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"Master, you can't do this to me! How can I, as the Big Ancient Demon, do something as such with that fella…?" The Big Ancient Demon was on the brink of tears right now. He yelled out, hoping that Lin Fan would change his mind.

"Oh, my dear demon boy… Now's the time for you to show your worth. Unless… you wish for your Master to take it on himself, eh?" Lin Fan rolled his eyes helplessly.

In Lin Fan's opinion, given the battle power of the Big Ancient Demon, the winner wasn't even determined just yet. Who knew if the Big Ancient Demon might just go in a frenzy and suppress that fella under him instead? Now, THAT would be tyrannical.

The Big Ancient Demon looked at Lin Fan, then at that rapidly chasing Utmost Being. He could not help but feel sorrow in his heart. Was he going to lose his virginity at this place right now?

No, absolutely not!

He was the Big Ancient Demon! How could he let that guy bully him? Even if anyone had to be bullied, HE should be the one bullying the other guy!

All of a sudden, the Big Ancient Demon felt the unstoppable amount of energy gushing through his body, breaking through the barriers of his heart and bringing forth his inner self.


The Big Ancient Demon yelled out as that boundless yell rang through the world.

"Seems like the time is now. The Big Ancient Demon is not one to be trifled with."

Looking at the situation before him, Lin Fan was elated.

When Saint caught sight of how that darned human had released the Big Ancient Demon, his heart could not help but freeze up a little. And, when he saw the raging object at the groin of the Big Ancient Demon, that was absolutely intolerable.


Saint wanted to stop himself. However, he found out that there was nothing he could do. When he caught sight of that ma.s.sive body of the Big Ancient Demon, he even had a sense of excitement trickling through his heart! This was something absolutely horrifying for Saint!


An explosion boomed out. Lin Fan did not even have to see to know that the Big Ancient Demon had clashed with Saint.

As for how the situation was turning out, Lin Fan did not want to pay attention. But, it was evident that there would be a tragedy awaiting one side. The only question was whether it would be Saint or the Big Ancient Demon.

Everything, every single thing, could only depend on fate right now.

"This Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar is really strong indeed. To think that the Weapon Spirit within would still be resisting. However, I must definitely get my hands on this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, no matter what it takes."

"If I can cultivate this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, I may even have a chance to comprehend through it a method to get down to the Lower World."

The very reason why Lin Fan was so bent on getting his hands on this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was that he wanted to use it to get down to the Lower World.

Since the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was able to receive sacrifices from all of the different worlds before returning some benefits for those worlds, it naturally meant that it could break through the barriers of the Infinite Worlds. If Lin Fan could comprehend how to do so, that would save him a whole lot of trouble.

"Master, save me! This guy wants to do me!"

Just as Lin Fan was trying his best at cultivating the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, the cries of the Big Ancient Demon yelped out.

This was a tragic cry as though he was enduring some unspeakable pain.

"My dear demon boy, if he wants to do you, you should try your best to do him back! What use is that huge hulking body of yours for?"

Lin Fan turned around to see Saint sprawled on the back of the Big Ancient Demon's body, and was pounding up and down like a pile driver. However, his face was flushed entirely red as though he couldn't find the correct position of entry after all this time.

"Aiya! You dog sh*t! How dare you cause my hind legs such terrible pain with that hard object of yours!" The thighs of the Big Ancient Demon were now poked so badly they were red and sore by now. With an ominous glow, he made a huge flip and pinned Saint onto the ground.

"You beast! How dare you humiliate Your Demon Daddy! It's time for Daddy's turn!"

The Big Ancient Demon's face was entirely red as he exerted all his force and switched positions with Saint. There was even a feeling of the commoners revolting against the royalty at this point.


Saint wailed out in anguish. Even though his body had betrayed him right now, his heart was still burning with rage. He was an Utmost Being of the Ancient race! How could he allow something like this to happen?

But, under the intense manly aura of the Big Ancient Demon, Saint gradually lost himself within it.

