though it was a gigantic dragon that was about to devour the entire world, the power suddenly unfurled out toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's face changed as he spun around and slapped out towards it once more. To think that even with his strength as a Divine celestial level 9 cultivation state being, he would be sent flying by this mysterious power! Not only that, the power did not dissipate at all, and seemed as though it wanted to crush Lin Fan entirely!

"This power is trying to kill me!"

Lin Fan's face drained of color. Without thinking twice, he let forth an explosion from between his five fingers, which transformed into a surge of power that struck out at the oncoming power of the seal.


An extremely loud explosion reverberated out, and Lin Fan's figure stumbled backward.

"Such a strong power!" It was only through the destruction of five of his fingers that Lin Fan had managed to hold back against the power!

The Mythical Parasol Tree within his body jerked gently as a strong lifeforce whirled out. The five fingers which were blown up were healed up good as new once more.

"Master, this seal is really strong, as though it's exerting control over the Xuanhuang World. However, unless you were to provoke it directly, cultivating the Xuanhuang World shouldn't be an issue." The Heaven's Will commented.

"Yes. This is really bizarre indeed. To think that even the strength I wield right now would do nothing to the seal at all. Seems like there're truly many issues with the Xuanhuang World." Lin Fan replied.

He hadn't expected that there would be something as mysterious as such within the Xuanhuang World. And to think that he hadn't discovered it at all!

But, if he had discovered this earlier on, given his curiosity, he might have been killed by this thing already.

"Heaven's Will, start cultivating then."

Lin Fan was all prepared for this as he sent out his personal will ferociously. His will formed thin threads that permeated through the void and wrapped themselves around the core.

The Heaven's Will floated gently above the core with a calm expression. Spreading out his arms, a series of ripples akin to those on a water surface spread out.

"I, as the Heaven's Will, shall give you a body. Cultivate, fuse."

Now that he had the help of the Heaven's Will, is was naturally extremely simple for him to cultivate the Xuanhuang World.

Instantly, Lin Fan could feel a power descending down the sky from within the unknowns, and being transmitted into his body. This power was extremely mysterious. It possessed millions of living beings and a countless amount of wills within it.

These wills were vast as the mountains. Instantly, they crushed down on Lin Fan's body.

Lin Fan's face changed. The will of the Xuanhuang World contained everything within the Xuanhuang World. If any mere person wanted to cultivate the entire Xuanhuang World, they would undoubtedly just be seeking death.

"Dao of the Paradise, carry forth all beings!"

Lin Fan hollered out. With a single motion, he brought forth the Paradise within his body.

"Master, what are you trying to do?"

All the Skill and Weapon Spirits within Lin Fan's Paradise asked curiously.



All of the living beings did not have to think twice. They naturally knew what was happening right now.

"Bravo! To think that we're going to cultivate an entire world!"

"HAHA! Our Master is not our Master for nothing! To think that he would even dare to attempt such bold ideas!"

At this moment, the air around Lin Fan vibrated intensely as his powers rumbled. His momentum was torrential. This was a sign that his powers had been utilized to a certain extent.

Looking at the current status of Lin Fan, even the Heaven's Will could not help but feel astonished.

He knew that Lin Fan was strong. But, to think that he would be THIS strong!


At this moment, vortices appeared behind Lin Fan one after another. These vortices were spinning really intensely. Everything within the world seemed to have been sucked in by it.


Lin Fan howled out as his eyes were burning with vigor. It seemed as though there were countless hands in the universe that extended from those vortices and were all trying to drag the Xuanhuang World into it.


At this moment, the core of the Xuanhuang World jerked intensely. The chains that were coiled around it started swinging furiously as well.


The skies were gradually changing color. The winds howled as the clouds rumbled, while lightning flashed all around. All sorts of phenomenon were happening as thick thunderbolts struck out across the void. They formed dragons of thunder that brought down shivers to one's heart, having one feel afraid from the bottom of their hearts.

A series of strange looking clouds started filling the entire world. They had a myriad of colors and took on many different forms.

"What's going on?"

When all of the powerful beings caught sight of the happenings within the world right now, their faces changed. It was evident that something big was about to happen.

The Spirit Qi within the world was trembling as it turned even more berserk.

"This is a mutation of the world! Just who could it be who could possess such capabilities?"

Within Glory Sect…

The ma.s.ses looked around the world and were filled with bewilderment. They knew that this must be something that was caused by Lin Fan. Otherwise, who else in the Xuanhuang World could possess power as such?

And for any other mere commoners, this was undoubtedly the end of the world. There were screams, shrieks, and cries of fear, et cetera.

"Master, at this moment, it will all depend on me." The Heaven's Will spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Lin Fan's brows furrowed, asking in confusion.

"The world will grow older should it start bearing emotions. In the past millions of years, I have started developing a consciousness of my own. With that come feelings. And since you want to cultivate the Xuanhuang World right now, you cannot do without a Heaven's Will. In order to ensure that the Xuanhuang World can remain in its strongest form at any time, I must cast away everything I have."

"Heaven's Will's Return!"


Instantly, the Heaven's Will turned into a long streak of light and bolted over, resting in its rightful place within the core.

At this moment, Lin Fan discovered that his connection with the Xuanhuang World was starting to get even tighter. In fact, he could even feel any single bit of disturbance within it.


Roaring out, Lin Fan's body started changing as a black hole appeared within his body. Instantly, the core began to shrink continuously as it started swiveling towards Lin Fan's body.

At this moment, Lin Fan was residing within the Xuanhuang World. However, at the point of cultivation, his body floated out and he suddenly found himself standing within a part of an infinitely huge universe.

The entire s.p.a.ce around him were strewn with stars.

"This is?"

Lin Fan checked out his surroundings and was stunned for a moment.

All he saw was a gigantic spherical object that floated there gently. On the surface of this spherical object, there were countless light beams akin to long threads, extending out into the endless void. No one knew where they were connected to.


Instantly, the spherical object began shrinking down until it entered Lin Fan's Inner World entirely.


Lin Fan's mind jerked as he entered a mysterious world.

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