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"Your Heaven's Will have yet to awaken entirely. Hence, I did not wish to use up too much power. But, to think that a d.a.m.ned human such as yourself would dare to run? If that's the case, I can only suppress you entirely then!"

The voice was boundless and had a metallic sound to it. It was eternal, foreign, and vicissitudinous.

But, the voice alone had one knowing that they had better not underestimate this.

"Seems like I've really thought too simply of it! This Heaven's Will really can move! The reason for it not taking any action at all was because it hadn't woken up completely just yet!"

"But, what should I do now?!" Lin Fan reared his head into the void.

Right now, there was a boundless amount of power surging through the void. This power was extremely huge in magnitude, something not to be scoffed at.

Lin Fan could feel himself being locked on by the Heaven's Will. There was no room for him to run at all.

Spit! Spit!

That attack just now had Lin Fan eating an entire mouthful of mud.

"Heaven's Will, don't you go overboard now! Any powerful being can get their hands on treasures! Since I've gotten my hands on it, that means that it has an affinity with me! As the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World, how can you be so petty?!" Lin Fan's eyes were fluttering around, trying to think of a good way to escape out of this place directly. However, for a moment or so, he could not come up with anything good at all.

Even though the Heaven's Will had yet to wake up entirely, given the current situation, it still wasn't something that Lin Fan could deal with at all. No. He had to think up of a good way now. Otherwise, he would really have to die here.

"The Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar isn't something that someone like you can get a share of. Hand it over right now."

The voice of the Heaven's Will boomed out like thunder. In fact, Lin Fan could even feel a momentous surge of energy coming from the unknowns that was trying to grab at the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

However, when this surge of energy entered Lin Fan's body, it was devoured by the system immediately.

"Hmm?" The moment the Heaven's Will discovered that his energy that he had sent into this human has eaten up by some other mysterious power, he was startled.

As for Lin Fan, he scoffed at the thought of this Heaven's Will trying to s.n.a.t.c.h away something from him. This guy didn't know that Yours Truly had a system!

In the past, there was someone who had wanted to devour Yours Truly. In a moment of carelessness, he was f*cked over by the system instead.

It was needless for Lin Fan to elaborate on the mystifying uses of the system anymore.

"To think that this human would possess a power as such within his body! But, even if that's the case, no one is going to be able to save you!" The might of the Heaven's Will crashed down, and the entire world began to tremble.

As for those living beings watching the live broadcast, they suddenly realized that the image had come to a stop.

"Gosh! Are they still going to let us watch or what? Man, I've never hated the Samsung race as much as today!"

"That's right! They were already hated for their self destructing powers. And now, they cut off the broadcast right in the middle of the action?! Do they have any ethics at all?"

"But, that thing just now, wasn't that the Heaven's Will? If the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World was going to wake up, wouldn't it mean that we're all dead meat?"

"It can't be, right? What are we to do? We don't even have a broadcast to watch from right now. This is making me really anxious!"

All the beings of the thousands of races were panicking, and did not know what to do right now.

"What should we do? The aura that was given off by the Heaven's Will earlier on was something that was practically invincible! Once it is to awaken completely, who else in the world could control it?" The face of the Female Empress was stern right now as she could not help but worry over it.

"Now's not the time to think about that. That lad is probably going to be in danger! It's practically impossible for him to try and escape from the grasp of the Heaven's Will!"

Namo Saint Emperor was feeling for the first time in his life that he truly did not know what to do any longer.

"Go. Hurry up and go to the Guarded Ground! Now that the Heaven's Will is awakening, it means that the Infinite Worlds are going to open up soon as well! By that time, this world will change entirely!"

Feng Qingzi's expression was grim, "This disciple of mine is going to be alright. I have faith in him."

"Oi, oi! Old Man Feng, no matter what, he's your disciple! Are you going to leave him be just like that?!" Namo Saint Emperor was stunned and somewhat exasperated.

