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Yao Wuxie had a dream to save the entire world. Therefore, without even thinking twice, he got himself mixed in with Lin Fan.

To put it simply in Yao Wuxie's words, 'The commoners are now living in deep waters of treacheries. How can I put myself out of their affairs? I have to use both my hands to bring them to salvation!'

Lin Fan was thoroughly moved by the words of Yao Wuxie. This was the true b.l.o.o.d.y symbol of a human with ambitions!

A few days later, the ma.s.ses gathered at Glory Sect.

"This time around, Glory Sect has taken the initiative to invite all the Grandmasters of the major sects over. We have spoken to them quite a bit about it. But, we do not know what they will make out of it." Since Yan Hongyu had come forth personally, it was natural that no one would refuse him. However, how those people of the other major sects thought about it was still another issue entirely.

Even Yan Hongyu did not have any idea how it would turn out.

"I'm sure they'll agree to it." Lin Fan chuckled, unbothered in the least bit.

"Right now, all of the major sects are within our Lobby. Whether or not they will be convinced is all up to you now." Yan Hongyu replied.

At this moment within the Outer Lobby…

All the Grandmasters and Elders of the major sects were gathered.

Glory Sect had made their rounds around to their sects to persuade them. And the issue they were persuading them about was something entirely unbelievable. They could not believe how the Upper World could be like this.

This must be a delusion!

"Grandmaster w.a.n.g, what do you think about this matter?" Grandmaster Long was in a dilemma right now. What Yan Hongyu had said was pretty frightening. However, he did not know if Yan Hongyu was just scaring them on purpose.

Grandmaster w.a.n.g's face was calm without a single shred of emotion, "Go with the flow."

The moment Grandmaster Long heard this, he blew up, "Grandmaster w.a.n.g! Can't you have some opinion of your own?"

"Grandmaster Long, how can you say that? How is going with the flow an implication of me not having my own opinion? The collective wishes of the ma.s.ses are something not to be disobeyed." Grandmaster w.a.n.g replied.

Grandmaster Long looked at Grandmaster w.a.n.g. For a moment or so, he was really at a loss for a reply. He then went on to check out on the views of the other Grandmasters.

This was a big matter here.

Could sects even be considered as sects if they did not pit themselves against one another?

Was there any meaning to life anymore?

"Guys, take a look! The expression of Grandmaster Xin is looking a little off! He's flushed red right now! Could it be…constipation?" Some of the Grandmasters whispered amongst themselves worriedly.

But when Xin Feng looked over, all of their expressions reverted back to normal as though nothing had happened at all.

At this moment, Xin Feng was exceptionally emotional. His Brother Lin had returned! However, he was a little upset as well. To think that he wouldn't be the first person to be visited by his Brother Lin's return! d.a.m.n it!

However, after five years of separation, Xin Feng was still unable to contain the excitement in his heart nevertheless.

As for the topic of discussion amongst the other Grandmasters, Xin Feng had heard it extremely clearly. However, he did not want to stoop down to their level.

These were idle and bored people who would gossip all day and night. They were even more feminine than women.

However, he couldn't blame these Grandmasters either. Now that their cultivation states had reached its peak, there was nothing else for them to do. They would just skive off from day to day or bring their disciples to head out for fights with the other sects.

In a simple phrase, 'They're having a way too easy life thanks to the peace in the world.'

"My grat.i.tude to everyone for arriving at Glory Sect." At this moment, Yan Hongyu walked in briskly. Even though Zong Hentian was the Grandmaster right now, he was still young nevertheless. Yan Hongyu was worried that he might not be able to maintain control over these people. Hence, he came forth personally.

"Brother Feng, it's been a long time." Lin Fan had long since felt an extremely strong aura of resentment. And evidently, the source of the resentment was coming off from Xin Feng.

But when he thought about it, it was only right that Xin Feng would feel resentful, since Lin Fan did not look for him upon his return.

When Xin Feng caught sight of Lin Fan, he could not help but walk up and give him a hug, "Brother Lin, you have finally made it back."

At this moment, all the Grandmasters started speaking in hushed whispers once more.

"Guys, look at Xin Feng's face right now! That expression he's giving off… The emotions that are coming off from the side of his eyes… Something's not right!"

"Eh? Now that you mention it…"

"Brother Feng couldn't swing that way…right?"

"It's hard to say! But everyone, please lower your volume! We're all Grandmasters of major sects. We've got to help him retain some face!"

