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Lin Fan had always known that Chicky was a l.u.s.tful chicken. However, he could have never imagined that just five years of not seeing this fella and Chicky had already produced 3 chicklings?!?!?!

And not just that! They were one more 'exquisite' than the other! How in the world did they grow up as such?


Lin Fan sighed out. He had never once doubted that these three chicklings didn't belong to Chicky. Just the size of them alone proved that they were made from the same mold.

The City Master of the Saint Mystery City sat there helplessly. For a moment or so, he did not know what to do.

Looking left and right, he did not have a single clue at all. He could only hope that things could tide through peacefully this time around, and he could send then these two G.o.ds on each side away smoothly.


Zhiqiao and You Jiuling exchanged glances with one another before snorting out coldly.

"Junior sister, even if you don't wish to, you've got to admit it this time around." It had been five years since Lin Fan last saw Zhiqiao. She had now lost her childlike demeanor. Every single movement she made brought with her an immensely strong authority.

"Senior sister, what are you doing all of this for? We've been at it for a few years now. Yet, you haven't been able to do anything much to me. I am the one who has inherited the authentic legacy of our Master. And, it's also a fact that you're not my equal." You Jiuling replied.

"The Saint Devil Sect is the true legacy. And that Jiuling Sect or whatnot of yours… What does it even amount to?" There was a look of contempt on that exquisite face of Cai Zhiqiao.

"Saint Devil Sect was left for you by our Big Senior Brother. I don't need that. You're only picking up after what others don't want. Our Master has led his life with an ill.u.s.trious reputation. How can I, You Jiuling, let someone like you be my senior sister?" You Jiuling replied with disdain.

"Junior sisters, how about both of you argue with a sentence less." Tian Yu said out in exasperation. Up till this day, he had no idea how things had come to this.

A few days before the splitting of the sect, things were still fine. However, all of a sudden, these two junior sisters came up with the idea of splitting the sect apart and they headed straight to the Big Senior Brother to force him to let up his position.

"Shut up."

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling turned their heads together at Tian Yu, who could only sigh helplessly. He got aimed at for nothing yet again.

Zhang Ergou sat there with a hand placed on his forehead. He could only feel a huge headache right now.

As the Big Senior Brother, he truly did not know what he should do towards this.

These two junior sisters of his were the favorite of his Master.

Should he hit them? He didn't dare to.

Should he scold them? He didn't know how he should do it.

Initially, he had thought that these two junior sisters would patch up after a while. But, who would have thought that the argument would only get more severe, till a state where they did not know how to pick up after anymore.

At this moment, Zhang Ergou thought back of his Master. If only his Master were around, a single look from him would be able to hold down these two brats.

But now that things had reached this irrevocable state, Zhang Ergou could only hand down the roles helplessly.

He and Tian Yu would follow along Zhiqiao, while Mie Qiongqi and Feng Bujue would follow You Jiuling.

In Zhang Ergou's eyes, this was extremely fair, without any bit of biasedness.

He didn't even let off the beasts.

Since Zhiqiao had the Snow Lion, Zhang Ergou pleaded with Chicky to follow along with You Jiuling.

This was the fairest method of distribution, such that the two junior sisters could not complain about anything else.

As for Gong Bingye, she was the one caught in the middle. She had singlehandedly brought up these two brats. Eventually, she had no choice and decided to take no sides and stay within Glory Sect.

And, in Zhang Ergou's opinion, it was thankful that their strength were pretty decent. This was especially so given that there were sects which were really close to their Master, such as Glory Sect, Xuanjian Sect, and Jiuxiao Sect that were watching over them.

Otherwise, who would even know how many sects would come attacking them over the troubles caused by these two brats?

As for the separate businesses conducted by these two brats, Zhang Ergou had never acknowledged any of the disciples they had taken in after.

As for the sects that these two brats owned, he did not acknowledge them either.

To him, the only Saint Devil Sect he would acknowledge was one with his Master in it, not these two sects that were popped out of nowhere by these two brats.

