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Lin Fan did want to see just what sort of tricks these two brats could pull off.

Authentic sect?

Could this be what they were fighting over that resulted in this duel?

At this moment, something made sense to Lin Fan. These two disciples of his were girls!

The depths of a woman's thoughts were like an ocean. At one moment, it could be all calm and nice, and at another, the entire world could topple and crash over.

Even if it were just a small thing, anything could work as a fuse for chicks, leading them to blow up so badly one could practically question one's entire life over it.

At the same time, Lin Fan was deeply skeptical about Zhang Ergou's role as the Big Senior Brother now. When Yours Truly wasn't around, that guy should be the head of the family! And yet, he was pushed back so badly by those two brats! Wasn't this embarra.s.sing or what?

Towards Zhang Ergou, Lin Fan had many things that he wanted to spit out right in his face at this moment. However, he bore with it for now.

"I've just got to see how much more of a mess you guys can create."

Lin Fan folded his hands as he stood there without moving. His intention was clear, 'Please go on with the show.'

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes.

The first part of the duel was all between the bunch of disciples. While this might be spectacular in the eyes of others, for someone as experienced as Lin Fan, they weren't worth a single mention.

Right now, the excitement within the atmosphere was at its peak. There were many members from different sects who had gathered to observe this duel. At the same time, the elders of these sects were full of comments as well.

"Even though that disciple is only a Lesser celestial lower level cultivation state being, the amount of strength that he has displayed would be enough to fight with a middle level being!"

"Just how in the world are the Saint Devil Sect and the Jiuling Sect training their disciples? How is it so effective?!"

"Senior sister, my apologies. Your junior sister has humbly won." You Jiuling's brows twitched up as she smirked.

"Hmph!" Cai Zhiqiao snorted coldly. She then stood up with a frosty expression.

"Senior sister, what are you trying to do? Could it be that you're a sore loser?" You Jiuling asked.

"Junior sister, you and I, come! Whoever loses shall have to disband their sect. At the same time, from now on forth, as long as the winner appears somewhere, the loser would have to scram far from the place!" Zhiqiao said.

"Both junior sisters, don't mess around more than this! You're both from the same sect and are both disciples of our Master! Don't let small stuff like these destroy our harmonious relationship! If Master were to find out about this, he would get angry!" Zhang Ergou cried out.

"Big Senior Brother, you said that I can't compare with her! Today, I'm going to prove myself!" Zhiqiao replied seriously.

"Junior sister, you can't slander your Big Senior Brother here! Since when did your Big Senior Brother say something as such?" Zhang Ergou was stumped as he cried foul immediately.

"When you went to drink with our senior brothers the fateful day, I heard you from the outside!" Zhiqiao said.

"What?" Zhang Ergou was stunned. Did he say something like this? Zhang Ergou tried to recall frantically. Suddenly, he thought back to a couple of days back before both his junior sisters fell out with one another. He did seem to have treated all his junior brothers to a good round of drinks!

And on that fateful day, it DID seem as though he had said something like how Zhiqiao's potential wasn't comparable to Jiuling's!

"Junior sister, your Big Senior Brother here was drunk back then!" Zhang Ergou tried explaining himself.

He hadn't expected that that casual conversation that he had with his junior brothers after drinking could have stirred up such an intense fighting spirit within Zhiqiao!

"Big Senior Brother, one always speaks the truth while drunk." Zhiqiao remarked. She then turned over to look at You Jiuling, "Do you dare?"

"Senior sister, you want to fight with me over EVERYTHING. When I called myself the Jiuling Female Empress, you called yourself the Jiutian Female Empress. You just want to one-up me in everything I do! Since you wish to fight that badly, then your junior sister would naturally comply with you till the end. But, when you lose later on, senior sister, don't come crying to me and refusing to acknowledge defeat with a nose full of snot." You Jiuling replied.

"Hmph! Who's afraid of whom?"

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling's figures flashed nimbly, and in the blink of an eye, they were already on the battle arena.

The disciples of all the different sects who were watching this began to discuss fervently.

"Both the Jiuling Female Empress and the Jiutian Female Empress are really pretty!"

"Aren't you just stating the obvious? If that weren't the case, would we have been idolizing them so madly over the past few years?"

"I've been thinking day and night. If only I could marry one of them as my partner, how nice would that be? It would be worth it even if it cost me ten years of my life."

"You're practically daydreaming right now. Even if it cost you a hundred years of your life, you wouldn't have a chance at all."

"Why do you have to say that? Don't I even have the rights to dream?"

Lin Fan's brows furrowed before relaxing down. Now that things had come to such, he might as well take a good look at just how far these two brats had progressed.

Back when he had just left, he had imparted quite a bit of his knowledge to them. However, he did not know how their mastery over the knowledge had been over the past few years.

