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Right now, within the Xuanhuang World, the Xuanjian Sect was an existence not to be reckoned with.

In the past five years, there had been sects who did not know what was good for them and tried bullying Xuanjian Sect, thinking that they were an all-female sect. However, those sects ended up disappearing mysteriously.

It was as though they had never existed.

Later on, there were people who discovered some of the Grandmasters and elders of these sects in some mines, working hard at mining with a face full of dust.

After probing further, they found out that these guys were captured here to work hard as coolies.

Ever since then, everyone knew that the Xuanjian Sect was far from simple.

But of course, the people in the loop naturally knew that the Xuanjian Sect was far from simple.

The current Grandmaster of the Xuanjian Sect was Lin Fan's wife! And who was Lin Fan? He was the sickest existence in the entire Xuanhuang World!

All of the disciples under him were sick to the extreme. And not only that, Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect had an extraordinary relationship with that man!

Therefore, if one wanted to lay their hands on Xuanjian Sect, that would depend on whether they had the capabilities to do so.

The Xuanjian Sect of today was one that was flourishing with grandeur. The disciples under them amounted to tens of dozens, and they could be considered as one of the major sects as well.

Suddenly, the void trembled and a figure appeared from within.

"Who's there?"

The face of the Xuanjian Sect disciple who was keeping a watch turned stern as she went on high alert. To think that these people would arrive at Xuanjian Sect without informing beforehand. Were they enemies here to intrude?

The Xuanjian Sect right now was different from the past. All the disciples under them were extremely proud of their sect.

Lin Fan brought everyone with him and stood there calmly, asking, "Where is your Grandmaster?"

Right now, Lin Fan was feeling a little emotional. He was finally going to see his wife!

This separation had kept them apart for five years. The thought of him having to leave this wife of his to an empty bed had Lin Fan feeling a little guilty.

However, at this moment, the disciple who was keeping guard rang the alarm signals.

She had realized that there was a big group of people who were here! And not only that, their auras were really formidable!


All of a sudden, disciples gushed forth from all directions.

One of the female disciples leading the way wielded a longsword in her hands with an exceptional disposition. In fact, compared to his own disciples, she didn't seem that far off either.

"Big Senior Sister!"

"Big Senior Sister!"

The moment everyone from Xuanjian Sect caught sight of who it was, they greeted her respectfully.

"Who are you guys? Why have you arrived at Xuanjian Sect?" This girl was only sixteen years old. Hence, she brought with her a look of cautiousness.

"Junior Sister Qian Ying, do not worry." At this moment, Zhang Ergou stood out.

"Senior Brother Ergou." The moment Qian Ying saw that it was Zhang Ergou, her heart heaved a sigh of relief and let down her guard. "Senior Brother Ergou, is there any reason for your visit this time around?"

Zhang Ergou had come over to Xuanjian Sect a couple of times. And each time he came was to stand up for Xuanjian Sect.

As such, some of the disciples of the Xuanjian Sect naturally knew him.

"Is Yunxian around?" Lin Fan asked straight away.

The moment Qian Ying heard this, her face turned frosty cold. "Who are you? The name of the Grandmaster is not someone you can call just like…"

But before she was even finished with her words, Qian Ying suddenly realized that her mouth was covered up by Zhang Ergou!

"Master, this is my Junior Sister Qian Ying, the direct disciple of our Matriarch. She doesn't know of you yet!" Zhang Ergou explained hurriedly.

Initially, Qian Ying was a little miffed over Zhang Ergou's actions. However, her face suddenly changed as she observed Lin Fan from head to toe properly.

As the direct disciple of Xuan Yunxian, she naturally knew that her Master had a husband. Not only that, he wasn't in this place anymore. From time to time, she would always see her Master looking at an item and thinking about someone. This single thought would take up an entire day of hers at times.

"Oh? Yunxian's direct disciple? Not too bad indeed." Lin Fan had not expected that Xuan Yunxian would look for a direct disciple of her own.

"Y-you…! You are…Grandmaster Lin?" Qian Ying asked in astonishment.

