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To use Zhu You's last words, 'Every family has their own sets of issues.'

Lin Fan suddenly realized that these students of his were already walking further than him in life. While he was still being carefree and having no worries, these students of his had already started worrying over their families.

In a country somewhere…

Today was the ascension of a new Emperor, marking the first generation of this empire.

There were a hundred officials gathered around the throne.

Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui were donning on battle armors, with an expression full of satisfaction on their faces.

Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui had long been married together, and were just exploring the Xuanhuang World together. Because they grew stronger, they were eventually scouted by an Emperor who begged them for help relentlessly. Now that five years had pa.s.sed and the dynasty was set up, both of them felt that it was about time for them to leave as well.

"Courtier Xiao, Courtier Liu... Receive your decrees!"

There was a middle aged man seated on the royal dragon throne. He gave off a n.o.ble air around him as that emperor's aura covered the entire throne.

"Courtier Xiao and Courtier Liu, because they have opened up the entire empire for Your Emperor here, they have laid down a remarkable amount of credit to their name. From this day forth, they shall be conferred as the Founding Marshalls of our empire, and will have control over the entire empire's army."

The name of this Emperor was Yu. As such, he gave himself the t.i.tle of Emperor Yu, and the country was called the Yu Country.

And now that the t.i.tle was bestowed, all the civil and military officials were all shocked as well as envious over it.

Control over the empire's army! That was some remarkable authority bestowed upon them! They were literally beneath no one but the Emperor himself!

And the fact that Emperor Yu would hand over control over the entire army towards this couple was enough to show his trust towards the both of them.

Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui exchanged a single look and continued, "Emperor Yu, now that your empire is built up, both of us man and wife do not want to hanker over fame and fortune. We only wish to leave silently and lead a life of mere commoners. Please grant us our wish, Emperor Yu."

"My two dear courtiers, could it be that you're displeased over the rewards given by Your Majesty here? Your Majesty is more than willing to share all the fruits of our victory together with the both of you." Emperor Yu continued.

For the Emperor Yu, the building up of his empire had a direct relationship with this couple.

If not for the both of them, Emperor Yu would have died countless times.

"Emperor Yu, back when you sought the help of the both of us, we had already made ourselves clear. Once your empire was built up, the both of us would leave. And now that the empire is ready and well, the both of us believe that it will definitely flourish and prosper under your leadership and guidance."

"Emperor Yu, now that the war is over, the both of us would only wish to lead the life of common peasants."

"But, should you require our a.s.sistance in the future, Emperor Yu, both of us will definitely never reject you."

Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui both did not want to be embroiled in the affairs of a dynasty.

They knew the meaning of the saying, 'Great merits would make the king feel uneasy.'

As the saying went, 'The higher is one's position, the more they would be targeted.'

Even though Emperor Yu might be willing to confer them everything right now, they knew that given some time, it may probably bring forth more trouble than its worth, and probably even death.

"Since that's the case…" Emperor Yu sighed, expressing his disappointment.

"To think that at the end of the day, the both of you would be doing the best out of everyone."

At this moment, Lin Fan floated in the voids gently.

Lin Fan had not expected that Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui would be doing the best out of all his disciples. In just the short span of a few years, they had managed to help someone build up an entire empire.

When this voice rang out, there was a commotion at the throne as everyone turned wary.

However, this wasn't the same case for Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui.

The both of them changed their expressions as they jerked their heads up into the void.


Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui had not expected that they would be able to see their teacher once more.

For the both of them, Lin Fan had an extremely large impact in their lives. This was something that they couldn't possibly forget over a couple of lifetimes.

"Yes." Lin Fan looked at Xiaoze and Liu Shuishui in satisfaction.

For Lin Fan, Xiaoze and Zhui Mo were probably the ones who had the highest cultivation states out of all his students.

"My two dear courtiers, this is…?" Emperor Yu looked over at the man in the void and felt his heart tighten. Instantly, he had an idea of roping this person in.

