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The faces of those incomparably domineering and cold Female Empresses were like a small kid at this moment! They lowered their heads and pinched their fingers together. It seemed as though they had done something bad right now.

Everyone who was watching rubbed their eyes, unable to believe this scene right now. To think that those high and cold Female Empresses would give off such an expression right now! This was really quite the eye-opener!"

"What are you both still waiting there for?" Lin Fan chuckled.

The faces of Zhiqiao and Jiuling lit up, "Master!!!"

The two girls looked at one another in the eye as a compet.i.tive glint flashed through their gazes. Instantly, the both of them started sprinting, as though they were competing to see who could get to their master the fastest.

"Master! Zhiqiao missed you!"

Zhiqiao pounced straight into Lin Fan's embrace.

"Master! Jiuling missed you too!"

Lin Fan fondled the both of their heads as he let out a heartened smile. This was the type of life that could be considered carefree!

"Holy f*ck! To think that that young man would be the master of those two great Female Empresses!"

"That can't be right! Those two great Female Empresses are already so strong, and yet this master of theirs is so young! How strong must he be then?"

Some of the elders of the major sects who were of the older generation finally came to a realization of what was going on. Immediately, their faces were astounded.

They had discovered one h.e.l.l of a huge news!

"That man is back…!"

They knew of what had happened to Xuanhuang world in the past. If not for that man, they might have long gone extinct.

"And your master misses you both too. To think that you girls would have grown this much in just five years."

In the past, Lin Fan had never ever thought of taking in disciples. But, who knew that things would fall into place with fate and affinity. He then took the both of them in, and in the blink of an eye, these two little girls had grown this much.

All of the promising young men at the audience seats looked at Lin Fan with a face of emotions.

A master was akin to a father.

And if they could take down the Female Empresses, this man would be their Father-in-law!

At this moment, all of those promising young men were thinking of ways to curry favor with Lin Fan. If they could make him happy and he would somehow betroth his disciple to them, wouldn't that be one h.e.l.l of a merry event?

"How have the past few years been? Have you guys suffered?" Lin Fan asked in a gentle tone.

"Master, junior sister had been bullying me all this while!" Zhiqiao glared at You Jiuling. She no longer had the disposition of a Female Empress as she complained out.

"Master, senior sister is the one who was bullying me! She's fighting with me over everything!" Unable to take this lying down, You Jiuling refuted immediately.


The both of them then glared at one another angrily.

"Oh, is that so?"

"That's right, Master! Junior sister has been really naughty! I've endured so much anger in the past few years!" Zhiqiao said.

"Master, senior sister is lying! I am the one who was bullied the worst!"

"Master, you must believe me!"

The both of them tugged at Lin Fan's arms and blamed the other.

Lin Fan nodded his head silently as though he was hearing the both of them out.

"Ergou, get me two stools." Lin Fan called out calmly.

"Yes, Master!" Without thinking twice, Ergou hurriedly ran off to look for stools.

"Master, I knew it! You're the best to me! You know that your disciple, I, am tired!" Zhiqiao was ever so dependant on Lin Fan. Even now that she had grown up, she still loved acting coquettishly in front of Lin Fan like the little girl she was.

Initially, when she was the only disciple under her Master, Zhiqiao felt herself being filled with love. Later on, she gained a junior sister somehow. That caused her to feel as though the love given to her by her Master had been divided by two.

"Master, I like you the most too!" You Jiuling added on.

"Yes, that's right. It's been tiring." Lin Fan's face was unchanged. His tone also seemed to be implying something.

None of the surrounding audiences left at all. At this moment, all of them wanted to know what would happen next.

"Master, I've brought the stools!" Ergou carried one in each hand and hurried over in a huff.

In Ergou's eyes, he just had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

"Just place them here." Lin Fan replied calmly.

Ergou shrugged his head, not knowing what his Master wanted to do. He then looked over at his both junior sisters. At this point, they could only depend on their own lucky stars now.

"Master, I've just had a big fight with junior sister! I'm feeling so tired now!" Zhiqiao sat down. However, she refused to let go of Lin Fan still. "Master! You sit with me too!"

"Master, you sit with ME!"

At this moment, both of them started arguing once more.

Looking at the both of them, Lin Fan spoke up, "Alright now. These stools aren't for you girls to sit. The both of you, choose one each and lie on your stomachs."


Zhiqiao and You Jiuling were stunned, somewhat in disbelief. For a moment or so, they were lost in a blank daze, unable to snap out of it.

At this moment, Zhang Ergou and the others realized what was going on! Things were far from over just yet!

"Ah what ah? Hurry up and sprawl over." Lin Fan said with a calm and peaceful tone as he smiled brightly on his face.

