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The pupil would surpa.s.s the master indeed!

Lin Fan was feeling prideful. However, when he thought more about it, these two brats weren't all that old either. And yet, they were already so overbearing? If they were to grow older, wouldn't things get out of hand?

By that time, would even he lose control over them as their Master?

At this moment, Lin Fan's heart chimed out. At the same time, he made a note to himself to mark down Zhang Ergou and the others, who were going crazy together with these two brats.

If he didn't teach them a good lesson, the entire Heavens might even topple over!

But, Lin Fan was pretty interested to see just what sort of antics these two brats could cause.

Now that the Jiuling Sect and the Saint Devil Sect were arriving at the Saint Mystery City, the City Master was thoroughly vexed and busied.

In these few days that they were here, the entire Saint Mystery City was already in one h.e.l.l of a huge mess. If they were to stay any longer, wouldn't the Saint Mystery City have a huge load of sh*t to clean up?

Under his leadership, the Saint Mystery City had progressed really quickly. Everyone had food on their tables, and would enjoy prosperity together.

But, in these mere few days, there had been countless of commoners who had been bullied by the disciples of these two major sects. And, if they felt grievance over it, there was nothing to be done even if they were to report it to the city officials.

These guys could not be offended at all! Not at all!

When the disciples of the other major sects were to head to the Saint Mystery City, the older generation within their sects would always warn them not to create any trouble.

But yet, this Jiuling Sect and Saint Devil Sect gave no f*cks at all! They didn't bother nor asked, as they allowed their disciples to act as they willed.

Initially, he had tried looking for the members of these two major sects. However, he couldn't find anyone from the upper echelons at all. The only ones he could find were the normal elders.

But when these normal elders looked at the City Master of the Saint Mystery City, none of them would give him any face, as though they were looking at an ant.

Later on, the City Master tried seeking help from some of the other major sects as well. However, when they heard that it was the Jiuling Sect and the Saint Devil Sect, they rejected him flatly.

Therefore, the end result that he had concluded was this: Even though he was the City Master, there was no one among them that he could afford to offend.

Lin Fan brought the Fourteen Sand Bandits with him to an inn to rest for a while before that so-called great match would start tomorrow.

The next day, the Saint Mystery City turned evidently livelier.

Countless martial artists headed over from all over the place. Within a single day, there was an ocean like vast number of foreign martial artists within the Saint Mystery City.

No matter where one went, one would always hear the crowd discussing fervently about the upcoming duel.

But most of the crowd was actually discussing about how both the Grand masters were extremely beautiful girls. And not only that, they were young and yet possessed heaven-defying strength.

Towards the strength of Cai Zhiqiao and You Jiuling, Lin Fan was naturally extremely clear. These two brats had been trained up by him personally. As such, their potentials were unparalleled. One could even say that there was no equal for them within the entire Xuanhuang World.

With that, their cultivation speeds were naturally thousands of times faster than others. This was especially so with the booster of a large amount of pills. It was pretty difficult for them NOT to be strong.

"Boss, I'd say, aren't these people way too mysterious? They're only thirteen or fourteen years old, and yet they're already at Greater celestial full cultivation state! Even if they were popping down chunks of pills, how could it be so crazy?" Sha Dulong exclaimed in disbelief.

Even though Sha Dulong had followed by Lin Fan's side before, there were still quite a number of things he did not know about him.

"You know what would be real weird? If they hadn't gotten to a Greater celestial full cultivation state after taking five whole years." Lin Fan replied.

Sha Dulong looked at Lin Fan and eventually decided not to say anything. He felt that comparing with others would ultimately bring death to oneself. And this was especially the case for the younger generation. They were getting more ferocious one generation after another.

"Go, let's go take a look." Lin Fan headed off into the distance.

Sha Dulong looked at Lin Fan. For some reason, he had a feeling that his Boss wasn't feeling all that great right now.

The place of the duel was the largest battle arena of the entire Saint Mystery City, and it was piling with people that had rushed here all for this duel.

Lin Fan, Sha Dulong, and the other bandits looked for a place and sat down just like that.

"That Jiuling Female Empress and the Grandmaster of the Saint Devil Sect are really genius beings of the world. I wonder who the Master who could possibly train up such frightening disciples was."

"That's right. Right now, there're countless young men in the Xuanhuang World who are thoroughly infatuated with these two miraculous girls. And that's not even counting the people who are aspiring to be like them!"

"However, I've heard from the rumors that the Grandmasters of these two sects were both from the same sect in the past! How had things come to this point?"

"Who knows? These two sects have been at each other's throats for some time now. Every three months, there would be a small compet.i.tion; every half a year, a medium sized compet.i.tion, and a large scale one every year. Who knows how many times they've been at it already."

