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"Hubby, now that all the major sects have already agreed to form an Alliance, when are we heading up to the Ancient Saint World?" Xuan Yunxian laid down in Lin Fan's embrace and asked softly.

Lin Fan looked at his lover in his arms and smiled out gently, "Soon. I've got one last thing to finish up."

"There are countless powerful beings within the Xuanhuang World. Some of them had their cultivation states suppressed at the Greater celestial cultivation state for the longest time now. Once the barrier opens up, everything will come to fruition, and they will be able to reach a higher cultivation state." Xuan Yunxian remarked.

"Yes. All of those old fogeys are almost unable to bear it in any longer. In the past, there was no hope at all towards eternity. Once one reaches the Greater celestial cultivation state, one would no longer have any motivation to go on. But, once this barrier is removed, there is no longer an end to the cultivation state. That should be the time for the true uprising of the Human race from the Xuanhuang World."

Lin Fan was full of confidence. While he knew that the Human race did not have connate gifts, such as some of the beings of the thousands of races, the Human race possessed an unlimited amount of potential.

They could turn all the impossibilities into possibilities.


Chicky laid by Lin Fan's side and crowed in a low voice a few times. Those three chicklings of his followed suit.

"Oh, right! Chicky, I think I seem to have found some of your race folks up in the Ancient Saint World. Who knows, we might be able to get some news about your parentage!" Lin Fan commented.


Chicky didn't even raise his head at all. Evidently, he couldn't be bothered.

For Chicky, the moment he was born, the first person he had ever seen was Lin Fan. And after all these years, he had enjoyed everything heartlessly as well. As for who his parents were, it didn't matter to Chicky at all.

"You b.l.o.o.d.y chicken, couldn't you give me some sort of a reaction? Why do you look so sullen?"

Lin Fan was sensing a feeling of reminiscence that was coming forth from Chicky's eyes.


Chicky stood up and flapped his wings. Combing his feathers, he looked over into the distance. Stretching his wings, he flew out into the distance.

"Eh? What's up with Chicky? Wifey, should we go take a look?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yes." Xuan Yunxian nodded her head.

Ever since the Nameless Peak of Glory Sect had turned into Lin Fan's Saint Devil Sect, it had never changed once. Even after those two disciples of his set out to create their own sects, Glory Sect did not take back the Nameless Peak.

At a part of Nameless Peak…

Chicky stood before a grave tablet and was silent. He then stretched out his wing and fondled the tablet gently. The three chicklings of Chicky stood there without moving at all as well.

When Lin Fan stood forth and checked it out, his expression turned strange.

This was a b.l.o.o.d.y subversion of his three fundamental values of the world, morals, and life itself!

All he saw on that grave tablet was a few big words etched out.

'Grave of Beloved Wife.'

Lin Fan knew that these three chicklings were born from Chicky and a domestic fowl. However, he hadn't expected that Chicky would truly take the domestic fowl as the love of his life.

All living things in the world had a soul in them. Back when Chicky was younger, he was extremely l.u.s.tful. To think that after a few years, Chicky would turn so dedicated.

"Chicky, to think that you've changed this much. If I hadn't seen this for myself, I might have found it hard to believe!" Lin Fan lamented.


Chicky tossed his head before nodding silently as though he was acknowledging Lin Fan's words.

Chicky was a member of one of the top ten Old Ancient Beast races, with an extremely n.o.ble bloodline. And the fact that an ordinary domestic fowl such as this could bear three chicklings for Chicky was indeed something to be considered as a miracle.

And at this very moment, from out of nowhere, a wild chicken appeared. This wild chicken jumped from one end to another before extending her wings, strutting herself off flamboyantly.

The moment Chicky heard this, he spun around and was attracted over instantly.


Chicky flapped his wings furiously. This was a stark change from his behavior earlier on.


At this moment, Lin Fan was stunned. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! He was just praising Chicky for being dedicated moments earlier! Who would have thought that before he even turned his d.a.m.ned a*s, he would already be seduced by a hen!


Chicky spread out his wings widely. It was hard to bear with the thirst right now. He wanted to pin down that beautiful hen at his first chance!


Just at this moment, a red streak of light flashed out.

From G.o.d knows where, Chicken Fat had suddenly moved that fat body of his around furiously and flew to a leap. Extending his claw, he used a heaven crippling kick and struck right at that hen.


Chicken Fat shrugged his body and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the hen being kicked away to the boundaries of the world. He then turned around and looked at Chicky.


The meaning was clear. This was a protest. The three chicklings of Chicky were protesting about how their Chicken Dad was being seduced so casually, letting down their Chicken Mum!


At this moment, Lin Fan burst out laughing. It was as though he had just witnessed the funniest thing that had ever happened in this world.


Chicky was extremely sad and had a dejected face. He then came before the tablet and started bawling out. It was as though he felt restricted with his life choices right now.

"Yunxian, let us leave. Seems like Chicky has people watching over him now." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"What about you? If there's no one watching over you, would you do anything wrong?" Xuan Yunxian asked back cheekily.

"How can that be? I'm not Chicky!" Lin Fan explained immediately to clear up his name.

However, the thought of the Fire Water Empress gave Lin Fan an extremely big headache. If the Fire Water Empress were to appear from here on forth and b.u.mp into him, what was he to do?

But as the saying went, 'If a soldier comes, the general will defend against him. If the water comes, the mud will stop it.' By the time they got to it, there would naturally be a way to solve the issue by then.

"Like pet, like Master. To explain is to cover up. You had better not cover up, eh hubby?" Xuan Yunxian smirked.

"Oh, you're good now! Seems like you don't know just how powerful your hubby is now, eh? Seems like as your hubby, I've got to drag you into the woods and give you a good round of training!"


A few days later…

Lin Fan floated gently in the void of the Xuanhuang World.

"Heaven's Will, is there any requirement for cultivating the Xuanhuang World?" Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back, all ready to prepare for his final step.

The only idea Lin Fan had right now was to cultivate the Xuanhuang World within his Paradise and fuse it into his Inner World.

"Master, if you wish to cultivate the Xuanhuang World and fuse it into your Inner World, it will be no simple task. You must have the power to be able to shoulder the entire will of the Xuanhuang World. Otherwise, even if you manage to cultivate it, you will be crushed to death with the entire Xuanhuang World's will. But with my help, you won't have to think about it so much." The Heaven's Will of the Xuanhuang World replied.

"Alright, that's good to hear. As long as I can cultivate it, the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World can dream ón about eating up the Xuanhuang World even on the day the Infinite Worlds open up."

Ever since he returned to the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan's idea had always been to cultivate it together with him as one. From there on forth, he would bear the entire burden of the Xuanhuang World.

This was something that no one in the Infinite Worlds had ever succeeded in doing.

That was because the Heaven's Will of the Infinite Worlds were not to be infiltrated. They would definitely not sit by idly and have their world cultivated by someone.

"Let's go!"

Lin Fan brought the Heaven's Will with him and dove down deep into an abyss beneath the ground. This was where the core of the world laid.

This was the source of Xuanhuang World's powers, as well as the will of Xuanhuang World.

When Lin Fan arrived at the core of the Xuanhuang World, he gave off a startled look. He was completely shocked by everything he was seeing before him right now.

Within a vacuous s.p.a.ce, there was a core that gave off a scorching light, as though a gigantic sun was burning right in the center of it.

And the thing that had Lin Fan truly astonished was that there were metal chains coiled around it. These metal chains were like gigantic dragons that were swimming around the core of the world.

"Heaven's Will, what is this?"

Lin Fan asked.

"This is a seal."

Looking at these chains, the Heaven's Will replied pensively.

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