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With this strongest attack of the five Utmost Beings, they were bent on crushing Lin Fan entirely. But, they realized that they were punching out into thin air. Their ferocious attacks caused the entire void to be filled with holes. However, that human had long since disappeared into thin air.

"Where did he go again?"

The Utmost Beings were so angry they could explode right now. To think that they were about to get their hands on him and yet he had disappeared once more! How could one not get infuriated over this?

The five Utmost Beings turned their heads towards the void in unison, hoping that the Heaven's Will could give them some guidance.

The Heaven's Will was silent at this moment. This time around, that human had disappeared entirely, and was not just hiding like before.

"The Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. Could that human have made use of the powers of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar?"

This was the guess harbored by the Heaven's Will. However, he denied it almost immediately. The Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was able to connect to the Infinite Worlds, allowing one to travel through them. However, if one wanted to travel to one of those worlds, they would have to obtain a connection with the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar before being able to make the teleportation.

This human had only just gotten his hands on the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. How could he possibly already make use of its capabilities?!

But, for the Heaven's Will, it didn't matter.

After all, it wouldn't be long before the Infinite Worlds opened up. By then, every single world out there would be available for his usage. Even though this human might have obtained the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar for now, it would eventually come back to his hands one day.

Lin Fan went through an intense spiraling all over the place. Even if his cultivation state was now heaven-defying, he still had a dizzy and nauseous feeling.

"Burning up half a trillion of Shengyang Pills could allow me to travel through the worlds. Could the reason why the system hadn't said anything just now be because it was researching up on this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar?"

When Lin Fan opened up his eyes, he found this world looking ever so familiar.

"Ah, seems like the Spirit Qi within the Xuanhuang World is so thin."

Back when Lin Fan was in the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan did not feel like there was anything different about the Spirit Qi. However, now that he was back here, he realized that the Spirit Qi here was not even one-thousandth of the Ancient Saint World.

Back when he was traveling through the worlds, the Shengyang Pills that had acc.u.mulated like a tiny mountain was burnt up entirely into a Shengyang Dragon that gushed into the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

And, as though it was a giant tree, branches extended out of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, penetrating into the void before connecting into worlds one after another.

Just a single thought was enough for Lin Fan to decide where he wanted to go.

It had been around five years since Lin Fan reached the Ancient Saint World. Naturally, he wanted to head back to the Xuanhuang World to take a look.

And, the most important thing was that he wanted to bring some people up with him.

Once the Infinite Worlds opened up, all of the thousands of worlds out there would be in for some bad luck for sure.

Even if one were to create the sealing barrier to prevent ascension or to block out the path to eternity, it wouldn't matter at all.

At the end of the day, one could only sit and await death.

Lin Fan looked around his surroundings. This was a luscious forest where ancient old trees stood upright, covering the entire sky. The dazzling radiant sun could only seep through the tiny cracks between the dense treelines, with a little ray here and there.

Pshew. Pshew.

This was the sound of the wind as well as leaves rustling. However, Lin Fan also overheard some hurried footsteps.

Lin Fan's expression was weird right now. It couldn't be that he was b.u.mping into some big thing the moment he arrived back, right?

Lin Fan raised his head over, and all he could see was some conflict happening in the distance.

Even though the aura wasn't all that strong, it was a Pericelestial cultivation state at least.

But, for Lin Fan right now, be it Pericelestial, Lesser celestial, or Greater celestial beings, they were all ants.

If he were to b.u.mp into something like this in the past, he would definitely cower in the dark first before trying to sneak an attack in. However, there were no longer such thoughts in the current Lin Fan's head.

They were all too weak, so weak that he was practically speechless.

"Thief! By crippling the Young Master of our family, you've already committed an audacious sin that is intolerable in this world! If you do not wish for your sect to be destroyed, you had better surrender and head back with me to receive your punishment!" An elderly person with a sharp gaze and an astounding aura stood there. Even though his body was slightly older, he still stood ever so tall.

His posture was akin to an unsheathed sword that was held upright.

Two girls that were wearing golden armors were surrounded by a bunch of soldiers at this moment. The face of the elderly person was grim, and he gave off a chilling aura.

