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The next day…

Lin Fan settled down his wife for a bit. Now that he was back in the Xuanhuang World, there were quite a number of issues he had to settle.

Yunxian naturally understood that her husband had important matters to deal with as well. Therefore, she did not try to restrict him. There was going to be a long time ahead for them to spend more time together and build their relationship.

At the pavilion area…

Lin Fan stood there alone, thoughts swimming through his mind as he contemplated about the plan from here on forth.

He knew that once the Infinite Worlds were to open up, that would be the time when all h.e.l.l would break loose. All the hidden powerful beings from all the different worlds might appear once more.

Throughout his path of cultivation, he had met quite a number of powerful beings. However, compared to the entire thousands of worlds and his adventures in the Ancient Saint World, he was probably just at the tip of the icebergs.

How vast were the thousands of worlds out there? If there were only this few powerful beings, what in the world could they do at all?

Lin Fan knew that once that moment arrived, it would be the start of a muddled war.

If he wanted to protect all those that he held dear before the opening of the Infinite Worlds, he could only work hard at improving his own strength by then.


Zhiqiao and Jiulng headed over briskly. Neither of them had a good night's rest last night. Now that they were tied together, nothing they did was convenient. Even resting didn't feel all that good either.

"Master, your disciples know that we were in the wrong. Could you please release us?" Both of them asked pitifully. A single day was enough to have them feeling so terrible. Wouldn't it kill them if this were to drag on any longer?

"This is a trial that I have to give you guys as your master." Lin Fan naturally would not release them from this.

Because he left when they were young, he did not impart proper teachings to them. If both of them were unable to come to terms with one another, wouldn't it be one h.e.l.l of a ruckus in the future?

"That's that now. Your master has issues to handle."

Without lingering, Lin Fan burst off and disappeared from the spot immediately.


Zhiqiao and Jiuling pursed their lips and twitched their toes. This was a form of torture for them! However, they wouldn't dare to defy the will of their master. They then looked at one another, and could not help but let out a stifled snort.

By now, Glory Sect was already the number one sect in the entire Xuanhuang World. Be it in the past or present, they were still the major sect they were, if not bigger.

They were an existence which countless of sects would revere and model after.

At this moment far in the void, Lin Fan looked over. There was a blurry looking statue he could see from where he was. But, Lin Fan knew that it was his Tribute Sculpture.

Thinking back about this Tribute Sculpture, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out. This was something that the sect had created for him after he had put on a good show.

"The Glory Sect lives up to its name indeed with a fortune like that of the dragons. Just a sect alone and yet they have taken up almost twenty percent of the entire Xuanhuang World's fortune."

Now that Lin Fan had cultivated to this extent, he was naturally extremely familiar with the concept of fortune. At the same time, since the Heaven's Will belonged to Lin Fan, it was naturally extremely simple for him to check on one's fortunes.

Glory Sect had occupied twenty percent of the world's fortune. Just this fact alone would allow the sect to bloom with countless geniuses and flourish indefinitely.

When Lin Fan appeared at the entrance of Glory Sect, there were countless disciples within the sect. Seeing an outsider such as Lin Fan, they were naturally curious.

All of these people who could become disciples of Glory Sect were naturally extremely prideful. After all, it was no joke to be in the number one sect of the entire Xuanhuang World.

Stepping on the ground of Glory Sect brought back an infinite number of memories for Lin Fan. He wondered how many people would know of him.

In the past five years, he might have even been forgotten more or less.


Suddenly, a group of Disciples rounded over. Their faces were all extremely startled as though they had seen something incredible.

Lin Fan was bewildered. He wondered what was up with these disciples. Why did they seem like they had just seen a ghost?

All of these were outer sect disciples. But, when they first entered the sect, the first rule of everything they must know about Glory Sect involved Lin Fan.

Any disciple who wished to get into Glory Sect would first have to stand before the Tribute Sculpture for an entire day and night without making a single sound.

If so much as a peep were to be heard from them, they would be disqualified immediately.

As for these disciples, they would always pa.s.s by this Tribute Sculpture every day. As time pa.s.sed, they would have already memorized what it looked like without even needing to actually see it.

Lin Fan stood there with his hands behind him in a carefree manner. He then took a step forth and headed in.

"Greetings to Founder Junior Master Lin!"

Instantly, the loud booming sounds reverberated across the entire Glory Sect.

When all of the disciples within heard this sound, they did not know what was happening. But, when they caught sight of that figure, just like the other disciples from before, they were absolutely flabbergasted.

"Greetings to Founder Junior Master Lin!"

Lin Fan had not expected that even after leaving for five years, all the disciples of Glory Sect would still recognize him! This was something way too incredible for him.

"That's Founder Junior Master Lin! He's the top being in the entire Glory Sect!"

"He looks exactly like his Tribute Sculpture! There's definitely no mistake about this!"

"I've heard that Founder Junior Master Lin had ascended into the Upper World! Why is he appearing in Glory Sect now?"

"I've got no idea, but there's absolutely no mistake about this at all. Be it his disposition, expression, or face, they're all exactly the same!"

"Hurry up and report this to the Grandmaster! The elders too!"

However, there was something that aroused Lin Fan's curiosity. It seemed like his status within the sect had been raised once more.

This was something truly mysterious.

All of the genius disciples of Glory Sect stood orderly in rows to look at Lin Fan. They were all geniuses of Glory Sect. Some of them were cold, some haughty, while others tyrannical.

However, at this moment, they could not help but shout out respectfully, "Founder Junior Master Lin!"

All of a sudden, a few streaks of light bolted over from the depths of Glory Sect.

"That's the Old Master!"

"The Grandmaster's here too!"

"The Senior Elders as well!"

Sensing the familiar auras, Lin Fan grinned out, then called out calmly, "I'm back."

Old Master Yan, Senior Elder Wuya, Zong Hentian, and many other people Lin Fan was familiar with appeared before him.

Lu Yan, who had a profound Buddhistic nature to him, Meng Hao, who had an unparalleled battling intent, Jian Wudi, who had an overreaching Sword Will emanating from him, et cetera…

"Lin Fan." Yan Hongyu's face was astonished as he let out a look of disbelief. Even that never changing wrinkled face of Senior Elder Wuya started wrinkling up even more.

"Haha! Why? Does none of you remember me any longer? Haven't I just been gone for five years?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Junior Master!" Zong Hentian was exceptionally emotional as he rushed forth.

For the five years that Junior Master Lin had left, Zong Hentian had been thinking about him all day and night. He had thought that he wouldn't be able to see his Junior Master for the rest of his life. To think that he would make it back five years later!

"Not bad, lad! To think that you are now the Grandmaster!" Looking at the attire of Zong Hentian, Lin Fan could not help but laugh out.

"Heh!" Zong Hentian shrugged his head in glee. Before Lin Fan, the image of him as the Grandmaster had disappeared entirely. It was as though he was still part of the bunch following behind Junior Master Lin, just like in the past.

As for all the surrounding disciples, when they saw that solemn Grandmaster of theirs letting out such an expression, all of them were extremely astounded. This was something they could not believe at all!

As for all the disciples who had entered the sect later on, Founder Junior Master Lin was someone who was told of in the legends!

Within the sect, when they heard the elders and seniors of the older generation speak of the happenings in the past, they were always extremely flabbergasted. They could not believe that there could be such a mighty existence that had once existed in this world!

For all of the disciples of Glory Sect, the number one legendary character that they have always been the most curious about was none other than Founder Junior Master Lin.

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