As for all these Grandmasters who are just idling about from day to day, any piece of gossip they pick up could go on for at least an entire year. And this was especially the case if the gossip was about Jiuxiao Sect!

The amount of emotions that were overflowing were incredible!

"Brother Feng, please forgive me. It's been quite the rush since I've returned this time around, with too many things to handle. Hence, I couldn't make it over to Jiuxiao Sect." Lin Fan said.

"It's nothing. As your brother, I can understand. It's just that I've heard that there's something big that's going on in the Upper World, causing your return this time around. I wonder what it is…" Even though Xin Feng looked as though everything was fine on the surface, he was still filled with a stomach of indignance.

Lin Fan nodded his head and then looked at the ma.s.ses, "Everyone, I am Lin Fan. The name of the Upper World is the Ancient Saint World. Within there, the Ancient race oppresses the beings of the thousands of races. The matter is critical right now. As for the actual situation, I would implore you guys to take a look for yourselves."

Lin Fan used his mind to project out everything that had happened within the Ancient Saint World with his powers, broadcasting it in the air.

A series of images flashed out. Every single thing that Lin Fan had seen and heard about was included within.

All the Grandmasters of the major sects watched intently.

"Aiyah! This…!"


"This weird looking living being is so d.a.m.ned strong!"

"Those Ancient race beings are devouring the living beings live! Accursed!"

All of the Grandmasters were thoroughly engrossed within the images right now and let out all sorts of expressions.

Lin Fan was too lazy to say more. Something like this should be broadcasted directly with images and have them feel with their hearts. That would triumph over him using a thousand words to explain.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes…

All of the Grandmasters had sunken deep inside. This was the same for Yan Hongyu and the others. They had not expected that the Ancient Saint World would be this dangerous.

Lin Fan swept his robes and the screen disappeared.

"What do you think, everyone? Rather than waiting for death, we might stand a chance of living if we give it a shot. The Utmost Beings of the Ancient race are not the scary ones. The scary one is that Heaven's Will." Lin Fan said.

Back in the past, Lin Fan had thought that the Ancient Saint World would be saved once he killed all the Utmost Beings. But right now, it didn't seem like that was the case.

The true enemy was that Heaven's Will.

The Heaven's Will of the Ancient Siant World was a hundred thousand times scarier than the Utmost Beings. Even though Lin Fan was strong alone, he couldn't handle being ganged up either.

"What do you guys think about it?" Lin Fan asked.

Everyone looked at one another, as though they were waiting for something.

"This is a really grave matter."

"That's right, it's far too scary. To think that we wouldn't even be a match for a single Ancient race soldier!"

"Brother Lin, we'll do however you propose. The Jiuxiao Sect will always be on your side." Xin Feng replied.

"The Xuanjian Sect as well." Xuan Yunxian replied as well.

For Xuan Yunxian, if she didn't stand on the side of her Hubby, was she to go against him?

Grandmaster w.a.n.g bore the idea of just riding with the flow and going along with the ma.s.ses. Since the two major sects had expressed their intentions right now, he naturally agreed along with it.

The other Grandmasters pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement as well.

"Since that's the case, we'll form an Alliance then. Rather than being split up like sand, it'd be best for us to stand together as a single Alliance against the Ancient race." Lin Fan remarked.

"Yes, that makes sense. Given the current situation, we would die if we don't form an Alliance."

"I agree."

"I second that."

"Everyone, in order to prevent accusations of me, Lin Fan, monopolizing control, the leader of the Alliance can be chosen from all of your sects." Lin Fan continued.

"No, it's alright. That won't be needed. We trust Glory Sect."

"That's right. We believe that under your leadership, we will definitely be able to attain victory."

"About this selection of a leader for the Alliance, let's just forget about that."

"You've been in the Ancient Saint World for such a long time now. You're definitely more familiar with it than any one of us. Naturally, you should be the leader!"

When the Grandmasters of the major sect heard that a leader was going to be chosen from one of them, it was only natural for them to blow up.

They did not want a hand in a job so dangerous!

As for all of them, their thoughts were that even if the skies were to topple over, there would be a powerful being watching over them.

At the end of the day, they would just whack anything they were ordered to. As for the position of the leader, one might as well forget that. The mere thought of it was dangerous enough.

Lin Fan sighed out. Thinking back about the image that he had just displayed, it just felt wrong.

Before even going to the Ancient Saint World, he had already given them such a huge shock. This was quite the sin as well.

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