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"Ha Ha."

Saint scoffed out in disdain. However, he did not take action. The situation right now was looking troublesome for him. He did not even know what those text characters were. However, he knew that the moment he struck, it would be defended by those text characters. Seemed like it was going to be tough killing that ant with this.

But, even if that were the case, he HAD to get this ant killed.

"Saint, the moment of dread has arrived for you." Now that Lin Fan wielded the Heaven and Earth Sutra, his confidence was practically exploding. A single word of disagreement was more than enough for him to take action.

When Saint saw Lin Fan striking out, his heart leaped with joy, "Good. You've decided to come seek death now! If you were to remain under the protection of those text characters, Your Utmost Being might truly not be able to do anything to you. But now, you've asked for it."

Saint had not expected for this fella to dare to strike out at him. Didn't he know that without the protection of those text characters, he would be killed in the blink of an eye?

Lin Fan looked at how Saint was coming forth with a monstrous momentum and smiled out while raising his finger.


Those tadpole sized text characters that were floating about gently suddenly went berserk as the 'attack' word formed right in front of Lin Fan's face. A boundless power burst forth and shot out at Saint.

"How could that be?" The moment Saint saw this, his face was filled with disbelief.

The killing intent was decisive while the attack power was formidable. All of a sudden, Saint who was not prepared to defend at all and was caught in a fl.u.s.ter.

However, Lin Fan would not let this opportunity slide.



Waving his hands, two words swiveled out. These words carried the power of the Heaven and Earth, limitless and without boundaries, eternally imperishable.


All of a sudden, Saint was filled with wounds all over his body. His heart was filled with indignance right now.

Even though this human was nothing but an ant in his eyes, the text characters brought with them a boundless amount of power. To think that the combination would injure him to this extent!

"YOU DOGSH*T! I'LL HAVE YOU SUFFER A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!" Saint bellowed out. He hadn't expected this guy to turn the tables on him!

If the Heavens gave him one more chance, Saint swore that he wouldn't mince this human into that bloodied mess, and would just kill him outright.

If that were the case, this wouldn't be the scene that was happening right now.

"Hehe... I'll let you have a good fight with these text characters first. Yours Truly will add in some ingredients for you." Lin Fan chuckled out. All of a sudden, he slammed out with thousands of punches.

The Spirit of Biggra rumbled furiously and caged up the entire world. Lin Fan did not know if Biggra would have any effect at all. But, if he didn't try, he wouldn't know.

And, if the Spirit of Biggra could truly work, then this would be one h.e.l.l of a huge deal!

No matter what, Saint was an Utmost Being of the Ancient race. Therefore, he had some sort of an inkling towards Lin Fan's methods as well. He knew that this mist might look extremely simple on the surface, but there was definitely more than what met the eye to this.

As for Lin Fan, he had all of a sudden obtained yet another killer move. Furthermore, this was something that he had obtained by chance.

Well, this was probably how simple things were when one was an invincible being.

Even though his own physical strength wasn't all that high just yet, with the Heaven and Earth Sutra now, it didn't matter who the opponent was. He could still restrain them all the same.

Within the void, Saint was dodging left and right while the mist before him was getting thicker by the second. All of a sudden, Saint could feel his inner heart getting frantic.

"There must be something up with this mist. I must definitely not let that d.a.m.ned guy succeed!"

"But, these text characters are really way too troublesome. To think that they would possess the power of Heaven and Earth. But, what sort of a Heaven and Earth would give birth to such characters?"

"Saint, this sacrificial altar of yours is pretty decent. Yours Truly shall confiscate it for you!" Lin Fan touched the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar at his feet and said.

The moment Saint heard this, he was enraged, "YOU DARE?!"

"Don't get hasty now. First, let Yours Truly take a look to check if there's a word for refining things within these text characters." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out.

With that, Saint could not help but get nervous. The Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was practically his entire foundation. Even though he firmly believed that there should be no way this human could actually cultivate the Sacrificial Altar, he did not know why but he could not shrug off that bad feeling in his heart at all.

"Eh? Seems like I've really found it! Okay, you have your fun first. Yours Truly is going to start cultivating it now!"


All of a sudden, the text character for 'cultivate' floated out. Given Lin Fan's own strength, there was no way he could cultivate this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar on his own. However, with the Heaven and Earth Sutra now being so overpowered, he might as well give it a shot.

And, if it could really cultivate out, then that would be a joyous occasion for sure.

With that, the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was directly basked in a bright beam of light.