Lin Fan nodded his head while grinning.

"Master…! MASTER!!!" Instantly, Qian Ying turned into a streak of light and bolted off to the yard behind her. She was extremely excited right now.

When Lin Fan looked at the long streak of light in the distance, he let out a wide smile while looking around the entire place with antic.i.p.ation.

Theoretically, by this time, the first one to appear should be that cheap son of his! But where was that boy right now?

Some of the disciples of the Xuanjian Sect started breaking out in whispers when they looked at Lin Fan.

"Who is that man? Why is he calling the name of our Grandmaster so intimately?"

"I've got no idea! How about asking our senior sisters?"

Some of the disciples who did not know of Lin Fan's background asked their senior sisters around them secretively.

But they realized that all of their senior sisters were looking exceptionally excited right now.

"Senior sisters, who is he?"

Those excited senior sisters seemed as though they had many things they wanted to say.

"That's the most powerful being in the entire Xuanhuang World! He's the husband of our Grandmaster! The Grandmaster had been thinking about him day and night! Finally, she does not have to reminisce over him through an object any longer!"

"AH! The husband of our Grandmaster…!!!"

In the backyard…

"Master…! MASTER…!!!" Qian Ying's figure shifted extremely quickly as though she had just used all of her energy.

"Ying'er, what's wrong? Why are you so frantic?"

Within a pavilion, a figure with an exceptional grace looked extremely ravishing and breathtaking. Every single action she took was as beautiful as a painting itself.

"Master… He's back…!" Qian Ying cried out emotionally. For a moment or two, she couldn't even find the words to say any longer.

"Who's back? Talk properly. You're going to be the Grandmaster in the future. What are you acting so anxiously about?" It had been a long time since Xuan Yunxian had seen this disciple of hers getting so worked up. Hence, she was pretty curious as well.

"L-Lin…!!! LIN…"

All of a sudden, Xuan Yunxian's body jerked intensely. She raised those exquisite features of hers and looked into a distance. In the blink of an eye, a cool breeze gusted by and there was nothing left of Xuan Yunxian's entirely.


"Eh? Master? Where are you?" Qian Ying had just finished her words to find out that her master had disappeared entirely.

Lin Fan stood there grinning happily. He had already sensed that familiar aura.

A breeze blew by, and a figure appeared before Lin Fan.

The two of them looked at one another in the eye. At that moment, the entire world seemed to have gone entirely silent.

"A touching scene is about to happen!" Looking at the scene before her, Zhiqiao could not help but wipe the side of her eye.

Even though there hadn't been a single sentence exchanged between her Master and her Matriarch, he knew that a single gaze held a million emotions within them.

All the disciples of the Xuanjian Sect held their breaths. They could sense the atmosphere filling up with warmth right now!

They knew that after five years of not seeing one another, there was naturally much to be said to one another.

For all of them, even though they did not have such experiences personally, the scene right now still left them feeling somewhat envious.

Xuan Yunxian looked at Lin Fan. That familiar face... This was the man she had been thinking of day and night, and was now standing before her once more. Her eyes could not help but redden.

Xuan Yunxian had many things she wanted to say to him. However, at that moment, she did not know how to start at all.


That single word of Xuan Yunxian bore with it all her thoughts and emotions. It was five years worth of pining for him that were encompa.s.sed within that single word 'husband'.

Lin Fan stepped forth.

Because of that single step of Lin Fan, all the hearts of the disciples who were watching started palpitating furiously.

They knew that the touching scene was about to happen!


Lin Fan came before Xuan Yunxian's face. Wrapping his shoulder around her, he bolted off into the backyard.

"AH! Husband, hurry and let me down! All the disciples are watching!"

"What are you afraid of? Let them watch if they want to! Let us find a nice and secret place to talk things out real good!" Lin Fan laughed out loudly.

Xuan Yunxian, who was being supported by Lin Fan's shoulders, felt her face turning red and blushing.

"Where's the promised touching scene?!"

At this moment, all of the ma.s.ses present could only gape at the scene before them. What just happened left them totally unprepared for it!

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