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When one got to the top of the mountain, any lower mountains would seem small. However, the life of Zhang Ergou was nearly over now. He looked at those weeds which were half a human’s height, waving in the wind.

There was nothing here except for the two story tall wooden house.

Poverty was not scary. Poverty without hope was truly scary.

‘I, Zhang Ergou, am going to live here forever? Am I going to be the only disciple here?’


Zhang Ergou looked into the sky to prevent the tears from dropping, because this was too sad.

Desperate, extremely desperate, he was without any hope.

"How is it?." Lin Fan looked around the mountain. The rock with words at the entrance was the symbol of the existence of Saint Devil Sect.

"Good, this is heaven. This is heaven. It is amidst nature, and far away from the noisy crowd. The wind feels so comfortable. This place is amazing." Zhang Ergou said with a serious face.

"Yes, I think so too. Now let me introduce myself."

"I am Lin Fan, the sixth grand master of the Saint Devil Sect, the owner of the unnamed mountain." Lin Fan stood at the edge of the cliff and stared far into the distance. His long hair were floating in the wind. Zhang Ergou was shocked by the sight, what a powerful man!


"Now, I will give you a task. This task is important for the continuance of the Saint Devil Sect, and the possibility of rising of the sect. Will you accept it?" Lin Fan asked seriously. It seemed like he was giving Zhang Ergou a critical task.

Zhang Ergou had lost all hope seconds ago. But now, he was moved by Lin Fan’s words, and his depressed face was gone. He had nowhere to go. He would be dead if he went back. He should just stay here. If the sect got proper again, he would be the master’s right-hand man.

"Grand master, I will try my best to do it." Ergou answered with excitement.

"Nice, well, I am glad." Lin Fan was glad to hear that. He had picked the wrong people, but Ergou could still act like this. This was a victory for him.

"Do you see those green lives?" Lin Fan pointed towards the endless weeds.

"Yes, I do. These green lives teach me that I need to live like them, no matter how difficult the environment is." Zhang Ergou nodded. If he stayed here, he might as well try his best. He could not go back. The grand master seemed strong now, and he was sure he would get stronger in the future.

"Great, then use all your power and lay down the foundation of our sect. Get rid of those green lives." Lin Fan said with pa.s.sion. This was a huge project for Lin Fan. A project could not be done without any encouragement. If the motivation were gone, even a small task would be impossible.

"Yes." Zhang Ergou did not hear the grand master clearly. He just found his talk exciting, making his blood boil.

"Ah..." His blood just boiled for a second when Zhang Ergou stopped abruptly.

"Grand master, what did you say? I did not hear it clearly." Zhang Ergou was shocked. He just agreed without even thinking about it. Now that he started to think carefully, he was too scared to talk.

Lin Fan looked at Zhang Ergou and shook head. Lin Fan turned around and walked to a giant rock. He touched the rock with his hands and said.

"There used to be a disciple at the Saint Devil Sect. What a pity! His ears had trouble, so he could not hear things clearly from time to time. One day, an elder said something to him, but he did not hear it clearly." Lin Fan sighed and tapped on the rock. The rock fell into pieces.

"Grand master, then what?" Zhang Ergou got a little nervous.

"Then, he became like this." Lin Fan pointed at the rock pieces.

Zhang Ergou heard, and his face turned pale.

"If you did not hear it clearly the first time, then I will tell you again." Lin Fan said gently. Zhang Ergou’s body shook a little. He looked at Lin Fan’s hand, then nodded, "I heard it clearly. It was very clear."

Lin Fan looked at Zhang Ergou and smiled.

"Well, it is good for you to hear it clearly. Now go working." Lin Fan sais.

"Yes..." Zhang Ergou heard and jumped into the weed fields without hesitation.

Now he understood it all. He was here to cut the weeds.

It was too far away from his goal. He might never reach the goal during this life. He probably would just die in the weed field.

Lin Fan looked at Zhang Ergou’s back and nodded.

Now, Lin Fan had to plan for his future. It did not matter how fast he could get the sect up and running. He needed to clean it first. He was going to live here for a long time.

There were two things which were important in the Glory Sect, making medicinal pills and forging weapons.

Lin Fan had no problem in making a top level weapon, but he had no idea about making pills.

Based on the current situation, he had three ways of increasing his power level.

One, training

Two, taking pills

Three, fighting monsters.

Based on the speed of increasing power, fighting monsters was the fastest in the outside world. However, he was in the sect now. Taking pills was the best option now.

However, he was not going to give up on the three options. He needed to do all of them.

"Keep cutting the weeds, I need to go down the mountain." Lin Fan said to Zhang Ergou, who was in the weed field.

"Sure thing. Do not worry, grand master." Zhang Ergou answered. Lin Fan looked at him. This answer seemed to have a double meaning. But never mind, he needed to learn how to make pills.

Lin Fan had made up his mind, he would make pills and take them at the same time. If everything went well, his power level would increase. Then, he would start to build the sect. It would get strong again in no time.

‘Nine sects, Yan Emperor, Heaven queen, you just wait. You surely have some guts to destroy my sect.’

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