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There were ten mountains in the Glory Sect. One of the mountains was the Danding Mountain. That was under the control of Senior Elder Yanchen. Disciples of the Danding mountain, outer sect, and inner sect all used the rooms there to make pills.

Lin Fan walked into Danding Mountain, when suddenly, a mixed smell of drugs appeared. The sound of excitement and depression came out of those closed rooms from time to time.

"I did it, I did it."

When Lin Fan looked around, a man with messy hair ran out of a room. His eyes were red because of overworking. He was on the edge of collapse. His shouting made himself more excited. He even threw up some blood. However, it could not stop that disciple’s excitement.

Lin Fan found this pitiful. He must be getting crazy because of making pills.

Lin Fan found an empty room. The room was not big, and there was only a pill making pot in the middle of the room. There was nothing else to be found in the room.

The air of the room was mixed with many drugs’ aroma, which felt quite strange. Lin Fan looked at the pot and thought that this should be easy. If he touched the pot, he would learn it immediately, just like how he learned to forge weapons.

There were many strange decorations on the pot. There was also light appearing on it. The pot which was used to make pills must not be common stuff at all. Lin Fan faced down to see the bottom of the pot, and found a hole on the floor. That must be where the fire was.

Lin Fan had learned from the old book. Under the mountain was a volcano. The fire of the volcano was perfect for making pills, able to make the drugs combine together perfectly.

Lin Fan touched the pot and said din his head

"Come, my friend."

‘Ding… Congratulations on learning how to make pills.’

‘Ding… pill making, level one.’

‘Ding… The skill of making pills. Everything can be made. Match freely. Able to record the recipe.’


That easy, that quick

Any skill, any martial skill, it was not about if Lin Fan could learn it. It was about how long it would take him to maximize the level.

"Make pills."

Now, a pot glowing with white light and covered with smoke showed up in Lin Fan’s mind. Fire dragons were circling around the pot, and it looked marvelous.

Lin Fan touched his chin. As he had started the pot, he felt should make something. However, there was nothing here, so what could he make? Now, Lin Fan was in trouble. H had no idea what to do. Right, he could match freely. Maybe he could even make an ultimate weapon out of a brick.

Lin Fan looked at the ground. He had no idea what the ground was made of. It looked like dirt, but it was not dirt either.

Anyways, Lin Fan grabbed some black dirt, and the top of the pot opened. He then put all the dirt in, causing the top to close.

That fire dragon started to breathe fire. Immediately the white pot glowed, and it seemed like something was coming out of it.

‘Ding… Congratulations on your pill making.’

‘One Suyuan pill.’

‘Suyuan pill: Yellow level pill, using it can increase the speed of training for one hour.’

‘Suyuan pill recipe: Longyan gra.s.s, xiangmu zi.’

A white pill was resting on his hand, and he couldn’t help but be amazed.

This was not possible. Even the black dirt could make pills.

Lin Fan grabbed some dirt again.

‘Ding… Congratulations on finding black dirt. It has been here for a long time and absorbed the smell of the drugs, so it can be used for pills now.’

"What? The black dirt is amazing. This...this.." Lin Fan did not know what to say. This black dirt in the hands of other pill makers was useless. But, he could actually make pills out of them.

Lin Fan calmed himself down, ‘This is good… This is good.’

When he was making the pill, the recipe appeared in his mind. In the future, he would just need to find the ingredients if he needed to make some.

In order to test it out, he puts some more dirt in the pot.


‘Congratulations on making pills.’

‘One Suyuan pill.’

At the same time, Lin Fan felt something. Each time Lin Fan made a pill, something went inside his body. He thought that it was the experience which boosted the level of his pill making skill. Lin Fan looked at the pill and put it into his mouth in order to test it.

‘Ding… Suyuan pill used. Would you like to enjoy the effect or gain ten experience point?’

Lin Fan was shocked. After the system got the update, it had truly become better. In the past, the pill would just give him experience. But now, he could choose what to do with the pill.

Good, good, the system indeed did not fail him.

‘Change into experience.’

After getting ten experience points, Lin Fan made up his mind. The pill was a bit sweet, like candy, so that’s what it should serve as. Then, Lin Fan started to get to work.

He used to put some dirt in the pot, but now, he dug up a block and threw it in.


‘Ding… Congratulation on making pills.’

‘Ten Suyuan pills.’

‘Good, good,’ Lin Fan was amazed. This black dirt was truly amazing.

Suyuan pill was just Yellow level, but it was one of the best ones in its level. Without the pills, people’s training speed would be very slow. Although the pill’s ingredients were common, the failure rate of making the pill was still high. If one could succeed one out of ten times, he or she would be considered as a great pill maker.

There was no way to describe a pill maker like Lin Fan, who had one hundred percent successful rate. He was a bug in the system.

Then, Lin Fan started to dig more, throwing blocks after blocks into the pot.

‘Ding… Congratulation on making pills.’

‘Ding… Congratulation on making pills.’

‘Ding… Congratulation, pill making level reaches level two.’


Later on, Lin Fan sat on the ground and rested for a while. He looked around, the ground had a big hole in it. He knew should not dig anymore, or the ground would be dug through by him.

Lin Fan looked at his backpack. Five hundred Suyuan pills lay in there quietly, glowing with a white light.

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