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Among the servant disciples, Zhang Ergou might not be the best person, but he had many friends. When he informed the others, nearly half the disciples went crazy about it.

What did it mean when a big man came down to pick disciples?

It meant that they skipped the outer sect and inner sect disciples, and would become a senior elder’s disciple in a mountain. If they were lucky enough to be picked, they would be very successful. They could have anything they wanted and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

In a room, a disciple heard the cheering and Zhang Ergou’s news, making his eyes flash.

Based on his situation, he could become an outer sect disciple soon. He did not have to be the servant and actually get into the sect. However, this big man came to pick disciples, which could be a chance.

Entering the mountain or outer sect, these were two choices. Entering the mountain meant one would be protected and resources and martial skills would be available. Entering the outer sect meant one needed to rely on oneself.

However, these were not problems for him.

Lu Yan was confident. He believed that he was in top ten among the servant disciples. If he fought hard, he would surely defeat the top disciple.

He wanted to avoid unnecessary troubles, so he hid his power level and trained slowly. When it was time, he would surprise everyone and get on the top.

Lu Yan had planned out everything.

If he were powerful all the time, it would bring no shocking experience. He would be picked by the big man if he suddenly showed an amazing power out of nowhere.


Lin Fan stood there and looked at the crowd. Should he be more modest or more powerful? Anyhow, he was the grand master now. He needed to be presentable. Lin Fan took a deep breath, put his hands behind his back and looked far into the distance. It seemed like he had seen the meaning of life and entered a mysterious state.

Those disciples who were called by Zhang Ergou looked at Lin Fan nervously.

This was the big man.

He sure looked handsome and powerful. He must be the big man.

Lin Fan felt lost because this was the first time he had been looked up to by so many people. Lu Yan stood at the front of the crowd, looking at the big man. Lin Fan looked powerful yet modest. He could not detect Lin Fan’s power level… How amazing!

Lu Yan was just a common servant disciple, and could even be called as trash. One day, he was beaten up by some senior brothers. He lost too much blood, but the blood touched the necklace which had pa.s.sed down in his family. Strange things happened at that point in time.

That necklace recovered his body, and he got to know many martial skills he did not used to know. From that moment, Lu Yan knew he would not stay ‘common’ forever.

"Master, there are too many servant disciples. I could not get to all of them. There are hundreds of brothers here. They should be enough for you to pick from." Zhang Ergou reported respectfully.

"Em." Lin Fan nodded and woke up from enjoying the view and respectful looks of the people. Everyone was looking at the master and waiting for what would happen next.

They wished they could be the lucky ones to be picked to the mountain and start walking towards the bright future.

Lu Yan stood there with his head up, thinking that the master could sense his power. If he were picked by the master, he would be able to use his full potential to grab his future.

Lin Fan checked everyone’s body, without caring about appearances. Lin Fan’s standard was strong, powerful, and able to get rid of weeds.

Those slim ones were out of consideration straight off the bat.

"I will only pick five today." Lin Fan said, then pointed to Zhang Ergou. "Good work for rallying people, you are in."

Zhang Ergou was nervous. What would he do if he was not picked? Now he found out he was the first one, and became incomparably excited. His face turned red because of the excitement, and he almost cried out.

Zhang Ergou never thought even his wildest dreams that he would get so lucky. He wiped away his tears and felt sad about his previous life. He also looked up to Lin Fan with grat.i.tude. ‘I have to repay the master’s debt.’

Servant disciples started to get more nervous. There were only five spots; one was gone, ow there were only four left among hundreds of them. Who would those four be? Hundreds of servant disciples looked at Lin Fan in antic.i.p.ation with bated breaths.

Lu Yan stood among the crowd. He was confident to be picked by the master. He suddenly realized that the master had looked at him not long ago.

The feeling would be right. However, Lu Yan found it ridiculous that Zhang Ergou could be picked. A sneaky guy like him could be picked, that was so surprising.

"You..." Lin Fan picked another. That man was tall and skin is dark. His arms were powerful, so must be good at working.

"Thank you, master." That tall man looked at Lin Fan, and could not believe he was picked, smiling till his cheeks started to almost tear as a result.



Lin Fan picked another two. He made his choice based on body built. These picks were born in a farmer’s family. They must be good at working.

Lu Yan was very surprised. He did not know the standard of the master. All those picks were useless according to him. They could never enter the outer sect.

However, these useless people were picked by the master. Did they have special abilities that he did not know about?

One last pick was, and Lu Yan was nervous beyond control. However, he kept telling himself, the last pick must be him. At this time, Lu Yan could not hold back and released all his power. He needed to attract the master’s attention.

When Lu Yan realized that the master was looking at him, he got even more nervous. The master was looking at him, he would surely be picked.

Lu Yan’s eyes really wanted to talk right now.

Lin Fan blinked his eyes and saw Lu Yan. He found Lu Yan strange. His power sometimes was strong, sometimes weak. Although he was good, his body built was too small. His skin was pale and clean. He probably did not work a lot.

Then Lin Fan looked away and smile, "Last one is you."

A tall guy standing not far from Lu Yan started to laugh.


"How can it be?" Lu Yan’s lips were shaking. He could not believe the result. Why did the master not pick him? Did it mean he was worse than those trashes according to the master?

"d.a.m.n...G.o.d d.a.m.n it." Lu Yan looked at those who were picked. Their smiles were like arrows which penetrated his heart.

These people were trashes to him, and they got picked. This was not fair.

Lu Yan looked at Lin Fan and thought he was so unfair.

"Today, you did not pick me. In the future, I will surpa.s.s you."

Lu Yan clenched his fist and exited the crowd quietly.

Lin Fan was satisfied with the five people, but he did not know someone with great dreams hated him now. If Lin Fan knew this, he would not even know how to cry about it.

‘I just want to pick someone to get rid of weeds for me, how does that attract hate?’

"All right, you follow me." Lin Fan nodded, not wanting to talk much. The weed job was heavy, and one could not waste more time.

"Master, please wait. I need to get something back." Zhang Ergou said.

Lin Fan looked at him and nodded, "Hurry."

Zhang Ergou smiled after getting permission. He ran to a muscular man and said, " Yesterday, you beat me up and took ten of my pills away. Now give them back, and apologize to me."

The muscular man Zhang Ergou faced was the bully among the servant disciples. Everyone was afraid of him among the servant disciple. However, Zhang Ergou had been picked by a master, what could he do?

"You are robbing me. There were only two. You are asking for ten, you..." The muscular man was shocked as he whispered quietly.

"Hmm, do not waste my time. The master is here. If the master gets angry, this will not be easy for you." Zhang Ergou said arrogantly. The muscular man looked at the master who was in a hurry, then looked at Zhang Ergou " Fine, here you go.., I wish you never come back."

Zhang Ergou smiled, ‘Coming back? I am not coming back, heaven awaits me.’

"Good, apologize to me." Zhang Ergou looked at the ten pills and put them away.

"I am sorry." The muscular man admitted defeat. He had never thought Zhang Ergou would be this lucky. But if Zhang Ergou were caught by him in the future, he would definitely teach him a lesson.

"Em… Good. Next time, behave yourself when you see me, or I will teach you a lesson." Zhang Ergou felt so good about himself, something he had never felt before.

This feeling was amazing.

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