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At this moment, Lin Fan was turning around hurriedly within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"What am I to do now? Seems like Saint's going to get me for sure!"

"Aiyah! F*ck me! Why did I have to push Saint this hard? If I had known, I would have just given him a slight scare and have him running off! Why did I have to pressure him like this? Seems like I f*cked up with acting bullsh*t and am getting f*cked this time around!"

Looking at the situation outside, Lin Fan truly was at a loss for words right now.

"There shouldn't be any issue since I'm hiding inside this Heaven and Earth Smelt…right?" Lin Fan thought to himself secretly. All of a sudden, a huge vibration shook through.

Saint lifted his palm and was striking at the Heaven and Earth Smelt repeatedly. Combined with the power of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, the power that was brought forth by Saint was way stronger than before.

If Lin Fan were to face this with his bare physical body, he might have been smashed into dust with this palm strike alone and turned into a clump of mud.

Saint's brows furrowed. Evidently, he had not expected this smelt to be this tough as well. To think that even with the booster of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, he could not break through its defenses.

However, as far as Saint was concerned, this brat definitely had to die.

Even if he were going to hide within this smelt for the rest of his life, he would have to be live under sufferings.

Lin Fan's heart was palpitating right now. He was truly afraid that Saint might just break his Heaven and Earth Smelt with that single strike. At that point, it would truly be a tragedy.

"HAHA! Since you can't break it, you can't kill me! How about now?" Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief as his mood lightened up quite a bit.

This feeling was simply way too fabulous!

He wanted to kill him, yet couldn't do so. What could Saint even do to him?

"Saint, it's not that I want to comment on your actions. But, as an Ancient race being, you can't really always be so old fashioned and stubborn. Since you can't kill me, how about we call it quits? Let's just take it as though nothing happened, and at least we can still say hi when we cross paths in the future!" Lin Fan suggested.

"Dream on!" Saint barked out.

The moment the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar came out, the entire world quaked due to it. Even the other Utmost Beings had already sensed the boundless power that was being emanated out by this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

This Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar had initially belonged to the Heaven's Will. However, the Heaven's Will was deep in slumber right now. And under a miraculous encounter, Saint had sneakily managed to bring the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar with him.

As for the other Utmost Beings, they did not know of this treasure at all.

But now that Saint was being pushed to his wit's end, he had no choice but to display the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

"Don't you go overboard! Look around your surroundings! There're so many Samsung race beings there! Aren't you afraid of their self destruction!?" Lin Fan had not expected this Saint to be this stubborn and really go at him all the way.

"Self destruct? Hmph, come at me if you've got the guts. Even though the self destruction powers of the Samsung race is strong, Your Utmost now has the booster of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. Do you think that I'll still be afraid of you?" Saint snarled out, unfazed by Lin Fan's threat in the least bit.

"Holy f*ck! This means that there's no more room for negotiation?"

Lin Fan was angered. This Saint was simply way too audacious! Seemed like there was no way out of this unless he went for a round with him.

Lin Fan had been thinking all this while about what plans he could engage so that he could f*ck Saint up to death.

This Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was definitely some good sh*t.

For it to be able to receive sacrifices from all the various worlds out there, this was some mystifying treasure for sure! If he could get his hands on this, he would have earned big time for sure!

Without pondering anymore, Lin Fan pushed the front lid of his Heaven and Earth Smelt wide open.


Lin Fan could only give it his all and entrust all his hopes onto the Samsung race beings.

Right now, the amount of Shengyang Pills he had was a full 10,000,000,000. These were the pills that the old man had given him. Now that he burnt them all up for the Samsung race beings, this might bring forth even more power with their explosions.

With their powers ablaze, those normal looking Samsung race beings seemed as though they had just popped in some pills as a huge amount of power surged into their bodies, strengthening them.

"Incinerating Shengyang Pills in order to let the Samsung race beings get a stronger explosive power?" When Saint caught sight of everything before him, he smirked coldly.

It was as though none of this bothered him at all.

However, all of a sudden, the aura of the Samsung race beings rose like dragons as they burst forth with a tremendous surge of power. This surge of power was causing even Saint to feel a little rattled.

"Hmph! A deathly struggle? How can Your Utmost Being here give you that chance?"

Without thinking twice, Saint stepped forth with a heaven encompa.s.sing palm that slammed out of the sky. This palm seemed both human and that of a beast, and was extremely wide. The moment it spread open, the entire world seemed as though it was weaved into this single palm.

This was the power of sacrifice.

After acc.u.mulating an unimaginable power of sacrifices, the amount of power that was being brought forth by Saint right now was incredibly scary.

And indeed, Saint was truly different as an Utmost Being.

No matter what, Cruel was an Utmost Being as well. Yet, in the eyes of Saint, he was nothing but an ant that amounted to nothing.

Evidently, this meant that Saint had utmost confidence towards his own strength.

Saint was only forced to pull out the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar now under these extremely dire circ.u.mstances, so it should be something that he did not wish to do if avoidable indeed.

If the other Utmost Beings were to find out about a treasure of this sort, they would definitely not let him off that easily.


Just like that, 10,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills burnt up and the aura of the Samsung race beings skyrocketed up.

However, Lin Fan was immensely regretful right now.

Back when he had those couple trillions of Shengyang Pills, he had really spent them way too lavishly.

If he had a couple trillions of Shengyang Pills right now, he would have long blown this Saint to bits, saving all these troubles.

One by one, these Samsung race beings looked extremely menacing as their eyes were filled with a frenzied power. At this moment, their bodies expanded furiously one after another.

Saint was thoroughly surrounded in a circle as his expression could not help but stern up.

This was a power not to be scoffed at.

"Brat! You had better just stay within that Heaven and Earth Smelt of yours! Your Utmost has to see just how long more your smelt can endure!"


All of a sudden, the entire world exploded out.

Even Feng Qingzi and the others who had escaped a long way now could feel the sudden tremor.

"What happened to that lad?" Namo Saint Emperor remarked worriedly.

"I'm not sure. But, he has that smelt item protecting him. I don't reckon there should be any problems, should there?" The Female Empress replied.

Feng Qingzi's face was solemn. Everything that had happened today had a huge emotional impact on him. This was especially the case after that Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar had Feng Qingzi realizing something big.

He said nothing as he cast his sights far into the distance. Even though he had not seen it for himself, through the shockwave of the aftermath, Feng Qingzi could accurately understand the power of that explosion. Even if it were a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d State being who had obtained an Eternal G.o.d Seat, they would have been vaporized by that explosion.

The amount of power that was created by that explosion had Lin Fan entirely stumped. He was being slammed all over the Heaven and Earth Smelt as though he was in a furious ocean that was raging with waves.

The Heaven and Earth Smelt vibrated violently.

"What's happened to Saint! Is he dead yet?!" Lin Fan wondered in his heart, not knowing what the actual situation was like outside.

However, when he took a look out there, his heart froze up.

Saint was filled with blood all over his entire body from head to toe. Even an entire arm was blasted apart by the explosion.

"Holy f*ck! He's not dead even from that?"

Lin Fan could not dare to imagine any longer. The power of the explosion earlier was practically enough to cause the entire world to topple over. Yet, this Saint had taken it head on tenaciously and yet came out of it alive! This didn't make any b.l.o.o.d.y sense at all!

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