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Lin Fan did not stay too long at the Heaven Mountain City. Just that single night of chatting with w.a.n.g Xiaoliu.

The next day…

Lin Fan raised Xiaoming up into the void, and then tossed him out into somewhere far from the Heaven Mountain City.

"Uncle Lin! You must remember to watch over me!" w.a.n.g Xiaoming yelled out before disappearing.

"Don't worry!"

Before Lin Fan left, he sn.i.g.g.e.red out.

Now that the troublemaker was set loose in the world, who knew how many Destined Childs would enter S.E.E.D. mode under that arrogant and haughty behavior of w.a.n.g Xiaoming?

This was something that Lin Fan was looking forward to.

However, in order to prevent w.a.n.g Xiaoming from going way overboard, Lin Fan had specially instructed the Heaven's Will to watch over him. If he were to do something like forcing himself on chicks or something, he would definitely be struck by lightning.

The G.o.ds were always watching after people. And in this case, Lin Fan was the G.o.d above w.a.n.g Xiaoming's head.

And since w.a.n.g Xiaoming would call Lin Fan as his Uncle, Lin Fan naturally couldn't let him continue to veer off into the wrong path. It was alright for one to be haughtier when they were young. After all, he himself was pretty decent right now.

Not long after…Or perhaps for someone like Lin Fan, it would be more accurate to say that it was in the blink of an eye...

A towering city entered Lin Fan's eyes.

"To think that there would be such a humongous city built within the Xuanhuang World. Seems like after the issue of the beasts were settled, cities were no longer under the threat of the beast stampedes. As such, they could progress steadily."

Landing from the void, Lin Fan entered the city.

Countless hawkers were selling their stuff on the sides of the streets, and countless of martial artists walking all around.

Sweeping the entire place with his single thought, Lin Fan could sense that there were different types of martial artists here. Furthermore, their cultivation states were pretty decent as well.

Evidently, now that they weren't bothered by any external influences, the progress here had been steady over the past few years.

In a restaurant…

At this moment, Lin Fan melded in like any other commoner and ordered some food and drinks while listening in to the stories of everyone else.

It had been a long time since he had had such a relaxed moment.

Five years ago, things weren't all that peaceful within the Xuanhuang World, with beasts running rampant. A city might be all safe and secure one day, but it was hard to say that they wouldn't be toppled down by beasts in the next moment.

"And today, the story I'm going to tell is one of the Fourteen Sand Dao Kings." At this moment, an elderly man was walking in briskly under the support of a young maiden. He then came to a seat reserved for him beforehand as he laid down the tools in his hands. Shrugging off the tightness in his body, he declared in a high voice.

"Alright! A story about the Fourteen Sand Dao Kings is great!"

"Old Man Xu! Hurry up and tell us! If it's good, we'll reward you with money!"

The Fourteen Sand Dao Kings?

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he nearly barfed out. Why in the h.e.l.l did this name sound so familiar?!

Thinking back at his fourteen Sand Bandits, Lin Fan was feeling a little nostalgic. Those once evildoing fourteen Sand Bandits had only pursued the Dao of Robbery wholeheartedly after being subdued by him.

Now that five years had pa.s.sed, Lin Fan did not know how they were doing.

But now that even their t.i.tles had changed, it was evident that they must have improved somehow.

"There are a total of fourteen people amongst the Fourteen Sand Dao Kings. Each one of them possesses a G.o.dly cultivation state, and could be considered as the first Dao Kings of the Xuanhuang World. Do note that this Dao we're referring to is not the same as 'Bandit'. Even though they are robbers by profession, they have principles and could be considered as heroes." Old Man Xu's speech was like a flowing river that did not stop and brought with it countless precious treasures within.

"Say, old man, how can that be right? If they're bandits, how can they be considered as heroes?" A young man from the opposite table asked curiously.

By the looks of it, that young man seemed like he had only just stepped foot into the Pugilistic World.

"No rushes there, young man. Let me elaborate further." Old Man Xu raised that wrinkled hand of his and continued his story.