Both of his disciples were extremely blessed with talents. Back when he had taken in Zhiqiao as his disciple, the potential of that brat was practically trash. However, under his guidance, her potential had already been pushed to its limits.

As for You Jiuling, her potential back when he took her in was already pretty decent. Later on, following his careful guidance, her potential had reached its peak as well.

It could be said that even if he were to toss these two brats into the Ancient Saint World, they could be peerless geniuses.

All of a sudden, the entire scene went silent while Zhiqiao and Jiuling glared at one another.

The single rustling of a leaf marked the signal for them to strike.

"Not bad!"

When Lin Fan caught sight of the scene, he could not help but nod his head in acknowledgment. The prowess displayed by both of them was pretty decent!

"Big Senior Brother! What should we do now?" Feng Bujue asked with a dumbstruck look.

"If you ask me, who am I to ask?! You know about the temper of these two junior sisters as well! They would only relent under coaxing and not coercion! Other than our Master, no one else can rein them in check!" Zhang Ergou replied helplessly. However, he still focused all his attention on the proceedings nevertheless. If anything were to head South, he would step in immediately.

When the City Master of the Saint Mystery City saw this, he started sweating profusely.

"How can they do this? This battle arena isn't made to withstand the force produced by two Greater celestial full cultivation state beings at all!"


The battle arena began to crack under duress. The moment both of them struck, it brought forth an immense tornado.

"Spectacular! This is way too spectacular! To think that these two young girls would possess a power of this level! The bunch of old brutes like us have really been wasting our lives like dogs!" Sha Dulong could not help but lament.

The rest of the Fourteen Sand Bandits nodded their heads as they could not help but agree.

Lin Fan was watching carefully, and would frown from time to time.

These two disciples of his… The skills of their legs were pretty darned vicious, weren't they?

"b.a.l.l.s Kicking… It's displayed to the point of perfection. If not for the fact that they're both aware of the power of this skill, they might even underestimate it themselves!"

"Ay! For these two brats to be able to master that move to such a state, I wonder how many people must have suffered for it!"

"Stop! You must both stop! Are you guys bent on destroying the entire Saint Mystery City?" When the City Master saw how the entire ground was crumbling apart, with the damage extending outwards, he was startled. If this were to continue on, the surrounding structures might be unable to handle the tremors and end up crumbling apart!


Zhiqiao and Jiuling roared out in unison. By now, they were fighting so badly that their eyes had turned red.

The City Master of the Saint Mystery City gulped down his saliva. He was filled with fear towards these two powerful beings. However, he had no other choice but to stand out, given how the situation was unfolding.

If this were to carry on, even the entire Saint Mystery City might topple over!

For these powerful beings, the common folks might be nothing but ants. However, to him, they were all his citizens.

As the battle between both of them continued, the auras that they were emitting intensified. If they weren't careful, anything in the radius of hundred miles, no, even thousand miles might feel the reverberations.

"Junior sisters, that's enough."

Zhang Ergou stood up.

"Junior sister, I'm not going to lose to you!" Zhiqiao roared out. She didn't take in Zhang Ergou's words at all.

"Even if you don't want to lose, you will. There's no way you can win against me!" You Jiuling wasn't bothered at all either.


A move of theirs collided and shone out with a bedazzling radiance. A series of aftershocks burst forth from it.

When the City Master caught sight of this scene, his entire face was drained of color. Even being caught in between this power was enough for him to feel as though his body could tear apart at any moment!

"Junior brothers, step in. We've got to stop this. Today, our junior sisters are getting a little out of hand here!" Zhang Ergou called out hurriedly.

"Yes." Feng Bujue and the others nodded their heads. This situation right now did seem a little overboard. There were countless common folks within the Saint Mystery City. This place mustn't be destroyed by their junior sisters.

And just at the very moment when Zhang Ergou and the rest flew up into the voids, they could feel a tremendous amount of power that was gushing down in the entire universe.

"That's enough."

All of a sudden, a thunderous voice boomed out. In fact, the entire world even started quaking as though it could not withstand this power at all.

Zhang Ergou and the others were rooted. This power left them feeling entirely helpless.

Zhiqiao and Jiuling who were in the midst of exchanging blows had their expressions changing immediately. The powers within their bodies boiled as a wrathful anger surged right into their hearts.


The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he was stunned. These disciples were scolding their master!

For a moment, Lin Fan could not even catch his breath at all.

They were asking to be struck by lightning…!

"I see that your wings are firm now. Good. VERY GOOD."

Lin Fan bolted up from his seat as his eyes were filled with fury. Looking over into the distance, that mighty and authoritative presence of his erupted forth.

Zhang Ergou and the others turned their heads over to the voice. At that moment, their faces changed…

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling were consumed with rage right now. But when they saw the figure over in the distance…

They. Froze. Up. Entirely.

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