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"Save me!"

At this moment, the Weapon Spirit of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar shrieked out intensely. However, the sounds of its shrieks were getting softer by the moment as though they could disappear at any time.

"Weapon Spirit, no matter how you call for help, it's all going to be useless. Just get cultivated by me obediently." Lin Fan clapped his hands together as a boundless amount of power surged in.

The word 'cultivation' jerked intensely before giving off a final bright gleam. The Heaven and Earth Sutra was an unparalleled Utmost Treasure that holds many secrets within it. Even up till now, Lin Fan had probably only sc.r.a.ped at its surface, and was unable to utilize it to its full potential.

If he wanted to fully control the Heaven and Earth Sutra, he would have to be a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being at the very least.

At that time, perhaps he might be able to use all the text characters with a single thought. Otherwise, if he attempted that right now, he would undoubtedly just be seeking death, as he would get sapped into a dried up corpse in the blink of an eye.

The Heaven and Earth Sutra had 108 words to it. Every single word possessed all living beings and carried with it an incredible amount of profound secrets. If one had enough powers to sustain them, the 108 words would then instantly suppress and turn into all sorts of mysterious text characters. By then, even if it were an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, they could probably be killed on the spot instantly.


Lin Fan hollered out as his connection with the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar got more mysterious with time. In fact, he was already starting to get some control over it.

Saint was entirely crazed at this moment. He knew that the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar had left him by now. Even though he was infuriated by that, he was actually feeling that there was nothing more important than what he was doing right now!

'Ding…Congratulations on subduing the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.'

'Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar: Connects to the Infinite Worlds. The sacrifices of the Infinite Worlds shall seek out everything.'

'Ding…System conducting in-depth a.n.a.lysis of Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.'

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!!!" Saint had entirely lost every last bit of connection with the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar right now, and hence yelled out in his heart. However, it was as though this body of his was being controlled by something. The only thing he could do right now was engage in these acts together with the Big Ancient Demon.

All the living beings who were watching this live broadcast could not understand what was going on right now. But, the feeling of them watching this battle between the Utmost Being of the Ancient race and that huge rock a.s.s was pretty intense.

This was the collision of power against power, something that went against the laws of mechanical physics.

For many of those beings of the thousands of races, their hundreds and thousands of years of cultivation had just crumbled down in the blink of an eye.

After all, everything before them was way too piercing for their hearts.

"Just who in the world is this young man? How could he have such capabilities that even an Utmost Being of the Ancient race was toyed in his hands?"

While there were many people who did not know of Lin Fan, there were also quite a number of people who knew of him.

This was the Motherf*cking Human King, an existence revered by the ma.s.ses.

This was the party leader of the Revolutionary Army, an existence hated by many parties in the Guarded Ground.

Yet at this very moment, everyone held their breaths. That was because the sight before them was something they were really concerned about. They did not know how things would play out from this.

"Is that the power possessed by the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar?"

All of a sudden, Lin Fan could feel countless threads shooting out from the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar and wrapping themselves around him. These threads seeped into the void as though they were connected to larger worlds one after another.

In fact, it seemed as though some of the powerful beings from those other worlds were unable to withstand the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar as they started obeying its commands.

An example of that was the Blood World.


Lin Fan didn't have the luxury of time to think any further when the void trembled out. His face was startled as an uneasy feeling made its way up his head. While this energy wasn't all that strong, it was really ancient.

"Put down the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar or you shall die."

A radiant voice rang out from somewhere within the void. One was unable to determine the gender of this voice as though it was some mixed up robotic voice. There was even a vicissitude and an ancient feeling to it.

When the voice descended from the void, Lin Fan could only feel his heart rattle. This was a formidable aura as though one had to bow down to it.

The Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

Through the broadcast of the Samsung race, Feng Qingzi's face changed.

"The Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar is the treasure of the Heaven's Will! Now that this lad has forcefully cultivated it, he must have alerted the Heaven's Will about it directly! This is bad! Things are going to get complicated!"

Feng Qingzi had not expected things to turn out like this and his heart tightened. Even if they were to head up to help him, it would be all too late.

"Didn't you say that the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World was still deep in slumber? Why would it come out?!" Namo Saint Emperor asked in astonishment.

"As only a part of the Ancient Saint World's Heaven's Will is awakened, it shouldn't appear in theory! However, now that the lad has forcefully cultivated the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, how could the Heaven's Will endure that?"

"Does this mean the lad is dead for sure?"

When Saint was in that bad position, they had thought that Lin Fan would be able to overturn the tides and suppress the former entirely. But to think that things would change as such! This was something that was too sudden for them to react to!

"You are the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World?" Lin Fan looked up at the void. Even though there was no reaction, Lin Fan knew that the Heaven's Will was looking at him.

Even Lin Fan was feeling his nuts hurting at this moment. He hadn't thought that things would come to this.

'Steady up! You have to stay firm!'

Lin Fan gathered his courage secretly. He had to try to delay time and seize the opportunity to run away.

What sort of an existence was the Heaven's Will? Now that he had forcefully cultivated the treasure from this guy, how could he just stand here wasting time talking to him?

If it were him in the Heaven's Will shoes, he would definitely rush out at first notice and come forth with a flurry of punches. But right now, the Heaven's Will was only threatening him instead of coming forth.

But, didn't this just mean that it was inconvenient for the Heaven's Will to come out right now?

In order to test out this theory, Lin Fan had to try some things out.

Far across in the distance, the Big Ancient Demon had Saint pinned under him. That was a really messy scene right now.

By now, this Saint could have been considered to be defeated by him. He had to take this guy away with him no matter what. If he could kill him, that would be one big chunk of experience points!

Sneakily and stealthily, Lin Fan came to the side of the Big Ancient Demon. He then tossed his robes and kept them into his Paradise.

Once they entered the Paradise, Lin Fan suppressed Saint immediately.

Even though there was no more Spirit Qi within his Paradise right now, with the combined efforts of his Mythical Parasol Tree and all the living beings within it, suppressing him wasn't an issue.


At this moment, a thunderous explosion boomed out. The Heaven's Will was angered right now. To think that this ant like existence would dare to try and forcefully steal away an Utmost Being from his very nose!

And, this was not even including that Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar!


Without thinking twice, Lin Fan bolted off into the distance.

With his current strength, even a single Utmost Being could already have him half dead, so it was needless to even consider fighting the Heaven's Will.

Even though Lin Fan wasn't all too certain whether the Heaven's Will could strike out, for safety's sake, Lin Fan still decided to sprint as quickly as he could first.

"You're courting death!"

The Heaven's Will bellowed out. Instantly, the entire sky changed.

Lightning flashed around as cyclones whirled out. There was even a formless gigantic hand that tore out of the void and was suppressing the world around the area forcefully.

Lin Fan jerked his head back and his soul was nearly shat out of him. Which f*cker in the world said that the Heaven's Will couldn't do anything?

The amount of powers that were coming forth was absolutely frightening the sh*t out of him!

Lin Fan dove into the void. However, a boundless amount of power exploded out from within as though the entire void nearby had broken down.

Instantly, Lin Fan's body dropped out from the void, while a tremendous amount of power pressed itself down harshly onto his body.

He was slapped down to the ground instantaneously.

"Holy f*ck! This guy is giving no chances at all!"

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