Saint could feel his heart rattling right now as though something was trying to steal his belongings.

"STOP THAT NOW!" Saint could sense that something was amiss as that degenerate was truly trying to cultivate the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar!

How could Saint allow him to succeed?

"GO TO h.e.l.l!"

Saint was crazed right now. Without saying anything more, he lunged out straight at Lin Fan.

And just at this moment, the Spirit of Biggra finally seized this chance to coil out and wrap Saint within it entirely.

"GET LOST!" Saint tore at it with both his hands, trying to rip the mist off him. But just as he was going to dart at Lin Fan once more, three tadpole sized text characters stood in front of him and blocked his way once more.

"d.a.m.n IT. F*CKING G.o.d d.a.m.n IT…!!!"

"This sacrificial altar is not bad to be honest. And, to think that Yours Truly had once sacrificed items in the past as well. Seems like it was all exploited by you, eh?"

"Like I said, just who in the world would be so black hearted to give me so little benefits after I sacrificed so many items? So b.l.o.o.d.y despicable, cheap, and shameless!"

"If Yours Truly were to take control over this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, anyone who contributes with sacrifices in the future, Yours Truly will definitely not be stingy with them!"

Saint's face was entirely flushed red right now and he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. This was a humiliation on its own, an utter humiliation!


Saint could feel his connection with the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar getting weaker by the moment, as though it could break off at any moment.

"How could this be? To think that a human would be able to cultivate this! Just what sort of a thing are these text characters? Why do they possess such powers?"

Saint was wailing out in his heart. Due to his emotional outburst, his blood was pumping way faster, resulting in him getting fatigued quicker. As a result, the Spirit of Biggra was like a fish which had just entered water, and was starting to occupy the inner heart of Saint.

"Oh, it's going to be done soon! Yes! This Heaven and Earth Sutra is really incomparably strong! Even though I'm only a Divine celestial level 8 state being, I can use this Heaven and Earth Sutra to hang an Utmost Being up and whip him! If any mere commoner were to get this, wouldn't they be able to hang me up and whip me instead?"

Lin Fan was afraid now. Truly fearful.

But then again, this thing was thankfully obtained by him instead!

"Master! Please help me…!!!"

Suddenly, the voice of the Thunder Trainer King rang out from the Paradise.

"Eh?" Lin Fan was startled, not knowing what was going on.

"Master! There's no Spirit Qi left within the Paradise anymore! Your Trainer King here is still in the midst of cultivating and my supply was cut off!" The Thunder Trainer King was sobbing out right now.

"How could this be? The Spirit Qi within the Paradise of Yours Truly is extremely plentiful and vast as the oceans! Are you trying to joke with me?" Lin Fan scolded.

But when Lin Fan took a look inside his own Paradise, he was shocked silly.

Why in the world wasn't there any Spirit Qi within his Paradise?! Even if there was any, it was being depleted extremely quickly.

And, the direction of their depletion was none other than towards the Heaven and Earth Sutra.

"Holy f*ck…!"

Lin Fan had his mind blown right now.

He knew it! How in the world could there be something so good for free?

From the very beginning when he had obtained this Heaven and Earth Sutra, the system had not activated it at all. Seemed like it was to prevent him from accidentally using these text characters by accident and ending up being squeezed into a dried up corpse!

And, how long had it been since he had used it right now? To think that the Spirit Qi within his Paradise would be sucked up dry just like that!

Lin Fan thought about it. Perhaps the only reason why he was allowed to activate the Heaven and Earth Sutra right now was because he was in a situation of life and death and the system had no other choice.



Suddenly, Saint knocked a single text character back as the text character twisted and contorted before returning to Lin Fan's side, evidently dimming down.

"This is going to go bad real soon!" Looking at everything before him, Lin Fan could really feel his nuts hurting.

"Cultivate! Hurry up and cultivate for Yours Truly!"

Lin Fan started pushing it. Now that the Spirit Qi within his Paradise had been completely spent, Lin Fan realized that the Spirit Qi within his own body was depleting rapidly as well.

It shouldn't be long before he would turn into a dried up corpse entirely.

"HAHA! Ant, your death has arrived! Seems like these text characters require an immense amount of powers to sustain them." Saint had realized that Lin Fan's aura was gradually getting weaker as the powers within his body were starting to seep outwards. Because of that, he burst out laughing.


Lin Fan raised his head. When he saw the excited look on Saint's face, he scoffed out coldly.

"Why? Do you think that you've got Yours Truly now? I'll make sure I'll have you crying later!"

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