"Master, what are you trying to do?" The both of them were dumbfounded right now. Those peerlessly beautiful faces of theirs flashed with a pitiful look in their eyes.

"And the both of you actually dare to ask your master what I'm trying to do? Now, if your master hadn't returned in time, wouldn't you two have even blown an entire hole out of the Heavens?"

"Alright, hurry up now. You wouldn't want your master to get angry, right?" Lin Fan added on.


"Hurry up."

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling sprawled over the stools in a pitiful manner.

At that moment, the teacher's ruler that Lin Fan had not used for a long time now made its grand appearance back into the world once more.

When the two disciples caught sight of that teacher's ruler, their faces were pale as a sheet.

"If I don't give you guys something to remember for this time, you're really going to get out of hand in the future." Lin Fan held the teacher's ruler in his hands as he said this.

The surrounded audiences were stunned at this very moment. They were already flabbergasted at the very moment those two Female Empresses were sprawled on the stools.

But, what was he trying to do?

At the start, the did not get it. But when they saw the teacher's ruler in the hands of that young man, they understood instantly.

"Holy f*ck! Isn't this way too much excitement for the heart?"

Hearing the commotion coming from the crowd, Zhiqiao and You Jiuling turned their heads towards their Master in a flush.

"Master, could you wait till we get back before you spank us? Out in the world, both I and junior sister are Female Empresses! If these many people were to catch sight of this, we would definitely be a laughing stock in the future!"

"That's right, our dear good Master! Please, I'm begging you! I know that I'm in the wrong now! I'll never dare to do it again!" You Jiuling cried out.

If anyone else were to do this, they would have long been blown apart to death by these two. But the person right now was their Master! Even if they ate up a hundred guts, they wouldn't dare to do anything still!

"Hmph! You wouldn't dare to anymore? I've spent a long time watching from below the arena just now. The both of you were really ferocious, weren't you? Even more so than your master here! And, you know how to set up your own sects and all now, eh? And you think that's not getting out of hand?" Lin Fan replied.

Both of them looked extremely pitiful right now. The overbearing disposition had long evaporated into thin air as those two sparkly eyes looked at Lin Fan with a pleading look. They then looked around at their senior brothers.

Their intention was clear, 'Please help us, senior brothers!!!'

"Master, I swear to the Heavens that as long as you don't spank me in front of all of these people, I would definitely be obedient from now on and not act insolently ever again!"

"That's right, Master! I'll swear to the Heavens as well!"

"And swearing would be worth as much as a fart! Even the Heavens here belong to your master! And yet, you had even dared to scold your master here, let alone talk about swearing?" Lin Fan replied.

Zhang Ergou had been standing at the sidelines for his own safety the entire time. But when he caught sight of those begging gazes of his junior sisters, he could not help but relent.

"Master, how about we move the discipline after we head back? Look, there are so many people here along with all the major sects. If news of this were to spread out, it would damage your reputation as well!"

"That's right, Master. I think that Big Senior Brother is right! Let's discipline them after we head back!" Feng Bujue added on.

"While the two junior sisters may have done quite a number of wrongdoings, as the saying goes, one shouldn't dry their dirty linens in public. I think it's better if we head back first." Even Mie Qiongqi had managed to come up with some fart a*s reason.

The three sons of Chicky hugged at Lin Fan's legs as well, looking at him pitifully.

"Fat chicken, your meat has dropped." Lin Fan looked down at his feet saying.

Chicken Fat, who had been hugging at Lin Fan's legs, realized that his beak was empty once more. He turned down at saw that his meat had dropped to the ground yet again, and immediately picked it back up. He then resumed the hugging of Lin Fan's leg with a really pitiful look on his face.

"Forget it. Since your senior brothers are begging for mercy for you guys, we'll settle this when we get back then. Get up then." Lin Fan said.

"Master is the best! Zhiqiao is so touched!" Zhiqiao rubbed the sides of her eyes and cried out emotionally.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, then produced a ribbon out of thin air.

"Master, what are you doing?" Zhiqiao and Jiuling were bewildered.

"Right now, your master is going to tie your arms together. Without the approval of your master here, none of you are to release this. Otherwise, you ought to understand the consequences."

"AH! Master, what about when we sleep, bathe, and require to go to the washroom?! What should we do?" The both of them exclaimed.

"Everything must be done together." Lin Fan replied.


"Hmph! Time to leave." Lin Fan swept his robes and instantly and brought everyone with him out of here.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan and the others disappeared without a trace.

"Master, what about our sects? What should we do with them?"



As for everyone else that remained at the scene, they were left completely dumbfounded for a moment or two, not knowing what to make out of everything.

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