"If they were merely just bandits, then, of course, we couldn't refer to them as heroes. I, Old Man Xu, had once had the honor of making an acquaintance with the Leader Sha of the Fourteen Sand Dao Kings. We interacted for an entire night. After drinking some wine, Leader Sha spoke of the truth. While mere bandits possessed the craft of robbery, they were different. They pursued the Dao of Robbery."

"Old Man Xu, continue bragging. Go on. Someone like you could interact with the Leader Sha for an entire night? HA! HA!"

Someone scoffed out in disbelief.

Old Man Xu gave two dry coughs, evidently unbothered and continued, "The Fourteen Sand Dao Kings conduct their business in a weird way. When a robbery is mentioned, one would definitely talk about the killings. But no, they do not ever kill when they conduct a robbery. They would only collect a fixed amount. And not only that, they would escort their targets to their desired locations as well. Don't you guys agree that that is weird?"

"That's right. That IS weird indeed!"

As far as all these people at the restaurants were concerned, the one thing they loved to do while relaxing everyday was to sit here and listen to stories.

Looking at how the atmosphere was just right, Old Man Xu continued, "While what I'm going to say might seem hard to believe, but if you were to think properly about it, don't you guys think that these Fourteen Sand Dao Kings are doing a good deed?"

"Right now, the world is peaceful, without any disturbances of beasts. However, bandits roam the entire lands. The path of delivering goods is often long and tedious for merchants, and they would most likely be halted by bandits midway. Losing a bit of money is a small issue. But losing their lives? That is something that can't be regained."

"As for these Fourteen Sand Dao Kings, while they rob, the amount is fixed. While they're bandits, they do not kill. And, they even escort these merchants to their destination. Based on the observation of this old man, there are even countless merchants in this city who do not engage any guards. Instead, they choose to tread through the territory of the Fourteen Sand Dao Kings on purpose."

"And when the Fourteen Sand Dao Kings weren't around, the merchants would set up base at their territory and await their return. Now, you guys can speak for yourselves. If bandits could have a name for themselves to such an extent, could they not be considered as heroes?"

Old Man Xu continued.

The moment Lin Fan heard till this point, he nearly spat out his wine.

Sha Dulong and the others were way too good at doing this, weren't they? To think that they could even come up with a style of robbery as such!

It was a style such that others would be wholeheartedly willing to sit right there and wait for them to come and rob! These were indeed some capabilities they had gotten there!

Back in the past, Lin Fan was only talking c.o.c.k to them about the Dao of Robbery, and it was all just a complete scam. But looking at the situation now, Sha Dulong and the others did seem like they were finding THE Dao of Robbery!

Talents! They were talents indeed!

After drinking his wine, Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge. Seemed like anyone trained up by him was destined to become a talent indeed!

"Hmph! Aren't they just a bunch of bandits still? And yet you could make them out to be heroes! After today, those Fourteen Sand Bandits shall cease to exist!" At this moment, a bunch of disciples wearing the robes of a sect walked in one after another.

"Attendant, serve wine!"

"Why would you guys say that?" Old Man Xu asked in bewilderment.

The disciple in charge of them held a haughty expression, "Today, Your Daddy is in a good mood. So, I'll let you know."

"We are disciples of the Jiuling Sect. Today, this Barren City shall become one of the colonies under the Jiuling Sect. Therefore, these bandits in the surrounding area shall be weeded out as well! These Fourteen Sand Dao Kings and whatnot shall be erased from history as well."

When this arrogant looking disciple mentioned that he was from the Jiuling Sect, his expression got even haughtier. He raised his wine cup and downed it in a single shot.

"These guys are disciples of the Jiuling Sect?"

"Jiuling Sect is a sect that was only built up a couple of years ago. I heard that when their sect opened up, there were many major sects that headed over to pay their respects. It was a grand occasion!"

"The rumors have it that the Grandmaster of the Jiuling Sect is a young lady that's termed as the Jiuling Female Empress! Not only are her powers torrential, her way of the martial arts is tyrannical as well! There have been countless people who have died under her hands!"

"The Barren City turning into a colonial city of the Jiuling Sect? This is something big! If the Jiuling Sect were to strike out, things would truly be bad for this Fourteen Sand Dao Kings!"

"That's right…that's right!"

Lin Fan frowned.

He did not linger on for long as he turned around and left the place.

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