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"Senior brother, what should we do?" You Jiuling and Zhiqiao, who were being tied together right now, asked in a stumped manner.

"Well, it's been a long time since we last visited Xuanjian Sect. I guess we'll just wander around on our own? Let's separate for now." Zhang Ergou sighed out.

"Senior Brother Zhang, junior sister here has learned a new skill recently. I would like your opinion on it." Qian Ying requested.

"Sure, no problem."

Naturally, there wouldn't be any issues, as Zhang Ergou was all smiles right now.

"I'll take a look around as well then I guess."

"The scenery around Xuanjian Sect IS pretty decent."

Tian Yu, Feng Bujue, and Mie Qiongqi then went on their separate ways, looking for places they wanted to see.

As for the Fourteen Sand Bandits, they looked at one another in bewilderment. The blows they received today were quite huge, eh?

And now that their Boss had carried his wife off, what were they to do?

No, they had to act like they were experienced folks, and definitely not show that they were at a loss right now!

The Fourteen Sand Bandits then left on their own, and the surrounding disciples dispersed as well.

Eventually, only Zhiqiao and You Jiuling were left.


"What are you doing? I want to go this way!" The both of them wanted to head their own ways. However, because they were tied up together, none of them could budge an inch.

"No! Why should I listen to you? I want to head THIS way!"

"Hue! We'll see who is stronger then!"

"Come on then! Who's afraid of whom?"

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling stood where they were and started tugging against one another.

The rear court had long been emptied out.

Within a house…

"Returning only after five years, don't you have anything you wish to say to me?" Within the house came a serene voice of Xuan Yunxian that hinted at a slight displeasure.

"Everything shall be said through actions! My dear wifey, did you miss me?"

"Yes, I've missed you."

"I've missed you too!"

Fumble, fumble, fumble.

"Wifey, why can't I undress this?" Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes as a hurried voice of Lin Fan came out from the house.

"That's not the way you undress it. Come, I'll do it."

"It's alright! That's too troublesome! Isn't it just a piece of clothing? Does it think that it can stop me?!"


"See! It's all undressed now! How speedy as well!"

"Gosh, slow down. There's no hurry anyways. I really feel like hugging you properly." Yunxian continued.

"Wifey, I'm not the one hurrying! There's someone else down here that's anxiously waiting! This heart of mine is even going to pop out soon!" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red despicably.

"Wifey! Your skin! It's gotten ever fairer, ever smoother, ever more tender!"

"So itchy!" Yunxian started squirming over being touched.

"Hehehe. Let your hubby give you a ma.s.sage then! This will definitely bring in some magical effects!"

"Don't ma.s.sage there… eh!!! It's already big enough!" Xuan Yunxian's shy voice whispered out.

"It's alright, it's alright! I don't mind if it gets bigger! Be it round or perky, it'll all look so nice!"



A few light gasps and moans permeated out of the house. To think that such things would happen under broad daylight. Such a shameful scene!

"Hubby, how's the Upper World? Is it dangerous?"

"It's still alright. I guess the battles there are almost as intense as the 'battle' we're having now? However, I can still endure it." This was a really accurate a.n.a.logy used by Lin Fan.

"This position is really shameful! Kneeling here has my body feeling all cold!"

"No, don't worry! Your hubby will warm you up!"

"That's right! Spread them further… a little bit further! Yes! That's really good!"

"Yunxian, your b.u.t.t is really beautiful! It's so round and perky!"

"Hubby, don't say those things anymore! I'm about to die from embarra.s.sment!"

"Don't worry! We've been married for such a long time now! Things that are beautiful should naturally be praised!"



"Yunxian has realized that your tongue is getting sweeter than ever. Is it because up in the Upper World, you have another…"

"Hehehe… Wifey, are you hoping that my answer is that I have one more or not?"

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Stop squeezing…stop tightening! No! Definitely not! Ah…! That's more comfortable!"

An intense battle broke out through the entire place like a whirlwind, ripping through every single corner. Wherever the whirlwind pa.s.sed, everything would be left in a mess.

A series of indecent sounds rang out from within the house, filling up the entire rear court. However, there was no one else in the rear court right now. Because of that, there were, thankfully, no victims born as a result of this.

Night time…

It was time for dinner.

Zhiqiao and Jiuling looked at the food before them. One of them held the chopsticks in her left hand while the other in her right hand.

Jiuling happened to be the one with her right hand free to use the chopsticks. Therefore, she was enjoying when she placed every single piece of delicacy in her mouth.

As for Zhiqiao, she was having a tough time holding the chopsticks in a weird manner. She picked up a piece of meat and wanted to put it in her mouth. Next thing she knew, it dropped down.

"Feed me."

Looking at how much Jiuling was enjoying the food, Zhiqiao blurted out.

"Don't you have hands?" Jiuling replied curtly.

"How am I to eat with my left hand?" Zhiqiao added on.

Jiuling looked at Zhiqiao. She then picked up some food and placed it in Zhiqiao's mouth.

"I want to eat that."

"I want to eat that too."

"I want to drink soup."

Zhiqiao looked at Jiuling. She then took up a spoon with her left hand and took it to Jiuling's mouth.

Both Zhiqiao and Jiuling were having a huge headache over this ribbon. However, because it was on their master's orders, there was no way they could possibly disobey.

Neither of them would want to sleep with the other in the same room if given a choice. But now, they had no other way but to sleep right beside one another.

Even when they had to bathe or use the washroom, they had to do it together. This was something they were both not used to.

Rear court…

Lin Fan hugged Xuan Yunxian in his embrace, telling her about the tales of what happened up in the Upper World.

Xuan Yunxian's heart was grinding with anxiousness. Each time the story got to a dangerous portion, she would look at Lin Fan with undulating worries.

One of them spoke slowly while the other listened intently.

Xuan Yunxian had not expected that her hubby would meet with this much dangers! And even at times, those were situations where he barely sc.r.a.ped out of death!

And of course, Lin Fan naturally did not tell her about him being ravished by the Fire Water Empress. After all, wouldn't he be one h.e.l.l of a fool to tell that out?

"Hubby... Now that you've returned, are you intending to head back again?" Xuan Yunxian asked while caressing Lin Fan's face gently.

"Of course, I will head back. There's unfinished business over there." Lin Fan replied.

"Does that mean that we'll have to separate once more? Yunxian cannot bear to part with you…" Xuan Yunxian continued.

"Don't worry. Now that I've returned this time around, I intend to bring you guys up with me." Lin Fan had already formed a plan in his mind. While it was important for one to possess fort.i.tude and strength, the power of one was really way too puny when it came to going up against the Ancient race.

The only way they could kill all the Ancient race beings was through uniting all of the available strength.

There were many geniuses in the Xuanhuang World. And at the same time, Lin Fan had already laid down his plan. Even though there wouldn't be any foreseeable effects in the short term, Lin Fan believed that it shouldn't be long before a group of talents would emerge.

"As long as we're not separated, Yunxian would be contented."

The Xuan Yunxian right now was in no way seeming like a Grandmaster. She was just a little girl in the hands of Lin Fan.

"Yes, don't worry."

At times, Lin Fan would ponder about the wonders of life as well. To think that even someone like him would be able to find a wife with that personality.

"Alright, you must be tired now. Take an early rest first. Tomorrow, I wish to head back to Glory Sect." Lin Fan chuckled out.

Xuan Yunxian's face flushed red as she thought about how wild they were during the daytime. However, she could not bear to imagine that she could have done actions as lewd as such.

What was she to do if the disciples were to catch wind of it?

However, for Xuan Yunxian, none of that mattered much.

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