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Within the Main Hall…

Everyone sat in a circle, extremely curious about the happenings in Lin Fan's life after he ascended into the Upper World five years ago, wondering how everything was like in its entirety.

Was it truly as the Supreme Beings had described, where the entire place was filled with endless dangers lurking around every corner?

"It is. And in fact, it's even worse than how they had described. In the Upper World, beings of the thousands of races lead an extremely lowly life of oppression under the Ancient race beings, doomed to an eternity of subjugation, without any chance of a comeback at all." Lin Fan wasn't hurried as he relayed everything he had been through in the Upper World to everyone else there and said it all out.

The faces of everyone present changed repeatedly. They could not believe what they were hearing.

When they heard that the beings of the thousands of races were slaughtered indiscriminately and devoured by the Ancient race beings, they could feel their hearts trembling in fear.

They could not believe that there could be living beings as terrifying as such in this universe.

"With my return this time around, I'm prepared to mobilize the entire Xuanhuang Word. We can only have a single strain of hope if we're united." Lin Fan said.

"When the Infinite Worlds open up, even the seal that the Supreme Being and the others have created would be useless. Eventually, a calamity will befall us."

"After my five years in the Ancient Saint World, I've thought things through. What the Heavenly Emperor Yuan said back then was right. Rather than hiding away and waiting for death, we might as well give it a shot. Even if we were to fail, at least we wouldn't regret it."

Back then, Lin Fan had thought that Heavenly Emperor Yuan's thinking was a little extreme. However, right now, it seemed like Heavenly Emperor Yuan was the one with the greatest foresight.

Since it was already a dead end, they might as well give it a shot.

At this moment, everyone remained silent. It seemed as though they had been frightened by the words of Lin Fan. To them, the news that they were hearing right now was absolutely way too explosive. Even if they were to continue hiding, they couldn't hide for much longer anyway.

"Band together in unity… It sounds easy, but it's difficult to achieve. There are a myriad of sects established in the Xuanhuang World, and plenty of powerhouses spread out. It'd be quite the task to gather them together." Yan Hongyu said out.

"That IS indeed a difficult issue. The hearts of humans would never change. Even if it's at the most critical moments, there would be those who would take a risk out of desperation to protect their own interests. However, now that the trend is already set, if these people wanted to take advantage of the situation, the only consequence awaiting them would be death."

After fighting solo for a long time, Lin Fan did feel a little tired thinking about it. If he could have a large group of people under him to fight against the Ancient race, how pleasurable would that be?

"But, if that's truly the case, then it's necessary for us to unite together. Glory Sect is the number one sect in the entire Xuanhuang World. If we were to tell the major sects about the severity of the matter, they would most likely agree. However, the difficulty is with those evil sects, and all the powerful beings who stay under the radar. Given their positions, it would be difficult to persuade them to an agreement."

The Xuanhuang World had always been peaceful and calm. However, there were still plenty of forces lurking in the dark.

"Those are nothing much. I'll handle them."

Lin Fan was extremely confident right now. Given his current strength, if he couldn't take down these guys, he would have lived his life for nothing.

After discussing with the ma.s.ses for a bit longer, everyone went their own way.

At this moment, in a desolate ground somewhere…

Lin Fan floated gently in the void and surveyed the entire place below him.

"Ancient One, what are you still waiting for?"

This desolate ground here was just like a dead zone, without any living beings at all. However, Lin Fan could sense that there was an extremely powerful being that laid down deep beneath the abyss.

All of a sudden, the entire sky changed as the clouds rumbled and the Earth quaked. An extremely formidable aura gushed forth from the deep abyss beneath the ground.

The ground began to give way and crack out, caving in to reveal an abyss so deep one could not make out its depth. A gigantic, pitch black palm extended out from beneath.

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he could feel his heart rattling as well.

"You live up to your name indeed, Ancient One. To think that you would have broken through the barrier of the Xuanhuang World."

Lin Fan had suddenly realized that the cultivation state of the Ancient One had surpa.s.sed the Greater celestial cultivation state, and was now at the Azure celestial level.

This was something absolutely incredible to Lin Fan.

There was no living being in the entire Xuanhuang World who could break through the Greater celestial cultivation state at all. But now that the Ancient One had surpa.s.sed it, it was pretty bewildering for Lin Fan. However, he did not give it too much of a thought.


A t.i.tanic figure stood tall between the entire world. Just by standing there, the aura that was emanated out from him was enough to bring shivers to one's heart.

"Ancient One, seems like you've been recovering well in the past five years." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Master, because my body has been damaged too badly, I'm afraid it's impossible for me to return to my peak form." The Ancient One replied.

The arm of the Ancient One was sacrificed by Lin Fan, resulting in his body being damaged irreparably. It was undoubtedly impossible for him to return to his peak form then.

"It's alright. My return this time around is to help you to return to your peak form." Lin Fan swept his robes. Instantly, the Eternal Seat appeared before the world.

At the moment of the Eternal Seat's appearance, the entire world quaked from it. It was as though under this mighty aura, all living beings would quiver and bow down to it, without being able to resist at all.

"That's the Eternal Seat!" At this moment, the Ancient One was excited beyond words, as though he had just seen an Utmost Treasure.

A long howl sounded out from him as the Ancient One opened up his arms. He could sense that this Eternal Seat was from one of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race.

Within the universe, there were only eight seats. Each seat could create an Utmost Being.

A pitch black vortex suddenly appeared at the chest of the Ancient One. Instantly, he sucked in the Eternal Seat.


All of a sudden, the numerous metal chains that were wrapped around the body of the Ancient One started vibrating intensely. A series of thick thunderbolts wrapped themselves around his body instead.


That roar shook the entire Heavens and Earth as the aura of the Ancient One bolted up instantly. That initially t.i.tanic body of his began expanding once more.

His power level started climbing intensely, as though there was no end to it.


His skin began tearing apart, as though he was shedding it and going through a rebirth. That pitch black skin of his instantly turned into stone before dropping off layer by layer.

In its place was an extremely shiny and glimmering skin, that gave off an extremely threatening aura.


At this moment, the Ancient One stood upright between the Heavens and Earth.

Pitch black thunderbolts crackled as they flashed ominously, while those eyes of his let out an extremely frightening glint. Rings of power started expanding out with the Ancient One as the center.

Divine celestial level 1 state!

Divine celestial level 2 state!

Divine celestial level 9 state!

Divine celestial level 10 state!

Eternal G.o.d state.


The Ancient One raised both of his arms and tore the Heavens.


The Heavens were like pieces of paper that were torn apart in an instant. This single tear extended all the way from the North of the world to the South edges of the world.


The Ancient One howled out at the top of his voice. A beam of light that shone down like waterfall rained down from the Nine Heavens and bathed itself over the Ancient One's body.

Eternal G.o.d Seat! Unparalleled Utmost Being!


Lin Fan's face tensed up as his body stumbled backward as well. He had realized just how frightening the power of the Ancient One was.

In fact, Lin Fan could tell that even Utmost Beings such as Cruel might be killed with just a single punch of his!

Such was the power of the old Utmost Beings! Upon his recovery, the foundation of the power he possessed wasn't something that was comparable to the normal Utmost Beings!


At this moment, the Ancient One screamed out towards the Heavens. That power that he had lost back then had finally returned once more!

For the Ancient One, this was akin to being reborn!


The Ancient One half kneeled on the ground. His voice was bright and radiant as he greeted Lin Fan, producing a gruff sound.

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