Listening to the praises of the surrounding audiences, Lin Fan chuckled out.

Naturally, the only one who could groom up genius disciples as such would be none other than Yours Truly. In this world, other than Yours Truly, who else would have such capabilities?

However, the coming words had Lin Fan's mood dampen down.

"However, I've got to say that these two sects are way too tyrannical. There have been many people who've been bullied by them. I heard that there was once a Grandmaster of a small sect who had begrudged that they were way too overbearing. As such, he was hung to be whacked, and was punished to kneel down for three days and three nights straight!"

"Hais! The wastrel of a son is all because of the father's teachings. Even though these two Grandmasters are genius disciples, they are simply way too overbearing. I don't reckon that their Master should be any good soul either."

"Hush! Softer! How could you dare to say such things out loud?"

At this point, Lin Fan was so angry his entire face was almost turning green. d.a.m.n it! He was mother*cking taking the blame for no reason!

These two brats were all alright from the start. Why in the world would they start fighting at one another just like this?

"I don't think you guys have got that quite right." Lin Fan could not bear with it anymore as he felt that he ought to clear his name.

The men seated behind Lin Fan were stunned. They then asked him in bewilderment, "What's not right?"

"I heard that their Master is a really upright and n.o.ble character who has saved the Xuanhuang World countless times." Lin Fan praised himself without blushing at all.

"Brother, how do you know about that?"

"I…Well, I'm their Master." For a moment, Lin Fan did not know what else to reply. After holding it in for quite some time, he got straight to the point.

The men behind him looked at one another. Without saying anything more, they stood up and left for another place to sit.

"This man doesn't seem that old. To think that he would be spouting nonsense there."

"I think there's something wrong with his brains."

"We should hide further from him, lest we attract any troubles to ourselves."

When Lin Fan heard these words, he was so angry that he did not know what else to say anymore. His face then turned grim.

"It's all the fault of those two d.a.m.ned brats! I'm going to teach them a good lesson later on!"

At this moment, Lin Fan pinned the issue directly on the both of those brats.


A series of applause rang out as figures flashed out of the void.

Above the duel area were a bunch of seats.

"They're here! The Jiuling Female Empress is here!"

"That's the Grandmaster of the Saint Devil Sect, Jiutian Female Empress!"

There were people appearing endlessly. When Lin Fan looked at these people, he could not help but feel nostalgic.

He could see them arriving one after another, and they had not changed at all. They still looked the exact same.


Suddenly, a furious growl boomed out. The entire world turned into a snow white state as a series of frosty, bone-chilling snow flowers floated down from the sky. A gigantic figure that covered the entire sky appeared.

"That's the Snow Lion! She's the mount of the Jiutian Female Empress!"

"It's extraordinary indeed! Just the aura alone is enough to give one gooseb.u.mps!"

Lin Fan had not expected for that Snow Lion of the past to have such a huge transformation in just five years. In fact, she was even stronger than her mother right now.

The gigantic Snow Lion began to change and shrink down until she eventually came down to the side of Zhiqiao.


When Lin Fan heard this sound, he grinned widely. All he could see was a patch of fiery red in the sky as though an ocean of flames was slowly spreading out.


When the ma.s.ses raised their heads into the void, they started discussing.

"That's the Guardian Beast of the Jiuling Sect! Even though it looks really strange, they say that it's really powerful!"

"That's right! I wonder what sort of a beast it is. Even the Jiuling Female Empress has to be respectful to it!"

At this moment in the void, Chicky still retained that c.o.c.ky att.i.tude he once had. There weren't many changes about him. However, that tail of his had four more tails compared to before.

He was now seven tailed.

When Lin Fan saw that Chicky's powers had grown to this extent, he felt extremely heartened. But immediately after, his jaw dropped to the ground as though he had just witnessed something extremely horrifying.

Since G.o.d knows when, he saw three chickens standing behind Chicky all of a sudden. Each of them was only a quarter of Chicky's size.

One of them was dressed in gold and silver, looking extremely wealthy.

One of them had all sorts of colors all over its body, with its hair standing upright. This was an absolute hipster.

And there was another one that was extremely fat. If one didn't take a careful notice, one might not be able to tell its body from its head!

Even right at that moment, there was a huge piece of meat hanging from its mouth as it waved its wings furiously while following tight behind Chicky.

Chicky came beside Jiuling and headed straight for the seat before lying down. Instantly, a number of disciples gushed forth and started ma.s.saging his wings and legs instantly.

As for Chicky, he let off a look of absolute pleasure.

"Holy f*ck! What in the mother*cking world happened here?!?!?!?!?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was practically exploding. That tiny, fragile heart of his could barely take this any longer!

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