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And right now, Lin Fan had all the cards that he needed to go up against the Ancient race.

Back in the past, as long as the Utmost Beings didn't appear, Lin Fan could f*ck up any Ancient race being as he wished. However, the moment an Utmost Being appeared, he would be f*cked so badly till he had to dodge and hide away. He could even die due to a moment of carelessness.

But right now, both Cruel and the Ancient One were both under Lin Fan's command. They were undoubtedly his left and right arms at this point. Even if he were to clash head-on with the Ancient race, Lin Fan could finally have some reliable backing to play around with.

"From this day forth, Yours Truly will no longer have to fear Utmost Beings!"

Ever since Ancient One regained his strength, Lin Fan had been immensely happy. Not only that, his physical body state was about to reach its pinnacle status as well.

A Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state physical body state... Even the Utmost Beings would not be able to wallop him by that time!

Lin Fan realized that at times, one could say that the system was pretty sick and bada.s.s. But, one couldn't say that about it at other times. However, if the right opportunity comes, he could definitely make use of its sick functions.

"Ancient One, whack me!" Lin Fan said with excitement.


The Ancient One's face changed immediately as though the fact hadn't registered in his mind yet. This was something that was way too inconceivable for the Ancient One.

He did not know what his master was up to.

"Hurry up. Start with thirty percent of your strength." Lin Fan ordered.

Right now, his physical body state was Divine celestial level 9. He was still that bit away from a Divine celestial level 10.

However, with the help of the Ancient One, this wouldn't be much of an issue.

Right now, his cultivation state was Divine celestial level 9. He was still a bit far from Divine celestial level 10. In the near future, it wouldn't be possible for him to b.u.mp it up easily.

However, physical body state being boosted up was the king's way for now.

"Yes." After that, the Ancient One punched out without any hesitation. Even though this was only thirty present of his strength, to Lin Fan, this was just practically explosive.

The single punch caused the entire void to start distorting.

The barriers of the void in the Xuanhuang World were nowhere as strong as in the Ancient Saint World. Hence, this amount of power caused a change so great that it was practically apocalyptic.


Lin Fan took the fist head-on properly.


In front of this fist, Lin Fan did not have any strength to resist at all. His body ruptured immediately and turned into a piece of bloodied meat.

"This is way too horrifying, isn't it?"

The piece of meat pulsated and began to regroup. However, Lin Fan had not expected that merely thirty percent of the Ancient One's powers were enough to have him blow up! This was extremely terrifying!

"Could it be that the Eternal Seat possessed the power of Saint along with it?"

If it were Saint who had did that, he could definitely have Lin Fan spitting out blood with thirty percent of his strength. However, there was no way he could cause him to blow up like that.

'Ding… Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points + 250,000.'

"Alright, this can work."

The Mythical Parasol Tree let out an immense amount of lifeforce to support Lin Fan, while his Blood Sea started churning as well. The ocean of blood within his Paradise started rumbling as a series of blood mist shrouded him up slowly.

Every single stream of the blood mist possessed an endless amount of power.

Instantly, Lin Fan was as good as new.

However, this time around, he dragged the Ancient One with him into the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Given the current strength of the Ancient One, if he were to slip up or something, he might even cause an immense calamity for the entire Xuanhuang World.


Right now, Lin Fan was feeling extremely great. This was the best type of feeling ever!

The rise of his physical body state was the greatest form of insurance ever. Even if he didn't have what it took to suppress the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, at least he could ensure that they wouldn't have what it took to take him down either.

As long as he was alive, he could then slowly toy and mess with the opponent till they died.


Once more, Lin Fan was turned into a pile of flesh and blood.

"Holy f*ck! This time around, this is the most miserable attempt at leveling my physical body state ever!"

However, this was a coexistence of pain and happiness. The skyrocketing experience points were the greatest form of encouragement for Lin Fan.

"Ancient One, slightly gentler. Use twenty percent of your strength."

Lin Fan had to admit defeat a little. The feeling of being blown up into pieces of meat wasn't all that great. And, it also hurt like sh*t.

"Yes, Master!"


Yet another fist flew over.


Blood and meat sprayed out in all directions and rumbled out furiously.

"F*ck me! Just twenty percent of his powers are enough to blow me up as well? This is just way too extreme, isn't it?"

Lin Fan was stumped right now. He hadn't expected that allowing the Ancient One to use twenty percent of his powers would cause him to blow up as well. If the Ancient One were to come with all he had, wouldn't Lin Fan be turned into dust?"

"A little gentler. Fifteen percent." Lin Fan said.


Yet another fist.

When the fist approached, Lin Fan felt that this was just acceptable; something he could still defend. However, the outcome wasn't all that great still.


Instantly, Lin Fan could only feel an irrepressible force infiltrating its way into his body.

Like a bullet that was ricocheting, Lin Fan slammed out onto the walls of the Heaven and Earth Smelt and spat out a mouthful of blood.

'Ding… Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points + 150,000.'

'Such strong powers!'

Lin Fan lamented in his heart. At the same time, he felt that he had really earned big this time around.

The strength of the Ancient One was so formidable! Even if he were to return to the Ancient Saint World, he would have nothing to fear!


Lin Fan stood there, but in the blink of an eye, his body was just like a bullet that was sent flying.

For a moment or so, the Ancient One was getting into the mood of enjoying the beating.

His body flashed nimbly as he rained punch after punch on Lin Fan.



"Ancient One, are you getting addicted to this whacking? And don't whack my face!"

Out of nowhere, the Ancient One had punched onto Lin Fan's face. Instantly, his face got swollen up because of it.

"Yes, Master!"

Lin Fan was a little exasperated, "Don't stop. Continue."

'Ding… Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points + 150,000.'

'Ding… Eternal G.o.d Body leveled up.'

'Ding… Eternal G.o.d Body level 9.'

The moment Lin Fan heard the sounds of the notification, he was delighted. However, when he realized that his physical body state hadn't leveled up, he was again disappointed.

But, this didn't matter. As long as he were to persevere on, this physical body state of his would definitely be raised steadily.

One night later…

"Use all of your strength."

At this point, Lin Fan's physical body state had been climbing st.u.r.dily. By now, it had already reached an optimum status.

He was just that bit away from raising his physical body state to its pinnacle.


This single punch of the Ancient One was extremely formidable and ferocious. If not for the fact that they were within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, the entire Xuanhuang World might have descended into a calamitous state.


Lin Fan roared out as that monstrous power slammed down on his body.

"Level up… level up!!!"

Lin Fan yelled out wildly as his body was wrapped around in a G.o.dly glow. This G.o.dly glow was far from normal, as though there was some utmost wisdom about the body contained within it.

'Ding… Eternal G.o.d Body leveled up.'

'Ding… Physical Body State: Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.'

Instantly, Lin Fan felt as though there was something different about his body right now. Every single piece of meat down to every single last cell began to rumble furiously.



In fact, Lin Fan could tell that his physical body state was probably the strongest ever within the universe. This was a body that nothing could penetrate or destroy!

'Ding… Congratulations to owner for raising his physical body state to its pinnacle.'

'Special Item Reward: Infinite Worlds in A Single Thought.'


Lin Fan was surprised, not quite understanding what was going on.

'What the h.e.l.l is this Infinite Worlds in A Single Thought? Looks like some good stuff!'

Lin Fan was a little mystified now. It had been a really long time since the system had given him something. To think that at the very moment when his physical body state was raised to its pinnacle, it would give him something like this! This was really magical indeed!

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