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'Infinite Worlds in A Single Thought: Abandon and sacrifice everything to open up the Infinite Worlds. 1 in 1,000,000 chance of gaining control over the Infinite Worlds.'

'Get the f*ck lost! This mother*cker is scamming!'

The moment Lin Fan saw this, he blew his fuse up. He had thought that it was some good sh*t! To think that it would be something like this!

1 in 1,000,000 chance?

Why not make the description, 'Certain death without any doubts'? That would help to crash anyone's hopes way better.

He then tossed this Infinite Worlds in A Single Thought into his storage, banishing it to the back of his mind. He did not even want to consider giving it a shot at all.

At this moment, the powers within his body were boiling like a volcano. A single thought could have them all bursting forth.

With every single breath he took, it was as though all his cells were coming to life in the wildest manner possible, pushing his physical body state to a pinnacle status.

Lin Fan raised his finger. The feeling of being able to tear through the entire void with just the single lift of his finger was getting stronger than ever. This was a type of feeling that was born from his physical body state being raised to a certain extent.

Given Lin Fan's physical body state right now, even if he were to just use his body to ram out, he could even destroy an Utmost Treasure.

An existence as such could only have him described as a complete human bulldozer.

Capable of just destroying everything with his physical body state alone…

Even though the Ancient One had been trained by Lin Fan, he still retained his own self-awareness.

"Master! Your physical body…!" The Ancient One was extremely startled. For a moment or so, he couldn't speak due to his amazement. Even as an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he did not have such a tough physical body!

Even the Ancient One had realized that his master's physical body state had already reached an Eternal G.o.d state right now.


Lin Fan could not stop laughing out wildly. He was extremely happy right now.

"Alright, let's go…"

Lin Fan kept the Ancient One within his Paradise. Right now, he wanted to seek out those students of his one by one.

Even though he hadn't cared for them as much as he did for Zhiqiao and the others, no matter what, they were still tied by a teacher-student relationship.

All the while, Lin Fan had always been fighting solo. In some aspects, he was definitely losing out. Right now, Lin Fan's only thought was to groom the people by his side up entirely.

Even though it was definite that they would not be able to deal with the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race even at the end of the grooming, Lin Fan could definitely hand them everything else with ease, such as the Sovereign Kings and what not.

Otherwise, if he had to deal with everything personally, it would be pretty troublesome.

In some deep, mountainous area…

A man who was dressed extremely simply was bending over and plowing the ground in a patch of fields.

"Tianjiao, why are you living life worse than ever?"

Lin Fan floated gently in the void and looked down at the man below. For a moment or so, he almost gasped out. Gosh, even in five years' time, this guy should be only in his twenties! How could he just let go of all worldly affairs and retreat to the forests just like that?

The body of Cao Tianjiao who was plowing the fields jerked momentarily as he looked up into the void.

At that moment, the entire world fell silent.

Cao Tianjiao could not believe everything he was seeing right now. That unchanging face of his began to loosen up as he started trembling with emotions.



Lin Fan nodded his head as his brows furrowed. From the eyes of Cao Tianjiao, he could make out a feeling in immense despair.

After that, Lin Fan questioned for a bit before finding out eventually that Tianjiao had been hurt. Because he had offended someone he shouldn't have, the other party hunted him down and had his wife killed. Even though he still slaughtered the other party eventually, Tianjiao felt that life was meaningless after that. He then decided to retreat to the mountains and live the life of a caveman.

"Hais…" Lin Fan patted the shoulder of Cao Tianjiao without saying anything more. Since this was a thing of the past, he didn't have to mention it any further.

It was just that Cao Tianjiao, who was once the liveliest and chirpiest of the bunch, was now extremely solemn and reticent. He was someone who was merely in his twenties, yet behaved like an old man in his forties.

"Follow your teacher and leave. You're a good man who can definitely stand on top of the world. This state you're in right now wouldn't be something that your dead wife would wish to see you in as well." Lin Fan said.

"Yes, Teacher." Cao Tianjiao lowered his head while saying.

Lin Fan shook his head. He knew that this student of his was still someone without a will right now.

After that, without saying anything more, Lin Fan brought Tianjiao with him into the void and headed off in another direction.

Dragon Spirits City…

Han Family…

"Zhu Di, you piece of trash! To think that you can't even complete a task as simple as such, and yet you have the cheek to remain in the Han Family!" Within the Main Hall, a middle-aged man who was seated on the seat of the Family Head bellowed out. The expression he had when he was looking at Zhu Di was filled with extreme contempt.

