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A bedazzling G.o.dly radiance shone out in all directions. The entire world was now completely filled with the powers of the five Utmost Beings. While each of their powers might differ individually, there was one thing that was the same: each of these five powers were formidably matchless. There was no room for anyone to fight back at all.

"Even a dog knows to scale a wall when it's pushed to a dead end, let alone Yours Truly! Since the bunch of you dogsh*ts dare to join hands so shamelessly, it's time for Yours Truly to fight it out fully with you guys!"

"HAHAHA! What do you have to fight with, human? Just wait for your death obediently!"

The five Utmost Beings weren't concerned about Lin Fan in the slightest bit. As they raised their hands, the entire world was suppressed down. In their eyes, the human was nothing more than an ant who had no chance of making a comeback.


Lin Fan roared out loudly as his powers rumbled, forming a gigantic Colossal Dragon of power that wrapped itself around him. This Colossal Dragon of power was similar to a real Colossal Dragon, with well-defined scales that were emitting a ghastly glow.

"Nine Heavens Ten Earths!"

Lin Fan bellowed out as the entire world trembled. An indescribable aura reached all the way to the boundaries of the sky.

"Eh? To think that this human would have capabilities of this level."

The five Utmost Beings were powerful beings who had battled through the Heavens and Earth. Therefore, they were really sensitive to the reverberations of power ripples. Now that Lin Fan had yelled out the four words, the world started showing all sorts of weird phenomenon.

There was an aura as though he reigned supreme across the entire world, seeming like a sharp blade unsheathed. It pierced through the void and bolted out towards the five Utmost Beings.

"You guys have thoroughly angered me! Today, I'm going to unleash my entire lifetime's learnings to kill all of you!" Lin Fan bellowed out as his aura rose intensely. His palms started churning with powers as he pointed a single finger up to the Heavens and another finger down to the Earth.

"Oh? Lifetime's learnings? Haha! This is pretty interesting now." The Utmost Beings chuckled out, evidently not threatened by Lin Fan in the least bit.

Lin Fan looked at the five Utmost Beings and could not help but gulp down his saliva. Whether or not it succeeded depend on this next move of his.

"Infinite Worlds Supreme Descending Dragons of the Eighteen Flying Heavens and F*cking Earth…" In a single breath, Lin Fan came up with a long a.s.s name such that at the end, he didn't even know what sort of a s.h.i.t name he had given to this skill.

"GO TO h.e.l.l!"


Lin Fan slapped out with both hands as the boundless power gathered into a dragon and roared out.

The heavenly, blinding beam of light that was emitted was more glaring than anything else could be. It seemed as though the entire world was drowned within this flash of dazzling radiance.

"HAHA! To think that even with the five of us Utmost Beings right here, there would be a living being in this world who would dare to act so impudently. This is something that has never ever happened before!"

The five Utmost Beings burst out laughing wildly. They were intent on messing the other party up real good.


There was no scope of hesitation, especially now that the entire world was filled with this blinding light that one couldn't peer through it at all. This was the best time for it! If Lin Fan still did not seize this opportunity to run off, he would be truly a dumba*s!

Now that there were five Utmost Beings present, what did he even have to fight them with?! Even if he were to wear his underwear inside out, he couldn't f*ck them up!


For the five Utmost Beings, Lin Fan's attack was nothing more than child's play. It posed no challenge at all to them.

"HAHAHA! And this is what you meant by your lifetime's learning? Oh, you of the puny human race… You're puny indeed."

"Eh? Where's he?"

All of the Utmost Beings were laughing out as though they were tickled badly by this human's claim of his lifetime's learning.

But, in the blink of an eye, they realized that the human was no more before them!

"We've been tricked! That human is way too despicable! To think that he would seize the opportunity to run!"

"Huh? How did things come to this?! We've already sealed up the void nearby! There's no way he should be able to get out at all!"

"The aura of that human disappeared all of a sudden! Where could he have gone to?"

And right before the faces of these Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, Lin Fan was in Stealth mode right now. He didn't even dare to breathe out heavily, afraid of attracting the attention of the other side and ending up being sent to the Heavens with a flurry of fists.

'You can't see me. You can't see me!'

Lin Fan prayed in his heart. This time around, everything that had happened was too sudden for him to react to it. This was really way too f*cked up a situation!