"It's precisely because he's my disciple that he has to undergo tougher training. Earlier on, I gave a telling of his fortune with my fingers. This disciple of mine is going to do great things. He will not fall here. Hence, we don't have to worry. Let us leave."

Feng Qingzi was lying with a straight face as though he had just told the truth. However, Feng Qingzi did indeed try to predict Lin Fan's fortune with his fingers before. But, no matter how he tried, he couldn't predict anything at all.

It was as though there was a thin veil that was shielding Lin Fan's fate from being seen through within this world.

Even when Feng Qingzi used up every last bit of his milk-sucking strength, he couldn't tell jacksh*t.

With that, his eventual conclusion was that this disciple of his was going to be alright.

As for heading over to rescue him and whatnot, Feng Qingzi did entertain some of those thoughts before. But, he knocked them off as quickly as they came. After all, him heading there was as good as not heading there at all, as it would hardly make a difference.

At this moment, Lin Fan could truly feel his nuts hurting. Now that he had f*cked up a powerful being, another one was here. This was really one h.e.l.l of a ballf*ck for him!

Did he really have a face to be taunted at constantly?

No matter where he went, he would be taunted by others! They left him with no chance at all!

"Seems like this is the only way then." Lin Fan cast his gaze at Saint who was being suppressed within his Paradise.

Now that the powers within his body had been lost by more than half and his Paradise was equally empty, Lin Fan didn't even have the capabilities to fight back fully.

But, if he were to slay Saint here, he might gain a single strand of hope!

"Saint, my apologies, but Yours Truly has no choice but to f*ck you to death then." Lin Fan was neither happy nor sad. However, his face did let out a look of shyness.

It was as though he was feeling embarra.s.sed for killing Saint right after he had suppressed him.

Within the Paradise…


A sorrowful wail rang out within the entire place.

Right now, Saint had recovered from Biggra. But, when he recalled everything that had just happened, his heart felt as though it was about to break down.

To think that as a mighty and grand Utmost Being, he would have such things done to him by this…this beast!


"Shut up!"

Not only was he suppressed down by the Mythical Parasol Tree, the Big Ancient Demon was suppressing him as well.

Looking at how insolently Saint was acting, the Big Ancient Demon could not bear with it anymore and gave him one tight slap. The slap had Saint entirely stumped as though he was dealt a major blow.

"Y-YOU…!!!" Right now, other than Lin Fan, the one that Saint hated the most within his heart was none other than this Big Ancient Demon.

He would never ever forget the scene of him being pinned down by this Big Ancient Demon.

"You what you? Master, are we going to f*ck him to death?" The Big Ancient Demon was a heartless fella as well. He had evidently gone through a furious round of pumping with this Saint, and now, he was entirely disregarding his existence!

"Yes, kill him."

Suddenly, the tree branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree pierced through into the body of Saint and sucked up his powers.


At this moment, Saint was like a fish on a chopping board, unable to fight back at all.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Utmost Being Saint of the Ancient race.'

'Ding…Experience Points Gained: Countless.'

'Ding…Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding…Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state.'

'Obtained: Eternal G.o.d Seat (1)'

'Obtained: 1 Trillion Shengyang Pills.'

'Obtained: 18 Dao Weapons.'

At this instant, the notifications from the system rang out relentlessly.

Lin Fan's heart was pounding furiously from it as well.

As an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, the experience points being given off by Saint were naturally astronomical. And not only that, there were plenty of treasures!

Paradise, Essence Spirit, Law, Universal Elixir… All of those were exploited by Lin Fan to strengthen his own body. He could feel as though his body was surging through with an unlimited amount of power.

And, the moment he stepped into the Eight Desolates United state, Lin Fan could feel his mastery of the universe getting stronger than before.

It was as though HE was the Heaven, and HE was the Earth.

Everything thing that happened between the universe seemed to be under his complete control.

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