"Big Senior Brother, you tell us! For the past few years, who has done the best? Who is the one who has inherited the true legacy of our Master?" The two brats looked at their Big Senior Brother as though this matter would not be over with until he gave them an answer.

"T-this…Well, both of you are decent."

Zhang Ergou could only reply as such.

"No! That's not right! You've got to give us ONE single answer!"

Zhang Ergou really felt like bellowing out that he was their Big Senior Brother! He wanted to threaten that if both of them continued to act so insolently, things would be over for the both of them. However, he could only think about it in his heart.

He didn't have the guts to bellow it out loud.

"T-this…!" For a moment, Zhang Ergou did not know what to say at all, as he cast his sights on Feng Bujue.

Zhang Ergou's intentions were clear: 'As the 2nd Senior Brother, you can't possibly get 'through this without saying anything at all, right?'

When Feng Bujue caught sight of the knowing expression shot by Zhang Ergou, he jerked his head away furiously and looked at that non-mainstream hipster son that Chicky was hugging in his wings.

"Aiyoh! Chicken Two, your hair's looking quite stylish these days, eh?"


The hipster Chicken Two raised his fabulous head and cried out a few times, indicating his happiness.

"Senior Brother, YOU say!" The both of them turned around to look at Mie Qiongqi.

Mie Qiongqi had mastered the Unkillable Indestructible. As such, his heart was firm and resolute, and his face was always cold and frosty. He was someone who had control over life and death. However, at this moment, he too could not help but feel stranded. Eventually, he put on a straight face and replied.

"This is a really complex question. You've got to let your senior brother here go and take some good time to research on it. I'll give you guys an answer a few years later."

"Senior Brother, you're a fence-sitter who swings both ways! Some time back, you had said that I did better!" You Jiuling remarked unhappily.

That ice-cold face of hers let out a trace of displeasure.

Right now, Mie Qiongqi could be considered as one of the top tiered powerful beings within the entire Xuanhuang World. Even the Grandmaster of Glory Sect was no longer a match for him.

Out in the world, everyone knew of Mie Qiongqi as the Death G.o.d. If any mere commoners were to say something like this, they would die without even knowing how they died.

However, right now, Mie Qiongqi's face was as calm as still waters. He pretended as though he heard nothing.

Raising his head into the void, Mie Qiongqi could not help but lament, "Ah, dear Master, you left so easily and without a care! To think that you would leave with us a huge mess to clean up after!"

"Chicky, YOU say! If I did the best, you nod your head! If SHE did the best, you shake your head!" Zhiqiao looked at Chicky and asked.


"I asked you to nod or shake your head, not cuck!"


Chicky was like a dead corpse right now as he laid there. No matter what they asked, he would reply with a 'CUCK!'. There was no other type of response.

Each time a duel happened, something as such would happen as well. For Zhang Ergou and the others, this was undeniably a form of torment.

Unable to get the answer they wanted in their hearts, both Zhiqiao and You Jiuling snorted coldly before glaring at one another once more.

"Let us lay bare our cards on the tables! I've just got to see if the disciples you've trained up are stronger than the ones that I've trained up!" Zhiqiao shouted out in a fit.

"By all means. Back when Master was around, you were already unable to compete with me. And now that Master isn't around, do you really think that the disciples you've taught could be more powerful than mine?" You Jiuling chuckled out.

"Watch and see!"

Lin Fan was hidden within the crowd right now. He took a good look at everyone on those seats. One after another, he could not help but nod his head in approval.

Zhang Ergou's cultivation state had gotten stronger. Right now, he was already a Greater celestial full cultivation state being. At the same time, Zhang Ergou gave off a strong pill aura. Lin Fan could tell that his pill cultivation techniques must have improved by leaps and bounds.

However, the pill aura that was wrapping around Zhang Ergou did have Lin Fan looking at him in a different light.

Given Lin Fan's mastery of cultivating pills, a single look at the pill aura of a person would be enough for him to know about the sort of pills cultivated by those people.

And with Zhang Ergou's pill aura, he could see that they were practically all really shady pills!


"Let the duel begin!"

At this moment, the main event had started.

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