"Emperor Yu, this is the Teacher of the both of us." Xiaoze replied.

Xiaoze was the son of a big family to begin with. However, because of some issues, the Xiao Family ended up falling apart. For Xiaoze, the decline of the Xiao Family was something that, in fact, lifted a burden off his shoulders. He didn't have to think so much about anything any longer, nor did he have to trouble over different things.

"Alright, come along with Your Teacher here." Lin Fan said.

"Yes." Xiaoze nodded his head.

Instantly, Lin Fan swept his robes and disappeared with the group.

The Emperor Yu had wanted to say something. However, he could only swallow it back right now.

"The both of you are quite something, aren't you? To think that you guys would have done something this big in the past few years! If you guys had accepted it, you would have been great Marshals!" Lin Fan said.

"Teacher, it's nothing. We had intended to leave right from the start after helping him build up his empire. There's no mercy to speak of in the royal family. While we may have been conferred the t.i.tles of Marshal, it's hard to say that he wouldn't be afraid of us wanting to steal his throne and end up killing us instead in the future."

Xiaoze said knowingly.

"But since you know that, why would you help him to build up his empire?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Teacher, I've traveled across the Xuanhuang World with Shuishui. Because of the beasts, there were many cities that were left destroyed, and dynasties that had crumbled down. The ma.s.ses were in a state of chaos while it was hard for the commoners to live properly. After that, we noticed that this Emperor Yu was a benevolent leader. Hence, we agreed to help him build up his empire. At the same time, those people around him might have long been a.s.sa.s.sinated if we hadn't helped them to build up the empire." Xiaoze explained.

"I see, so that's the case. Alright. Right now, all of you students are once again reunited. We're just short of those few right now. Once Your Teacher rounds them up, we'll set forth to settle a big affair then." Lin Fan said.

Going against the Ancient race was something for which Lin Fan naturally had to seek out people he was familiar with. And these students of his were people that Lin Fan knew the most. He had also put in quite a bit of effort on them in the past.

If he could bring them to the Ancient Saint World, given his own powers, their cultivation states would definitely skyrocket rapidly.

"Teacher, what happened to Tianjiao over the past few years? He's changed a lot! If not for the fact that you mentioned he was Tianjiao, I would have found it hard to recognize him at all!" Xiaoze remarked.

"It's been a…tragic change. Yes, hais! It was tragic... tragic…"

Lin Fan did not know what else to say. He then had Xiaoze and the others go comfort him while he continued heading forth.

In some big city…

Zhui Mo was now the instructor of a martial arts dojo, teaching martial arts to kids from poor families.

From the beginning, Zhui Mo was the child of a servant. By fate, he had the affinity of being Lin Fan's disciple, and because of that, his innate potential underwent changes. At the same time, he was extremely tenacious. In these past five years, out of all of Lin Fan's many students, Xiaoze was the only one who could compare up to him.

Zang Tianhao and Han Mengmeng were a famous married hero couple in the entire Xuanhuang World who fought against villainy, making a big name for themselves.

At the time Lin Fan found the both of them, they were in the midst of hunting down an adulterer.

Now that they were finally reuniting after five years, there were many things to say naturally. For Lin Fan, this was a trip filled with memories.

Now that he had rounded up all his disciples, there was only a single person left that Lin Fan wanted to seek out.

That was none other than Yao Wuxie.

Yao Wuxie had a special body type. Lin Fan's memories about that were good as new. He wondered how Yao Wuxie would have progressed in the past five years.

The next appearance Lin Fan made was above the void of the Dead Demon City.

The Dead Demon City of today was still a bustling place filled with people. Now that he thought about it properly, it seemed like it had been a long time since he was last here.

The reason why Yao Wuxie was able to soar had a connection that was inseparable from Lin Fan.

And just like that, a talent was silently groomed by him from the dark.

The thought of it had Lin Fan feeling a little excited.

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