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In that instant, the entire world came to a standstill.

The audiences who were seated around Lin Fan watched this nonsense spouting fella with their jaws dropping apart. Without any hesitation, they fled as quickly as they could to get as far as possible away from him!

"Hurry up and run! That guy doesn't want his life anymore!"

"Don't get implicated!"

In a mere second, there was no one left around Lin Fan other than the Fourteen Sand Bandits.

Everyone was watching that man with their jaws wide open.

"Who in the world is he? Why would he dare to say something like that?"

"I've got no idea! But I think his brain must be rusty!"

"The Jiuling Female Empress is no kind soul! Her methods are extremely cruel!"

Lin Fan stood there. Hands behind his back and his head slightly tilted, he looked at everything in the distance with a sharp gaze.


Zhang Ergou and the others on the seats bolted straight upright as though they had just witnessed something unbelievable. As though there was a heavy chain tied to their feet, they dragged their legs towards Lin Fan one step at a time.

"Indeed, I've learned something new today. With no one to look after you guys, your wings have gotten real firm indeed."

Lin Fan called out in a cold tone. Even though his voice wasn't loud, it was like a cold breeze, causing the hearts of Zhang Ergou and the others to freeze up entirely.

"It can't be, right? All the powerful beings of the Saint Devil Sect and Jiuling Sect have all stood up! Are they thinking of striking him together?"

"Why would this young man say something as such? Is he courting death or something?!"

Some of the elders from the other sects looked at this figure in the distance in bewilderment, not knowing who in the world he was.


Chicky, who was seated on the chair comfortably, bolted upright as well when he heard that sentence. Using those gla.s.sy eyes of his, he looked over into the distance. Immediately, his wings fluttered as he bolted over.

There were even tears that were flowing out of those wide opened eyes of his, as though he had just been overwhelmed with emotions.

When Lin Fan caught sight of Chicky who was bolting over, his heart was filled with nostalgia as well. However, Lin Fan felt that he ought to maintain that stern outlook at this moment. Otherwise, they might really think that this issue would blow over just like that.


Chicky bolted over from the distance. He was practically reaching Lin Fan's embrace when he was slapped down to the ground by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan did not use any strength at all. Otherwise, given the cultivation state of Chicky, he would definitely explode with just that single slap.

At this moment, those perverted three sons of Chicky fluttered over in a ruckus as they crowded and defended around Chicky.

Chicken Big, who was wearing gold and silver all over himself, naturally felt all his chicken hair standing at the sight of his Chicken Daddy being walloped. He cried out angrily. The metal accessories on his body even gave off clanking sounds from knocking into one another.

The non-mainstream hipster Chicken Two, who was sporting those fabulous colors on his chicken body, swung his tail left and right. Using his beak, he pecked furiously at Lin Fan's toes. However, given Lin Fan's physical body state, Chicken Two was the one that was feeling an unbearable pain by doing this.

That extremely fat Chicken Fat cried out loudly, and the big piece of meat in his mouth dropped onto the ground. He then bent down and picked that piece of meat back with his beak. Following which, he slammed against Lin Fan's body with that rotund body of his, as though he wanted to fight Lin Fan with his life.


Chicky hurriedly picked himself up from the ground. Using a single slap of his wings, he whacked all three of his chicken sons to the side and looked at Lin Fan with those pitiful and bright eyes of his. He cried out softly a couple of times before spreading his wings and hugging Lin Fan's legs. When his head touched Lin Fan's leg, he rubbed at it over and over again, as though he had truly missed this feeling.

All of the surrounding audiences were completely flabbergasted by this development.

"That can't be, right?! That's the extremely ferocious G.o.dly Guardian Beast of the Jiuling Sect! To think that the man would slap it away just like that!"

"And what in the world is going on here? To think that the horrifying G.o.dly Guardian Beast isn't angry, but is hugging that guy's legs instead!"

"I must be dreaming, right? If not, who in the world is that guy?!"

Looking at the way Chicky was, Lin Fan could not act on any longer as he picked him up with one hand.

"Alright, you roast chicken. Yours Truly has only been gone for a while now, haven't I? And yet, you really know how to enjoy yourself, eh? To think that you would act first and report later to produce three little chicklings here. You had better not tell Yours Truly that these three sons of yours are all born from normal chickens!"

Lin Fan knew that Chicky was never a picky eater. As long as it were a hen, he could bear to do it. And furthermore, he had a particular fetish for domestic fowls.

And as for these three little chicklings, even though their bloodlines were strong, it was extremely mixed up, as though their mothers didn't come from any strong and n.o.ble bloodlines at all.

