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Even after wandering around the Ancient Saint World for so long, Lin Fan had yet to discover what in the world was up with this special body type of Yao Wuxie.

There were countless of races that possessed special abilities, for example, the self destructing abilities of the Samsung race beings and the live broadcast abilities of the Succubus race beings. However, Lin Fan hadn't b.u.mped into anyone with a body type such as Yao Wuxie's.

In the past, Yao Wuxie's cultivation state wasn't all that great. However, he could still knock out Lin Fan with a single fart. That was something extremely horrifying in Lin Fan's opinion.

At this moment…

Lin Fan's face was all focused right now. He wanted to a.n.a.lyze just what in the world was this fart of Yao Wuxie.

The fart that was let out by Yao Wuxie exploded out into a green colored mist. The mist was thick and relentless as it attacked out towards Lin Fan.

This thick, dense green mist took on the form of a roaring dragon that coiled around the world. In fact, there was even a demon G.o.d that was howling out from within. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the air seemed as though it was being corroded away.

"Good lad!"

Lin Fan spread out his hand and reached into the void and grabbed the thick mist on his hands directly. The putrid mist began eating at Lin Fan's palms relentlessly. Its might was stronger than any poison that could possibly be found in this world.

'Ding… Captured Great Venomous Demon G.o.d.'

Lin Fan looked at the little green gigantic man that was rumbling within his palms right now and was startled.

'Great Venomous Demon G.o.d?' This was the first time that Lin Fan was hearing of something like this. The amount of power that was generated by a single fart of Yao Wuxie was extraordinary. Anyone below the Divine celestial level might actually find it really hard to defend against this!

Even right now, this Great Venomous Demon G.o.d was eating at Lin Fan's astral powers within his body. If it were any other ordinary powerful beings, they might have long been devoured by the Great Venomous Demon G.o.d, before crumbling down under the might of Yao Wuxie's fart.


Lin Fan closed his hands gently, squeezing the Great Venomous Demon G.o.d to bits instantly.


The moment Yao Wuxie caught sight of this, he was scared sh*tless. To think that his ultimate move would have no effects on this man!

This was the final trump card in Yao Wuxie's a.r.s.enal! But to think that it was taken down by this man with ease! Yao Wuxie was entirely dumbfounded right now.

"Who are you? There must be some sort of a misunderstanding between us!" Yao Wuxie yelled out loudly and was starting to admit defeat instantly.

Yao Wuxie didn't think that he would have many enemies! And right now, this other fella shouldn't be too vengeful over something as small as slapping his Third Brother, right?

"This is no misunderstanding." Looking at the state Yao Wuxie was in, it gave Lin Fan the idea of messing around with him a little. He did want to see just how this lad would react in a situation as such.

Yao Wuxie gulped down his saliva. Since when had the Xuanhuang World turned this sick?


Without hesitating, Yao Wuxie raised his b.u.m immediately. Like a pile driver, he then started farting out rapidly.

A series of Great Venomous Demon G.o.ds rippled out. Wherever they pa.s.sed by, they would let out a sizzling sound of corrosion. Even if it were the Spirit Qi of the Heaven and Earth, it was being corroded by these Great Venomous Demon G.o.ds.

Lin Fan had not expected that Yao Wuxie would actually have his special body type develop to such an extent over these past few years. If his cultivation state were to increase even further, how much more would these Great Venomous Demon G.o.ds progress?

This was something that Lin Fan was extremely curious about.

"Out of the thirty-six tricks, the best of them all are related to escaping!"

Without even thinking twice, Yao Wuxie started running straight away. Right now, he wanted to head back and pack up before bringing his entire family to escape with him.

This guy who had popped out of nowhere was way too sick!



When Yao Wuxie caught sight of how his Great Venomous Demon G.o.ds were squeezed into exploding one after another by that guy, he was scared stiff.

"Trying to escape? But you're not going to make it."

Lin Fan sent out a heaven encompa.s.sing palm that streaked across the sky and expanded out endlessly. No matter how quickly Yao Wuxie was running off, he couldn't escape the boundaries of the palm.

