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"Do you really think that you will have a chance to make a comeback? These text characters possess a boundless amount of power. How can an ant-like human such as yourself command them so easily? Right now, you have already been seen through by Your Utmost here. Do you really think that your powers will be enough for you to continue sustaining these text characters?" As far as Saint was concerned, Lin Fan was going to be done in by him for sure.

In the beginning, he was still at a loss for what to do. Furthermore, the power of Heaven and Earth harnessed by these text characters were not the powers of the Ancient Saint World. This was something way too incredible for Saint.

Out of the myriads of worlds out there, the Ancient Saint World reigned supreme. How could there be a world out there which possessed a power that could triumph over the Ancient Saint World like this?

"HAHA! This is a miraculous encounter of Your Utmost here to slay an ant-like human such as yourself and steal your treasure in order to fulfill my destiny! Today, I'm going to see what other capabilities you've got!"

Saint burst out laughing wildly. He was exhilarated in his heart. He could clearly sense the powers within the body of this ant-like human flowing out rapidly. If this were to carry on, it wouldn't be long before the human turned into a dried up corpse.

An Utmost Treasure such as these text characters which could defend against someone like him was something that Saint was h.e.l.l-bent to get his hands on. No matter what, he had to get this from the grasp of the human.

However, all of a sudden, Saint's face changed. Somehow, he had a really bad feeling. This was a mysterious feeling as though something was trying to occupy his heart from within.

"Saint, are you feeling anything right now?" Looking at the state Saint was in, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out.

And it was just as Saint had thought. The powers within Lin Fan's body were depleting out rapidly. However, that didn't matter to Lin Fan.

After all, he found out that his Spirit of Biggra was actually effective against Saint!

Even though it took a long time to start acting, as long as it worked, nothing else mattered.

"Feeling? Your Utmost Being is feeling nothing at all! Your death has arrived!" Saint scoffed out coldly as he focused his attention. He had already wasted far too much time than he should with this ant-like human,.

And now that this opportunity was right before his eyes, Saint was going to have this human slain no matter what.

"Really now? At times, you really ought to pay attention to what your heart is telling you."

Lin Fan did not want to say anything more. Right now, he was at the final stages of cultivating the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

How could he give up at this critical moment?

Lin Fan was h.e.l.l-bent on getting a treasure like this. As long as he could get it, this Saint would definitely have to die from puking blood!

Instantly, Lin Fan retracted a couple of text characters, leaving only 'attack' around Saint.

"d.a.m.ned ant! Your powers are already unable to sustain all of these! Let Your Utmost here have you defeated entirely then!"

Even though this single text character was really formidable to Saint, he knew that it couldn't restrict him for too long either. Now that the chance was here, how could he give it up?

"Cultivate all things in the world! Everything shall belong to me!"

Lin Fan opened up his hands as a boundless amount of power burst forth from it.

There was an extremely strong Weapon Spirit existing within the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. However, under the power of this single text character 'cultivate', it was suffering endlessly and was unable to fight back.

Even if one had a torrential amount of power, one would have to endure it obediently.

"Saint, save me! This human is cultivating me and I can't hold on for much longer!" Within the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, a sorrowful wail suddenly rang out. This was from the Weapon Spirit of the Altar.

"Beast, stop that now!" The moment Saint sensed the cries of his Weapon Spirit, he burst out in anger. His attacks got even more ferocious as he was bent on slapping Lin Fan to death.

"I can't stop it anymore! And to think that you would still have the mood to be concerned over this? I'd advise you to pay some attention to your body's condition instead!" Lin Fan had already realized that the current status of Saint wasn't all that good right now. Seemed like the Spirit of Biggra was starting to take effect.

All of a sudden, Saint's face took a stark change. There was a mysterious feeling, a strange sensation.

Saint had suddenly realized that there was this mystifying power that was working at occupying his heart and mind!

"How could this be? Why is it like this?" Saint's face took a huge turn. In this very moment, he realized that his inner heart had already been occupied by that mysterious feeling.

For someone like Saint whose heart was firm as a rock, there was nothing that could destroy it. However, at this moment, even if his heart were as resolute as a boulder, it could not stop crumbling down as well.

"YOU B*STARD! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?" Saint bellowed out with a menacing expression. Suddenly, he looked extremely terrible as though he was having a duel with that energy that was surging within his body.


This was the only feeling that Saint was experiencing right now as his groin began to expand out rapidly. It had been a long time since Saint felt such sensations in this body part of his.

Ever since he had turned into an Utmost Being, Saint had always been a haughty and unreachable existence, who never ever bothered with anyone from the female gender.

Yet at this very moment, his heart was burning with an endless l.u.s.t.

"How could this be?!" Saint had suddenly realized that the object at his groin was now upright and ready to pierce the heavens, as though it was a pillar that could hold up an entire world!


A deep voice growled out from Saint's mouth. All of a sudden, his face was extremely flushed. Those initially frightening eyes of his were even more horrifying to look at right now.

The gaze that was permeating out from those eyes seemed as though they were going to ravage any single thing they took in.

"I'm going to f*ck you to death…!!!"

Between the world right now, the only living being present was Lin Fan. And, when the desires of Saint were dragged out by the Spirit of Biggra, his eyes were locked onto Lin Fan at that very moment.

Lin Fan was working hard at cultivating the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. When he sensed this penetrative gaze, his body could not help but shudder out with a bad feeling.

"Holy f*ck! This guy's eyes! They look as though they're going to eat me up!"

Lin Fan had suddenly realized that he seemed to be the only person around here right now! And, when one's desires were carved out by the Spirit of Biggra, there were only two choices left.

The first choice was to find a living being before poking them furiously.

And, if they were unable to find a living being, The second choice led to them to f*ck the great Mother Nature.

And with the current situation in this place where he was the only one present, he was naturally the target that was locked on by Saint.

At this moment, Lin Fan's a.n.u.s gave a tight clench as his nuts started hurting.

With this deranged Saint in front of him, he truly did not know if he could defend against him at all.

The only thought that Lin Fan had right now was to hide within the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Yet, that wasn't a good solution either. Now that he was at the critical moment of cultivating this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, was he to really just give it up just like this?

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's mind tinkered as he thought up of a plan.

The moment this idea blossomed in his mind, it couldn't disappear any longer.

"I AM AN UTMOST BEING OF THE ANCIENT RACE! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY BE ENTERTAINING SUCH THOUGHTS?!" While Saint's heart was still lucid, his actions were vulgar.

Lin Fan focused his attention and expressed his exasperation. Seemed like he could only give it a shot.

"Big Ancient Demon, come on out!" Suddenly, in order to prevent himself from being the target of poking, Lin Fan released the Big Ancient Demon from his Paradise entirely.

"Master, is there anything you're summoning me for?" The Big Ancient Demon asked in a surprised manner.

"It's nothing much. No matter what, you've got to help me defend against the attack later." Lin Fan waved his hand and pointed over at the frenzied Saint who was lunging over.

When the Big Ancient Demon caught sight of the scene ahead, he did not know what was going on at first. However, his face suddenly changed.

"Master, I-I…!!!"

"It's too late now. Seems like it'll be tough on you this time around. Biggra, go forth and unleash all the desires within the Big Ancient Demon." Lin Fan did not have to hesitate as he came up with this 'best' solution instantly.

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