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In the deserted unnamed mountain, Lin Fan sighed as he sat down on a rock. Then, he started to stare into the distance, thinking about life and the meaning of the world.

A gust of wind blew, blowing away some leaves, emphasizing the desolation that seemed to exist there. This place looked deserted, compared to the prosperous sect not far away.

He was alone, and had no one to rely on in this unfamiliar place. What should he do?

Lin Fan missed the life from before, but it was gone now.

Amidst these thoughts, Lin Fan’s body became one with the environment, and the depressed feeling spread everywhere.

One day pa.s.sed.

Two days pa.s.sed.

Lin Fan sat on the rock without moving, like a stone.

Glory Sect’s grand master gave the unnamed mountain to a new disciple. The news was heard by many people. The news attracted a huge attention immediately. The news was unbelievable, they just could not believe the grand master would give the mountain to others just like that.

Some elders disagreed, but it was of no use. It was a direct order from the grand master. Could they say no?

Other disciples were very interested in the man who ended up getting the unnamed mountain from the grand master. Therefore, they came to see what kind of a man could build a division at the unnamed mountain.

When they arrived there, they looked at the deserted place and shook their head. Old and uncivilized, weeds growing everywhere, trees growing out of order, it was too hard to build a division here.

Then, they saw the man on the rock, which sparked their curiosity. Some disciples checked him out and left.

The second day, more disciples came, and that man was still there.

The third day, another wave of disciples come, and he was exactly there.


After several days…

A rumor started to go around within the Glory Sect. The man who received the unnamed mountain was a dumb guy, who kept sitting on the rock without moving.

Senior elder Wuya and Yan were both paying close attention to Lin Fan. They knew Lin Fan was mediating. The destruction of the sect was an unbearable business for anyone.

Some would go crazy.

Some would go numb.

Some would get lost in vengeance.

And some rare ones would step out of the nightmare and recover.

They just did not know which category Lin Fan would fall into.

Ten days later, laughter spread across the unnamed mountain.

"I need to wake up, work hard, and take revenge after I get stronger." Lin Fan woke up with his mind feeling as if it was being caressed by a fresh breeze. What could he do by worrying every day? What was lost could not be recovered. His power could not increase without any effort.

Recovering himself and keeping working hard was what he needed to do. When his power level overwhelmed that of his enemies, it would be the time for revenge.

In the Glory Sect far away from Lin Fan, a man stood there, seeming to be able to see the unnamed mountain as if it was just right in front of me. He smiled gently, his eyes full of care and appreciation.

"It is good to wake up."


Lin Fan thought for a while about his current situation. To be frank, he was poor and had nothing.

No man to use, poorer than a homeless man.

In order to continue the Saint Devil Sect, he could not just think about it. As a grand master of a sect, he needed to have a house first, then some servants and disciples.

Ah, he lacked basically everything.

Lin Fan sighed. It was really troublesome to start from the bottom. The good thing was that he was in the Glory Sect. If he used his brain, problems like these could be solved.

Lin Fan checked out the thing that Senior elder Wuya gave him.

An old book

Lin Fan checked it carefully and found out that it had records of secrets about Dongling Continent. Sect’s divisions’ locations on Dongling Continent, divisions in secret places, divisions in forbidden areas, and all others thing which needed to be remembered were all in the book.

Training style in Dongling Continent was not too different from that in Cangling Continent. However, it was not as complicated as the one in Cangling Continent. Here, they divided the levels into four parts, beginning, medium, high, and ultimate, instead of numbers.

Lin Fan closed the book, finally gaining some knowledge about this continent. This continent was not worse than Cangling Continent, and actually was even more advanced.

Also, this continent was much bigger than Cangling Continent. There were also many powers in this place, far more complicated than one could imagine.

However, this had nothing to do with him.

Lin Fan put the book away, not caring about what the book said. The first thing to do was to recover, and continue the legacy of the Saint Devil Sect. Although he was the only one left, he carried the high hope of his grand master and senior brothers. He could not let them down.

Lin Fan scanned the unnamed mountain and checked the terrain. He finally decided to build the house on a flat ground.

He picked some large trees and cut them down. Then, he sliced them into pillars and used them as four holding pillars. Subsequently, he started to make wooden floors.


When everything was done, Lin Fan was finally relived. His two-floor wooden house was ready. Although it was not something amazing, at least he had a now.

It was dark outside at the moment, so Lin Fan went inside his wooden house and tried to train.

Faceless Sky Demon and Jianyi were the best martial skills Lin Fan knew. Now that the system had changed, he was not sure if training was any different. Lin Fan had reached level two for Faceless Sky Demon, but he was still at level one for Jianyi.


After Lin Fan started to train, the s.p.a.ce behind him shook, like a stone thrown into a lake.

Lin Fan was running both the skills at the same time. Like Yinyang Taichi, half the area was black mist while the other half was the will of the sword, which turned into an unnamed powerful sword with a blinding white light.

At this time, Lin Fan opened his eyes in shock. When he went into training mode, he did not hear the notification sound from the system, but he felt a certain power going inside his body comfortably. Lin Fan had never felt like that, and the speed of exercising those two skills even seemed to be faster now.

This was the effect of the system fusion. He was just not sure whether there were more functions for him to explore.

Lin Fan calmed down and returned to training.

Next day, the sun rose, and Lin Fan opened his eyes while taking a deep breath.

After an all-night training, both of his skills advanced quickly. Especially Jianyi, it was at the gate way of leveling up. Lin Fan believed that it would level up soon.

Lin Fan wanted to check this sect out now that he had been here for a while. Finding a chance to get some resources or trick someone to be his servant should be a good idea.

The most important thing was that he had not eaten for ten days. He was starving, and if he still had nothing to eat, his body would not be able to hold on anymore.

Lin Fan was grateful to the Glory Sect grand master. He not only gave Lin Fan the mountain, but also granted him all the privileges a disciple could have.

This was unbelievable.

Lin Fan stepped out of his door and realized something was missing. He furrowed his brows and immediately came to a realization. So, he brought a giant stone and put it at the entrance. Using his finger as a pen, he wrote the three words, "Saint Devil Sect."

After he was done with this, Lin Fan nodded with satisfaction.

That was more like it.

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