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Power! This was unbridled power!

Lin Fan could only feel as though his body was in possession of the strongest power in the world right now.

In life, there were always the three great delusions -

1: I have absolute power.

2: I am stronger than he is.

3: I can defeat him.

And right now, Lin Fan was in possession of the first of the three great delusions, 'I have absolute power.'

To be honest, the power that Lin Fan possessed WAS indeed pretty formidable. And, it was even more so now that he had killed the Utmost Being Saint. But, in the eyes of the Heaven's Will, Lin Fan was still nothing but a mere ant.

"HAHA! So what if you're the Heavens' Will? Yours Truly's powers have now recovered! Even if I were to fight you head on, it wouldn't be an issue! At the most…" Lin Fan howled out wildly as he leaped out of his Paradise and proclaimed proudly. But, when he was speaking halfway, he was stumped by the entire scene before him.


The moment Lin Fan leaped out of his Paradise, he felt pairs of eyes flushing towards him in unison.

"You guys…!!!"

At this point, Lin Fan was pretty flabbergasted, unable to believe everyone he was seeing right before him.

One head.

Two heads.

Three heads.

Four heads.

By the time he was done counting, he found that there were five Ancient race beings.

The auras of these Ancient race beings were extremely profound and chilling to the bone. These auras were full of mettle, and their ferocious momentum seemed as though they could destroy anything before them.

"Who is this person?"

"Your Excellency, Heaven's Will, is this the human you were referring to?"

"Where has Saint gone to? Why can't I sense his aura at all?"

"Hmph! To think that Saint would have kept the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar for himself. d.a.m.n that guy!"

Lin Fan did not know when these Ancient race beings arrived. However, without guessing, he could tell that these were the Utmost Beings.

Out of the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, Lin Fan had only seen three. To think that the remaining five would appear here as well!

To Lin Fan, this was absolutely gut smashing.

As the five Utmost Beings stood upright in the void, the tremendous aura that was given off by them was causing the entire world to quake. The sky was changing colors continuously.

"Suppress that human." The Heaven's Will finally spoke up as though he was giving off an order.


Without hesitating, the five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race nodded their heads.

To the Heaven's Will, these Utmost Beings were nothing more special than any other Ancient race being. They bore no distinction at all. After all, he was the one who had crafted all of them out.

Even the Utmost Beings were no exception.

"This mother*cker…!!!" Lin Fan was petrified as s.h.i.t.

To think that things would turn out as such! The moment he came out, he met so many Ancient race Utmost beings! This was giving him no f*cking chance at all!

A sense of danger surged itself right into the depths of his heart. Even now that Lin Fan's strength had grown, these five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were like gigantic mountains that seemed to be crushing onto him.

He didn't even have any chance of fighting back at all!

"It's been a long time since I've last seen a human."

"That's right. Seems like Saint must have been killed by this human. That piece of trash! To think that he would die in the hands of a human. This is an utter humiliation for the Ancient race!"

"Could the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar be in the hands of this human?"

One by one, the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were sizing up Lin Fan with scrutiny.

The gaze that was permeated through their eyes seemed as though they were going to devour Lin Fan entirely.

"Human, take the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar out." One of the Utmost Beings had a humongous body just like that of a heaven piercing giant. When that colossal body stepped foot on the void, it gave off a repressing feeling that was unmatched.

Generating the clanking sound like that of metal, the amount of pressure given off by him was entirely irresistible.

'F*ck! How in the world did these guys come about? Could all of them have been attracted here by the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar?' Lin Fan was startled in his heart, wondering when these Ancient race beings made their way here.

But, Lin Fan garnered that the reason for all of them gathering here should be all the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

At the start, Lin Fan had yet to fully comprehend the importance of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. But after cultivating it, he knew of its true powers.

No matter who it was that obtained it, it would definitely bring for them an immense amount of benefits.

The only reason why Saint brought it out was because he was pushed to his wits' end and had no other way but to use it and fight with all he had.

As for the other Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, this was a source of energy that they were extremely sensitive to. The moment they felt the aura of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, they headed over from wherever they were.

"Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar? What Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar? I've got no idea!" Lin Fan acted dumb and shook his head furiously.

Lin Fan felt that the Heavens were playing a G.o.dlike joke on him. First, they gave him an infinite amount of hope, only for him to realize at the very end of it all that it was nothing but a scam.

It was scam that would not even compensate him if he were to die because of it!

After obtaining the treasure, he thought that he would definitely have his powers skyrocket from there on. But, given the current situation, that was just courting death for him!

Five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race! Even if he were to take his life out to pit it against them, he wouldn't even be their match!

"Everyone, why are we wasting our breath on him? Let us just take him down and search his entire soul afterward to make him spit everything out." One of the Utmost Beings remarked cruelly.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he exploded. Wasn't this guy way too savage?

"What are you guys doing?! Yes, the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar is in my hands! What are you guys trying to do?" Lin Fan yelled out, feeling extremely helpless in his heart. These guys really wanted his d.a.m.n life!

If five Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were to strike out together, even a powerful being who had obtained an Eternal G.o.d Seat would definitely perish instantly!

'Why does my life have to be this tragic?'

At this moment, Lin Fan could only feel an overwhelming sadness in his heart. Ever since he had started on his path, nothing seemed to go by his way at all! Each time he got to the most important parts, there would always be some hiccups of sorts!

Now that he had finally suppressed an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, Lin Fan felt as though he had reached the peak of his life. But, to think that the Heaven's Will would appear instead!

Initially, Lin Fan had thought of scamming the Heaven's Will a little and finding a way to escape. But, the moment he came out of his Paradise, there was a group of Utmost Beings awaiting him out of nowhere!

It would still be okay if it were just one of them. But what? To think that five of them would appear!

This was just b.l.o.o.d.y trying to take this old life of his!


This thought flashed through Lin Fan's mind. He was already prepared for it.


Instantly, Lin Fan bolted off a thousand miles, wanting to get out of this place.

"So Near, Yet So Far has already been mastered by Yours Truly to a certain degree of proficiency! There should be no issues in running!"

Lin Fan was full of confidence towards his So Near, Yet So Far.

However, the moment he dove into the void, the entire world seemed as though it was firming up. It seemed as though there were layers after layers of membrane that was blocking his path.

"This is just leaving me with no hope entirely!" Lin Fan's face took a turn for the worse as he was squeezed out of the void.

"Human, you will never escape. Hand over the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar obediently, and we may just let you have an easy death."

"Why are we still wasting our breath on this human seriously? Just kill him outright."

"That's right. The Heaven's Will is already enraged. As representatives of the Heaven's Will, how can we allow him to continue acting so insolently?"


All of a sudden, the Heaven and Earth quaked as the five Utmost Beings raised their hands instantly. An immensely frightening power appeared all of a sudden, enclosing Lin Fan within it.

Under the formidable might of this power, Lin Fan's face changed. There was a very high possibility that he would be minced to death under this monstrous power here. There wasn't even a single strand of hope at all.

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