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Lin Fan got down the unnamed mountain and realized that those disciples were giving him weird looks. Those disciples were conducting a private conversation, and when Lin Fan pa.s.sed them, they would pretend to look elsewhere.

Once Lin Fan walked away, they went back to talking.

"He is the owner of the unnamed mountain?"

"He does not look like someone powerful. Do you think he is the secret son of the grand master? I have heard the grand master fell in love with someone a long time ago."

"Quiet! If someone tells on you, you will be doomed."

"But the unnamed mountain is too poor. No one has been living on it for a long time. It is not easy to build a division there."


Lin Fan got the unnamed mountain and built a division on it. This information was not a secret. Hence, some disciples were curious about it, but there were others who were not interested in it.

Around this time, Lin Fan actually found some interesting places in the Glory Sect. It seemed that secondary jobs were popular here.

For example, when he pa.s.sed by a weapon forging shop, he saw bunch of rooms with closed doors. There was loud noise coming out of them. Lin Fan did not know what they are doing inside.

Suddenly, a muscular man walked out and held a sword which looked like garbage to Lin Fan.

"Top level long sword, exchange for golden core medicinal pill."

Lin Fan knew of the pill, it was a very helpful pill for people under the pericelestial level. It could greatly boost the speed of one’s training. However, what happened next shocked Lin Fan. Those disciples waiting in front of the door totally went crazy about it. They almost got into a fight to get the sword.

Lin Fan checked those blacksmiths. Their power level was common, just at the post celestial level. However, the ability to forge was great, and they were way better than the blacksmith at Saint Devil Sect.

It looked like fighters who had secondary jobs here all used things to exchange pills that could boost their power level.

Later on,, Lin Fan saw other jobs, and they were similar to the forging shop in terms of the behavior and response. It seemed that there were many people training here, but few people had secondary jobs. Those who had secondary job used what they created to exchange things which could make them stronger.

‘Nice, nice.’ Lin Fan started to think something in his mind. Those weeds needed to be removed on the mountain. It was difficult for him to do it alone.

He needed to find labor, no, get some disciples, and let them help him make the sect grow.

Lin Fan checked out those disciples around him. They were either postcelestial level or pericelestial level. Clearly, he could not fool them based on the current condition. In order to trick someone, he needed to find those disciples who did not get attention from the sect.

For example, precelestial level ones.

After he had the thought, Lin Fan immediately started to act.

"h.e.l.lo, junior brother. May I ask, where are the disciples who do not get any attention here?" Lin Fan made a smile which he thought was gentle.

The disciple who got stopped by Lin Fan checked him out. Who was he? He looked unfamiliar, and called him a junior brother. Wa.s.s his status higher than his own?

However, the disciple saw his serious face and sensed his power, so he got a little convinced.

Lin Fan looked at the disciple and smiled while reading that guy’s facial expression.

He knew that the disciple has been convinced.

"Senior brother, the disciples who do not get attention must be those servants." The disciple still doubted Lin Fan a little, but Lin Fan’s gentle att.i.tude gave him some pressure.

"Oh, where are they?" Lin Fan asked with curiosity.

"Go straight to east, pa.s.s a small road… The servant disciples should live at the middle level of the mountain." The disciple replied while pondering on the situation.

"Emm, thank you, junior brother." Lin Fan tapped his shoulder and puts hands behind his back, then left.

"May I ask for your last name, senior brother?" That disciple called out from behind Lin Fan.

"From now on, you can call me Senior brother Lin." Lin Fan said without turning his head back.

"Last name is Lin?" The disciple nodded and went back immediately to check. He wanted to know who he was, so that he could probably benefit from it.


Following the directions of the disciple, Lin Fan finally reached the place where the servant disciples lived. When he saw the living place of the servant disciples, he found it surprising. Glory Sect was a major sect. The living condition of servant disciple was the same as Saint Devil Sect’s outer sect disciple.

"This handsome looking senior brother, you seem to be from the inner sect. How can I help you? When Lin Fan was still checking the place out, a man came over with a smile.

Lin Fan smiled and looks at him. "Well, get the servants here. I, the master, need to take someone with me to my mountain."

Zhang Ergou looked at the senior brother in front of him. He originally thought Lin Fan must be from the inner sect, and thought it would be better to get acquainted with him. It was better if he could get some rewards.

When he heard Lin Fan calls himself master, Zhang Ergou’s red face turned even more red.

The master?

That t.i.tle could only be used by those high level people in the sect.


Zhang Ergou knew many things, including rumors within the sect. Although he did not know the big guy, this guy could be someone high up who had been quiet for a long time, and now was picking disciples.

Lin Fan also mentioned about ‘the mountain’?

Only a senior elder could have his own mountain in the Glory Sect.

"Okay, Okay. Please wait for a while. I will get someone right now." Zhang Ergou realized that this may be his lucky day. He never thought he would meet this kind of a high-level man today. If he could go back with the big man, he would become a member of a mountain. He was just not sure which mountain it was, zhongtian mountain, qingting mountain, or else... Zhang Ergou could not even imagine this. He was shaking with excitement just by thinking about it.

Lin Fan stood at the same place and sighed. If he did not act cool and mysterious, it would be difficult for him to achieve anything.

However, what he said was not wrong. He was the sixth grand master of the Saint Devil Sect. Although he was weak, calling himself ‘the master’ was fine. Anyhow, he needed to get as many as he could. He had to get rid of those weeds first.

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