If one were to talk about Cruel and Saint's appearances earlier on, then so be it. After all, he had still managed to suppress them entirely after spending up a huge a*s load of effort. By any normal storyline, things should have come to a perfect ending there.

But, of all ridiculous things that could happen, the Heaven's Will appeared!

How b.l.o.o.d.y strong was the Heaven's Will?! As long as one wasn't stupid, they'd have an inkling at least. But, that wasn't even the worst of it all. Out of nowhere, five Utmost Beings suddenly spouted out into the mix.

And, it seemed as though they were pumped with chicken's blood, as they wanted to f*ck Lin Fan up the moment they saw him! This was giving Lin Fan a huge load of pressure.

Now that he had finally caught a rare opportunity to hide himself, how could he allow himself to be caught by these Utmost Beings of the Ancient race?

This was a situation where he would die ten times out of ten.

However, because of this unparalleled intellect of his, he had managed to find a way of life out of ten out of ten death situations.

"Just where in the world has that ant gone to?"

The five Utmost Beings were extremely bewildered right now. They did not know just where in the world this ant like being had disappeared to.

One of the Utmost Beings with a hulky body stood forth all of a sudden. Those deep profound eyes of his let out a golden glow, which swept through the entire place before dissipating.

"There's really no trace of that human in this entire place." The brows of that Utmost Being furrowed, evidently unable to accept the fact that a single ant like human could possibly escape from their grasps.


Lin Fan took a deep breath. That was close! When the Utmost Being was scanning the entire place, he was almost afraid that he might be found out!

But, based on the situation right now, it seemed like the other party hadn't noticed his existence at all.

"HAHA! The system is the system indeed! To think that even an Utmost Being will not be able to detect the hidden aura of my Stealth mode! Seems like it was the right move for me to cultivate this Stealth move back in the past! How many times have I made it out of death's jaws just based on this skill alone?"

"You worthless bunch of pigs, come out!"

But, Lin Fan hadn't cheered for long when that bright voice boomed out and caused the entire void to tremble. The voice was like a sharp blade that was slicing up the void layer by layer.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan was startled. These sharp blades that were slicing up the void had somehow come close to appearing right in Lin Fan's face all of a sudden!

'The Heaven's Will has discovered me!'

Lin Fan's body flashed nimbly as he dodged out of the void. Facing the five Utmost Beings, he felt as though he was about to break down.

"d.a.m.n it! Seems like that human was here all this while! Just what sort of a skill was that for him to be able to hide his aura so deeply and avoid our detection? Once we take him down later, we'll have to force that skill out of him!"

"Since he killed Saint, he must have obtained all of Saint's treasures. As long as we kill him, we can get all of it."

All of a sudden, thousands of fists were rained out by the five Utmost Beings. In case of powerful beings of this level, any single fist could shatter an entire world on its own.

"Seems like I can only give it a shot at fighting them. If I don't, there wouldn't be any bit of chance left."

"I shall reign supreme over Eight Desolates!"

With that single move, all of his martial arts converged into a single point.

With the system, experience points were the only thing required for Lin Fan to level up. However, Lin Fan has also stolen a bunch of essence, spirit, and vitality from powerful beings that he has killed. As such, the powers of his foundation had reached a really berserk state as well.

Within the same cultivation state, he could be considered as an invincible existence. It wouldn't be an issue for him to cross level gaps and fight.

Lin Fan knew that this single strike of his which possessed all of his powers couldn't possibly hold back the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race.

"Do I really have to depend on the Heaven and Earth Sutra at this point as well?"

Unless there was no other way out, Lin Fan did not want to use it.

However, after killing Saint, Lin Fan had obtained 1 trillion Shengyang Pills. This was undoubtedly a joyous achievement worth celebrating.

But just at this moment, a horrifying amount of power pierced through towards him.

Lin Fan grimaced. This power was unstoppable. If he didn't use the Heaven and Earth Sutra, he might truly not be able to defend against this.

'Ding…System has a.n.a.lyzed the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar successfully.'

'Ding…New function obtained.'

'Burn up half a trillion of Shengyang Pills to open up the barriers between the Infinite Worlds and teleport to another world.'

The moment Lin Fan heard the notifications of the system, his heart burst with joy.

"Holy f*ck! This couldn't have been timelier!"

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