"What? It truly is?"

Chicky, who was held in Lin Fan's hand, nodded his head quietly as though he was silently acknowledging Lin Fan's words.

Lin Fan shut his eyes gently, as though he was despairing.

Indeed, when he wasn't around, this Chicky couldn't control himself at all!

Lin Fan did not even know what to say any longer.

Chicky was the descendant that was derived from two of the Old Ancient Beasts! And now when it came to his generation, he gave birth to three little mixed bred descendants!

If Chicky's father were to find out about this, wouldn't he chop Chicky up?

Lin Fan let go of Chicky. Immediately, Chicky fluttered his wings and leaped onto Lin Fan's shoulder.

To Chicky, this shoulder of Lin Fan was his proprietary. No one should even dream of s.n.a.t.c.hing this spot away from him!


When Zhang Ergou and the others came before Lin Fan, they prostrated on the spot and yelled out emotionally. Seeing the return of their Master was naturally something that stirred up a myriad of emotions in their hearts.

But for the surrounding audiences, this single scene was blowing their minds apart.

"What are they doing?! Am I hearing things?!"

"Did they just call that young man their master?!!?"


Everyone was absolutely dumbstruck.

The Jiuling Sect and the Siant Devil Sect were incomparably strong! Which one of their elders weren't terrifying existences?! But to think that this group of powerful beings would actually call a young man their master!?!? Wasn't this way too astounding?!

"Ergou." Lin Fan wasn't truly angry. However, he did feel a little p.i.s.sed in his heart.

"Yes, Master! Ergou is here!" Zhang Ergou who had always been authoritative to outsiders was extremely wretched and was cowering right now.

After all these years, Zhang Ergou had long spread his name far and wide. For anyone of the outside world, while they felt that the name Zhang Ergou was pretty crude, it did leave them extremely fearful.

But, the sight of this powerful being retracting that domineering aura of his and taking on a cowering position had them unable to come to terms with it.

As for Zhang Ergou, hiding his true self was really way too miserable of a life. Now that his Master who had been gone for five years had finally returned, Zhang Ergou truly wanted to get back to his true self.

When Lin Fan looked at this wretched state of Zhang Ergou, he had a slight headache as well. How had he not changed after all these years?

For Zhang Ergou, his life had already changed the very day he was taken a liking by his Master.

At times, Zhang Ergou would sigh when he thought carefully about this life of his. This was some f*cking unbelievable miracle to be honest.

"Right before I left, what did I tell you?" Lin Fan asked.

"AH!" Zhang Ergou was stunned. He then lowered his head embarra.s.sedly.

"Master, you told me that after you leave, I must lead everyone together and stay united. We must love and take care of one another till you return."

These were words that Zhang Ergou had always remembered. But looking at the situation right now, it didn't seem the same as what he had promised.

"Oh, you still remember them? But the situation right now doesn't seem all that right, eh? Or, do you mean to tell me I came back at the wrong time?" Lin Fan asked skeptically.

"Master, I'm in the wrong." Zhang Ergou lowered his head and said in a soft voice. In front of Lin Fan, he was like a small boy waiting to be lectured by his parent for some wrongdoings.

"Okay. It's good that you know you're in the wrong." Looking at Ergou behaving as such, Lin Fan did not continue.

When Zhang Ergou heard that his Master had forgiven him, his face turned cheeky once more. He then continued saying softly, "But actually, you can't blame this entirely on me, Master. You know, Master, you love these two junior sisters so dearly! As the Big Senior Brother, how would I dare to interfere with them? So…so…"

Zhang Ergou looked at Lin Fan and blinked his eyes furiously, not daring to continue.

"Dog boy, you've changed. You're trying to say that Your Master here is in the wrong indirectly?" Lin Fan asked.

"N-no! Master! Ergou definitely does not have those intentions!"

Even though that was the fact, in order to not have his Master continue berating him, Ergou could only go against his heart and explain hurriedly.

"You're really way too dishonest. When we get back, you're going to be in for it. But for now, we'll leave it be first." Lin Fan shook his head helplessly.

He then looked over at his two disciples.

"Why? The moment you guys see that your Master is back, you're still standing there foolishly? Why? You want to continue scolding your Master?"

Seeing the crazy changes of these two disciples of his, Lin Fan was truly unable to come back to his senses for a moment or so. A young woman was indeed really different from the little girl she once was.

If he were to delay his return by another few years, wouldn't these guys even fly up into the sky to stand side by side with the Sun?

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