That mighty arm of the Big Ancient Demon that was wrapping itself around him with its heated perspiration pouring down his body caused Saint's entire body to get wet right now.

"Holy f*ck! This mother*cking scene is way too piercing to watch!" When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he was entirely stumped. Was this even watchable for humans? How could Saint give off such a shameful expression?

"HAHA! Saint, are you f*cking feeling good now?" The Big Ancient Demon howled out in pleasure as that hulking body of his expanded furiously.

Lin Fan did not want to see anymore. He had truly admitted defeat this time around.

To think that he would have to watch such an indecent scene before him.

"Eh? Why is there still a Samsung race being?"

At this moment, Lin Fan realized that there was still a single Samsung race being that was standing there foolishly within his Paradise. He could not help but grin out.

"HAHA! Not bad, not bad!" Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy as he pulled out the Samsung race being.

"Samsung race being, even though your self destruction powers are decent, I want you to make use of your image broadcast function now."

Now that the Samsung race being had long been reformed by Lin Fan, he naturally obeyed Lin Fan's every whim and order. Without waiting, thousands of light spots flew out of him and scattered out in all directions.

For every good story, there had to be a good t.i.tle.

Lin Fan thought for a moment before determining the t.i.tle.

"The great battle between the Big Ancient Demon and the Utmost Being of the Ancient race. High Definition, Uncensored. 360 degrees, No Dead Angle Live Broadcast."


The void rippled out as those light spots dusted out into the entire world.

Lin Fan grabbed on to one of the light spots that started its live broadcast instantly.

"F*ck! This image quality is way too s.h.i.tty! But forget it. At least it's watchable."

Even though the explosive power of the Samsung race beings was strong, their image broadcast wasn't clear at all! It was just barely watchable.

The Namo Saint Emperor and the others had since run off a long way.

"Eh? Check it out. These light spots…!" When the Namo Saint Emperor caught sight of the light spots, he grabbed one of them in his hands before crushing it.

At that moment, an image appeared along with a series of sounds.

"Holy f*ck! What the f*ck is that lad doing?" Within the image, Lin Fan was working hard at cultivating the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. And not too far away from him, there were two bodies meshing together in a flesh struggle.


The moment the Female Empress caught sight of this, she could not help but puke out in shame. Lowly! Despicable! How could they be doing something like this?

The Big Ancient Demon was really ugly to begin with. And, the Utmost Being of the Ancient race was hideous to the max as well.

And now that these two disgustingly ugly fellas were hugging together, this was an image of ma.s.s destruction.

Across the world, all the living beings came into contact with these light spots.

The Utmost Being of the Ancient race was the most feared existence in their hearts. However, when they saw the t.i.tle, they were filled with an immense curiosity.

"What does High Definition Uncensored mean?"

"And, what's this 360 degrees No Dead Angle Live Broadcast all about?"

Out of inquisitiveness, everyone opened up the image.


"How could this be?! I've got thousands of years of cultivation under me! But this single image has managed to break me!"

"I can't bear with it anymore! No more please!"

When countless of living beings caught sight of that image, their eyes were instakilled. They even spat out a mouthful of blood involuntarily from their bodies.

However, for the rest of the living beings, this was simply way too exciting!

"HAHA! This is an emotional video!"

"That's the Utmost Being Saint of the Ancient race! To think that even he would have such a side to him! But who in the world is that ugly warrior fighting him? To think that he would have such guts!"

"That's the Motherf*cking Human King! The Motherf*cking Human King is starting to make his rounds on the Utmost Beings!"

"Vice party leader! Hurry up and come take a look! Isn't that our party leader?!"

"Aiyah! Holy f*ck! A single look at this image and one would definitely know that it is from the Samsung race! High Definition my fart! The whole video is practically blurry! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Why isn't there a Huawei race being or Xiaomi race being around? To think that we can't even enjoy such a majestic image in its fullest glory! What a pity!"

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