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Ah, such pleasure it was to stomp down on kindergarteners!

"Aren't you guys really excited to see me?" Lin Fan chuckled out.


Sha Dulong nearly forgot what he was about to say any longer. He then shook his head furiously and pinched himself. It was only then that he realized that this wasn't a dream. Everything was so real right now!

"B-boss…! Are you really back?" Sha Dulong's voice was hoa.r.s.e as he asked in disbelief.

"Of course. Could it be anymore unreal than this? However, aren't you guys just too weak? To think that you guys would be beaten up as such by this small little shrimp!" Lin Fan grinned out. Using his finger to twirl around casually, a ring of light floated out with his finger as the center. One ring after another, they were filled with an unparalleled amount of lifeforce.

The injuries on some of the Fourteen Sand Bandits were grave as their bodies were rumbling with their blood right now. But with this lifeforce, they regenerated at a horrifying speed. In the blink of an eye, they were perfect as before.

When Sha Dulong and the others caught sight of their transformation, they let out extremely startled looks.

To think that their Boss would possess such an incredible skill!

"Boss, that fella is naturally a shrimp in your eyes! If you hadn't appeared, Boss, we might have never been able to see you again, Boss!" Sha Dulong said rejoicefully.

In the five years that Lin Fan had left, Sha Dulong had been working hard at raising his cultivation state.

However, his innate potential wasn't all that powerful to begin with. Hence, the speed of his cultivation had been really slow as well.

And of course, this was all Lin Fan's fault. Before he left, he had forgotten to train them up. If he had raised their potential even slightly, they would have grown to the Heavens for sure!

"He killed the elder! He killed the elder!!!"

At this moment, a series of frantic cries rang out from the disciples of Jiuling Sect.


One of the disciples yelled out. However, a disciple by his side covered up his mouth instantly with a look of fear on his face.

To think that Elder Feng would have died just like that!

"Boss, hadn't you ascended up? Why are you back now?" Now that the big brother was back, Sha Dulong naturally no longer had any fear. As for that Jiuling Sect and whatnot, he no longer placed it in his heart.

"I'm back to take a look, as well as bring you guys up with me." For Lin Fan's return this time around, he did have those intents indeed.

By now, Lin Fan had subdued Cruel and the Ancient One, and also killed Saint.

As such, there were only six Utmost Beings of the Ancient race left.

For the Ancient race, this was a disaster.

Ever since he had killed Saint, he had obtained the Eternal Seat of the Ancient race. This was the most critical item required for the Ancient race beings to attain the Eternal G.o.d Seat.

The might of the Ancient One was unparalleled. However, he was crippled by Lin Fan. Back then, in order to stop the Ancient One from recovering entirely, Lin Fan sacrificed the arm of the Ancient One entirely. With that, he successfully stopped the Ancient One from returning to his peak state.

And, that arm of the Ancient One that Lin Fan had sacrificed, it should have long been used by Saint.

However, now that Lin Fan had obtained Saint's Eternal Seat, it shouldn't be an issue for the Ancient One to return to his peak status.


The moment Sha Dulong heard this, he was stumped. He then let out an excited face, "Boss! This ascension… Does it mean immortality!?"

"HAHA! In your dreams! Alright, let's not talk about that for now. You guys shall just follow me first." This time around, Lin Fan was ready for a good round of f*cking.

As far as Lin Fan was concerned, the Human race was way stronger than any of the thousands of races. However, all they lacked was a single guide.

But now, there was a talent such as Yours Truly. If the Human race were to follow him, they would naturally soar high and far!

Instantly, Lin Fan looked towards those disciples of the Jiuling Sect.

When the disciples of the Jiuling Sect caught sight of Lin Fan's gaze, their hearts jerked as though they were caged up in fear.

That man had killed Elder Feng with a single step! They had witnessed it with their very own eyes! If the other party wanted to kill them, it would be as simple as killing ants!

"Scram." Lin Fan's voice was thunderous. It was so booming that the ears of these disciples were hurting from just hearing it.

But at this moment, this single word couldn't have brought more joy for them. The fact that they could even get to keep their lives was a blessing from the Heavens!

Jiuling Sect?

Lin Fan had long known that this Jiuling Sect was something that was created by that disciple of his, You Jiuling.


"These two brats... They're truly way out of hand." Lin Fan was a little exasperated right now. He was only gone for five years, and yet they had managed to cause all of this ruckus. If he were to be gone for ten or twenty years, wouldn't the entire Xuanhuang World change entirely?

All of the Barren City soldiers watched everything with their jaws agape.

That elder of the Jiuling Sect who could beckon everything at his whim and will was stepped to death just like that! If they hadn't witnessed it for themselves, who in the world would believe this?

"Boss, where are we headed to now?"

"To go teach those two brats a lesson." Lin Fan looked over into the distance. Everything within the Xuanhuang World was in the palms of his hands.

Saint Mystery City…

This was the largest city in the entire Xuanhuang World. The population of this place amounted to hundreds of millions. The lands were vast like the milky way among galaxies.

For any mere commoner, it would take them nothing short of years at least to even view every single corner of the Saint Mystery City.

However, for the truly powerful beings, it would take them just a day or two to cross from the Northern side of the city to the Southern side.

Along the streets, there was a group of people who attracted the gazes of many. Most of the commoners who walked by them dodged in fear.

Well, it was mainly because the Fourteen Sand Bandits looked horribly frightening with their faces. A single look and one could tell that they weren't good guys.

"This Saint Mystery City is not the largest city in the Xuanhuang World for nothing. It's extremely magnificent! Even the streets are much wider than that of Barren City!" Sha Dulong exclaimed out.

"Indeed." Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge as well. It had been just five years. To think that there would be such significant changes.

If he were to give them another tens of years, who knows how the Xuanhuang World would develop by then.

"Make way, make way!"

At this moment, there was some commotion coming from up ahead.

The initially bustling streets started to get chaotic.

Lin Fan and the Fourteen Sand Bandits stood at the side of the streets as a majestic carriage pulled by a beast breezed by them. There were curtains covering all four sides of the carriage. Within, there was a silhouette of a gorgeous figure sitting leisurely.

Towards everything happening right now, everyone was long used to it.

At this moment, there was a hawker up ahead who was unable to dodge in time. Just when he was about to be knocked head-on, Lin Fan used his finger to draw in the air, causing a strong breeze to knock the hawker aside.

The hawker who had thought that he would be knocked to death crawled up from the ground. His face was both frightened and astonished at the same time.

"That's the Beast Carriage of the Jiuling Female Empress!"

"That's right. It's really extremely majestic! However, for them to be traveling within the city at such speed, what would happen if they were to knock anyone over?"

"Hush. Don't you want your life anymore? If you were to be overheard, you'd definitely be in for it!"

"Hais. The Jiuling Female Empress is ravishing without peer. Just, why must she be so tyrannical?"

"I heard that the Saint Devil Sect and the Jiuling Sect are about to have a duel right here! I wonder what the outcome would be like."

"Comparing the Saint Devil Sect and the Jiuling Sect, they are both the same. These two sects are equally overbearing. I wonder why the City Master wouldn't come out to stop them at all."

"These are major sects we're talking about! If the City Master were to stand up against them, he might even lose his life!"

Lin Fan stood there silently. While he didn't say anything more, his brows did end up furrowing.

"b.l.o.o.d.y mother*cker! By the sounds of it, aren't these two disciples of mine even more overbearing than I was?"

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