Zhu Di's fat body trembled momentarily as he gripped his fists tightly. He then looked over at the side where a guest was standing, looking extremely worried while hugging her child. He then released the grip on his fists.

Five years ago, Zhu Di was rescued by the Big Missy of the Han Family. He then became the personal bodyguard for this Missy. Eventually, things worked out well by nature and he was now together with his Missy.

However, there were many things lying beneath the surface for the rich and powerful families.

Even though Zhu Di's strength was pretty decent, there were countless people who were far stronger than him in a big family as such. How could there be any position left for him?

"Family Head, Zhu Di acknowledges his mistake. However, it's just that… I can't bring myself to attack that woman and her child." Zhu Di replied.

"Hmph! Can't bear to? Then what's the point of me rearing you?" The Han Family Head barked out.

After being scolded, Zhu Di did not even dare to rebut for a moment or two as he could only continue hanging his head down low.

There were plenty of people from the Han Family nearby who were gloating over his misfortune. As far as this Zhu Di was concerned, who had entered the Han Family through his wife, they looked down on him from the bottom of their hearts.

"Father, please stop scolding him!" Han Lei carried her child and pounced out while crying.

"Hmph! Unfilial daughter, you've disgraced the Han Family thoroughly to bring a piece of trash back home! Didn't you say that he has a teacher? Where's the teacher now, huh?" The moment the Han Family Head thought about this, he worked himself up in a fit.

Back then, he heard from his daughter that Zhu Di had an extremely powerful teacher. Because of that, he started having some agendas of his own.

But, to think that after betrothing his daughter to this piece of trash, that so-called teacher had never appeared! In fact, he had never even seen this guy one single time at all in the past few years!

At that moment, he realized that he had been had.

"Trash! Giving birth to a daughter is also f*cking worthless! Look at that pathetically sh*ta*s potential she has, and yet you have the cheek to keep her in the Han Family?!"

"G-grandfather." The child in Han Lei's embrace was like a porcelain doll. At this moment, she let out a frightened look as she shuddered while calling out to her grandfather.

"Shut up!"

The Han Family Head was enraged. There could never be any place for trashes to remain in big families. Even if she was the daughter of the eldest daughter of the Han Family, that was no exception to the rule.

At this moment, Zhu Di raised his head and glared straight at the Han Family Head.

"Han Family Head, please respect my woman and my daughter. Otherwise, even if you're Han Lei's father, I'm not going to be polite to you anymore!" Zhu Di growled out.

"Why? You're thinking of going against the Heavens now?"

"So, you think you're somebody now, you piece of trash?"

"It's been five years. Has your cultivation state even grown in the slightest?"

"Greater celestial lower level? If I were to head out right now, I'd find a whole bunch of people just like that roaming the streets. What do you even have?"

"Father, please calm your anger! He didn't mean to go against you like that!" Han Lei stepped in hurriedly. She then looked over to Zhu Di and shook her head furiously.

Looking at that aggrieved position his woman was in, an inexplicable surge of flame began to rise in Zhu Di's heart. But when he saw that young daughter of his, he bore with it reluctantly.

"Hmph! If he wasn't coming against me, what was he doing? Trashes are f*cking trashes forever! If I were to head out right now, which big family out there wouldn't be laughing at our Han Family right now? To think that the Big Missy of the Han Family would be married to a piece of trash!"

"You had better listen well and good! If you wish to remain in the Han Family, you had better obey my words properly. If I ask you to do anything, you do!"

"What now? What's with that expression of yours? A trash will always remain as a trash forever! Where's that teacher of yours that you lied to Your Family Head here about? I do wish to see what sort of a piece of sh*t trash teacher could train up a piece of trash like you!"

"SHUT UP! DO NOT INSULT MY TEACHER!" All of a sudden, Zhu Di's body started shivering endlessly as an ominous aura spread out of him. He was evidently riled.

The Han Family Head froze up for a moment as his heart jerked. He then straightened his body and stood up straight, "Why? You're getting angry to cover up for your embarra.s.sment? You want to strike at me? If you've got what it takes, then get that teacher of yours here then! Your Family Head wants to see just what capabilities he's got!"

"As you wish then…"

At this moment, a voice boomed out from the void and exploded within the Main Hall. Zhu Di, who was standing there, felt his body jerk instantly. His face then changed immediately as he spun around and looked outside.

From the outsides, a figure was walking out of the void. Landing on the ground, he walked in step after step.


Zhu Di's voice started trembling…

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