"Aiyoh! My b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!" When Yao Wuxie raised his head and caught sight of that heaven encompa.s.sing palm, he shuddered and bolted up immediately.


Looking at the state Yao Wuxie was in right now, Lin Fan burst out laughing momentarily.

"Brother Yao, the stance you make while running does look really novel. It's no wonder you're the number one in the entire world, eh?" Lin Fan returned to his normal voice. At the same time, his face reverted back to its usual features.

Yao Wuxie was hating in his heart. To think that he would be humiliated right now.

But at this moment, Yao Wuxie suddenly realized that this voice was really familiar! When he turned his head over, he came to a stop in his tracks. That face was all too familiar for Yao Wuxie!

"Holy f*ck! Brother Lin!"

When Yao Wuxie caught sight of Lin Fan, he could not help but cuss out, "Brother Lin! When did you return?! Gosh, aren't you just b.l.o.o.d.y scaring me now?"

"Brother Yao, I haven't been back for long. And since I've missed you, I came looking for you! I've been meaning to see just how far you've gotten in the past few years with your strength. To think that you would have turned this strong!" Lin Fan said.

"Brother Lin, am I supposed to be taking what you've just said as an ironic remark?" Yao Wuxie was no longer running at this moment. However, he was looking entirely exasperated.

It was true that his strength had grown pretty much over the past few years. With that, his confidence had skyrocketed as well. But to think that he couldn't even land a single blow in front of Lin Fan.

"How could it be ironic? Just that move alone was enough for you to be the number one powerful being in the entire Xuanhuang World!" This was truly something that Lin Fan meant from the bottom of his heart.

Even if it were Mie Qiongqi, he wouldn't be able to deal with that single move from now. This wasn't a power that could stay restricted in the Xuanhuang World any longer.

Following the increase in Yao Wuxie's strength, this special body type was slowly being uncovered as well. As such, the amount of power it could release was incomparably strong.

"Now, that sounds about right. No. I was given one h.e.l.l of a shock by you just now, such that even my little heart was almost ready to jump right out of my throat! Brother Lin, you've got to make up for it!" Yao Wuxie came before Lin Fan's face saying.

Indeed, Yao Wuxie was truly frightened just now. In fact, he even had an impulse to just kneel down and beg for mercy on the spot.

It was thankful that he had managed to hold it back in. If Brother Lin were to find out about that, he would definitely laugh till all his teeth started dropping out!

"HAHA! Let's go. It's been many years since we've last met. Let's go for a drink and discuss some stuff." Lin Fan said.

"Sure! No one shall return without being drunk tonight!"

In a room inside an inn…

"Brother Lin, is everything you've said for real?" Yao Wuxie's face was shocked right now. He could not believe that the news brought forth by Brother Lin would be so explosive!

"Yes. Therefore, the reason for my return this time around is to group up the ma.s.ses and unite them. At the end of the day, the power of me alone is still quite lacking." Lin Fan replied.

"To think that the Upper World would be like this! I had initially thought that it would be a Paradise on Earth!" Yao Wuxie lamented.

"Paradise on Earth? Ha! It's just pure h.e.l.l. Up there, if you aren't careful, you might just find yourself dying without a burial ground at any given day."

"Brother Lin, according to your intentions, what should we do then?" Yao Wuxie asked.

"Raise your powers and grow stronger. Right now, the Xuanhuang World is being sealed up, and the path to eternity remains elusive. Basically, we're isolated from it. The only way for us to raise our cultivation states to the next level is by opening the barrier. Otherwise, by the time the calamity reaches us, we would just be pieces of fish meat in the hands of the Ancient race beings for them to slaughter indiscriminately."

For his return this time around, Lin Fan was prepared to open up the barrier and allow everyone to start cultivating completely. Even though a Greater celestial cultivation state being was strong in the Xuanhuang World, this was an extremely puny existence in the Ancient Saint World.

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