"He teased and took advantage of my junior sister! He had it coming for him!" At this moment, a young girl with a resolute face stood against all of them without any fear at all. However, her eyes were serious at this moment.

A young girl with a pet.i.te body was being protected by this girl right now. Even though she looked extremely ravishing and breathtaking, every single action she made was meek and gentle.

"Hmph!" The elderly person swept his robes and glared straight at the both of them. "You had better surrender now. Otherwise, the entire Flower Stream Sect is going to get annihilated because of you guys!"

The moment he spoke of annihilating the sect, the tone of the elderly person got even heavier, as an ominous aura rumbled. He didn't seem to be joking about this at all.

"I will take full responsibility for my actions! Come at me if you've got the guts! What are you implicating my sect for? Is this the way the w.a.n.g Family conducts their affairs?"

Qin Yue'er's heart was infuriated. She had not expected that the young man who had dared to bully her own junior sister would be the Young Master of the w.a.n.g Family from the Heaven Mountain City!

The Flower Stream Sect was a small sect that had only started progressing into a middle-sized sect in the recent years. For any sect, most influential families within the secular world would be nothing but small shrimps that they could oppress with ease.

But, this w.a.n.g Family was different. Legend had it that the w.a.n.g Family had a huge backing. No matter how strong the sect was, they would always give respect to the w.a.n.g Family.

And, even if it were any of the powerful sects, even they might not be a match for the strength of the w.a.n.g Family either.

"Hmph! What sort of a revered existence is the Young Master of my family? And you think you can cripple him just like that? Even the entire of your Flower Stream Sect isn't worth a single strand of hair of my Young Master! Don't think that just because your Flower Stream Sect has the backing of Jiuxiao Sect, our w.a.n.g Family wouldn't be able to do anything to you! I'll have you know that the Master of your family has an extremely deep relationship with the Saint Devil Sect!"

The moment the elderly person spoke about his family Master, his eyes shone with an unparalleled glint.

And when he spoke of the Saint Devil Sect, his eyes were even burning with a fervent blaze.


At this moment, the void tore open as a figure appeared out of it.


When Qin Yue'er saw who it was that had arrived, her heart leaped with joy. While she wasn't a match for that elderly person, now that her Grandmaster was here, things would be much safer for her!

"Housekeeper Long." The old lady who was carrying a walking stick in the voids greeted the elderly person respectfully.

"Old Lady Flower Stream, you shall have a say in this affair. While our w.a.n.g Family does not bully others readily, it doesn't mean that we would allow others to bully us either!" The elderly person spoke up.

The moment Qin Yue'er heard this, her heart was filled with contempt. What was that about the w.a.n.g Family not bullying anyone readily?

Ha! Ha!

One could simply head over to the Heaven Mountain City and ask around to see just how many people had been bullied by the Young Master of the w.a.n.g Family!

Old Lady Flower Stream looked at these two disciples of hers. Her eyes shone with a strain of helplessness, "Yue'er, I guess the both of you should head over to the w.a.n.g Family."

Qin Yue'er had initially thought that the Grandmaster was going to help them out. To think that she would request for them to head over to the w.a.n.g Family?


"Grandmaster! The Young Master of the w.a.n.g Family was the one who bullied junior sister here! That's the only reason why your disciple, I, chose to strike out!"

Qin Yue'er screamed out. She wanted to know just which part of her action was actually wrong.

But to the Old Lady Flower Stream, this was a matter she had no power over.

The w.a.n.g Family was not one to be offended. Definitely not.

As a full female sect, the Flower Stream Sect was the target of many different other sects. It not for the protection of the Jiuxiao Sect, they would have long been pillaged and destroyed by the other sects.

But now, this w.a.n.g Family was far from ordinary. Even if it were the Jiuxiao Sect, they might not step out to protect the Flower Stream Sect.

"Old Lady Flower Stream, you can be at ease over this matter. We'll definitely not implicate your Flower Stream Sect. As for these two disciples of yours, I'll bring them back and have them accept the punishment of our family head." The elderly person spoke up.

"I beseech for Housekeeper Long to spare the lives of my two disciples."

There was nothing else Old Lady Flower Stream could say. This affair was not something she had any control over. The might of the other party was overwhelming. The w.a.n.g Family was not to be messed with.

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