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"Amitabha! Convert under me, and you shall never return to the cycle of reincarnation. The Purifying Buddha shall descend upon the world."

Lin Fan chanted out scriptures as his face started changing into one of an immense benevolence. When the living beings caught sight of this face, they felt a murmur pa.s.sing through their hearts.

The golden scriptures that were lining the sky let off a bedazzling Buddhist light that lit up the entire place before culminating into a ball.

Ever since the skill of Purification had evolved into the Great Buddha's Light of Purification, Lin Fan had not used it at all. But despite his familiarity with Purification, the sight of the skill being displayed out right now was still breathtaking.

This impact was extraordinary!


The Buddhist light that had culminated into a ball burst open.

All of a sudden, the entire world seemed to be a place just like the Paradise Land of Bliss where heavenly G.o.ds revolved and danced about. Some of them looked menacing, some of them benevolent, while some of them were expressionless and calm…

And, all of these heavenly G.o.d Buddhas were all revolving around a single gigantic golden Buddha who was seated on a lotus. That merciful face of his was enough to have even the vilest and evilest being in this world repenting for their sins and getting converted with a refreshed heart.

The face of that golden Buddha was dignified. As he raised a single finger, Buddha flowers floated all around him. Huge golden words were coming out from his mouth and were boundless.


At that moment, the world fell silent and turned exceptionally harmonious. Those dazed looking Samsung race beings suddenly had their eyes filled with a Buddhist light as they turned their gaze towards Lin Fan. It was as though they had finally found the Lord of their beliefs right now and were filled with conviction.

'Ding…Purification success.'

At this moment, the experience points of the Great Buddha's Light of Purification were skyrocketing up relentlessly.

Level 1!

Level 2!

Level 3!

Converting all of these Ancient race beings allowed the Great Buddha's Light of Purification to be raised to the third level instantly. In fact, Lin Fan could even feel his power of purifying light being raised. Any being below Divine celestial level should be reformed with just a single look of his!

"Indeed, this Great Buddha's Light of Purification is one h.e.l.l of a sick skill. I wonder what sort of a powerful being it must be who could craft out a skill as such. This is an utter steal!"

At this moment, Lin Fan could truly understand the power of the Great Buddha's Light of Purification.

If he were to train this up to its peak, wouldn't he be able to purify every single living thing in this world?! By then, who in this universe could even escape this purifying skill?


"YOU ANTS! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!" Saint bellowed out as he tore apart that distorted dimension that locked him in.

Striding out with a large step, it seemed as though he had crossed an entire world as he appeared in the face of everyone once again.

But, just as Saint was about to strike out, he realized that Namo Saint Emperor, Female Empress, and Cruel were all standing in a row far away, as though they were really fearful of him.

"EVEN IF YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO ESCAPE THAT FAR, YOUR UTMOST HERE IS GOING TO KILL YOU GUYS!" Saint screamed out. Right now, the fact that these guys were avoiding him was evidence of their fear for him.

But, even if that were the case, it wouldn't extinguish the hatred within his heart right now. Saint was bent on killing this bunch of ants.


Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind him. Saint jerked his head back instantly. But when he turned around, his face took a huge turn.


An exploding sound permeated the world.

"Go and explode."

As though they were ghouls, three living beings of the Samsung race floated behind Saint. The moment he turned around, they exploded in his face.

This was quite a frightening sight to behold.

Lin Fan could see that Saint's body was starting to distort within the explosion.

The radius of explosion was way too huge. This was practically something that could cause the entire heaven to topple over and ghosts and G.o.ds to wail out.

"Saint, Yours Truly had no other choice but to do this! I wonder how badly injured you are right now." Lin Fan said with a heartbroken expression. However, he was all smiles right now internally as the void behind him trembled slightly.

If this Saint would still dare to go on a rampage like that again, he would give him another round.

If one explosion couldn't kill him, two then!

"That lad is really savage." When Namo Saint Emperor caught sight of everything, he could not help but exclaim out.

Looking at everything before her, the Female Empress could not help but nod her head silently and sigh as well. Seemed like she had truly deserved to be killed by this lad back in the Xuanhuang World.

After all, anyone who pit themselves against such a despicable and shameless fellow would undoubtedly be just courting death.


All of a sudden, a maddened roar boomed out. That was Saint's voice, and he was about to go insane right now.

This was HIS Samsung race! To think that this d.a.m.ned ant would dare to use his own Samsung race on himself! This was intolerable!

"YOU'RE COURTING DEATH!" While the explosion this time around did not have much of an impact on Saint, this was one h.e.l.l of a humiliation for him.

"YOUR UTMOST SWEARS TO TEAR YOU UP TO SHREDS SO THAT YOU CAN ENDURE AN ETERNITY OF SUFFERING!" Saint was incensed as a boundless rage burst forth from him like a burning blaze that stained the entire sky red.

"Seems like Samsung race beings of Divine Celestial level 4 pose no threat to Saint at all."

However, Lin Fan could tell that the explosive power earlier on was pretty formidable. Even if it were a Divine celestial level 7 state being, if they were to take that head on, they would definitely have their skins peeled even if they weren't dead.

"F*ck your mother…!"

Lin Fan gave him some precious advice before attacking from left and right as he tossed two Samsung race beings over directly with one Samsung race being on each side.

"Go forth and explode, my dear little Samsung race buddies!"

"YOU…!" This was a rage formed by the embarra.s.sment of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race. He could not believe that this d.a.m.ned human would dare to provoke him right now!

"You d.a.m.ned lad! Couldn't you at least warn us first before tossing them?" When Namo Saint Emperor saw the lad tossing yet another two Samsung race beings, his face changed as he leaped back instantly.


The entire void quaked once more.

This time around, the Samsung race beings used were way stronger than the three from before.

Saint could not bear with this any longer. His body stood firm without falling in the face of these explosions.

"YOU. ARE. COURTING. DEATH." Saint clenched through his teeth and seethed out. To think that these Samsung race beings that he had reared would be the weapon of that human right now!

"Everyone, make way! I'm going to go crazy!" At this moment, Lin Fan hid in the Heaven and Earth Smelt. He then poked out his head and looked at Saint.

"Let us go, Heaven and Earth Smelt!" Lin Fan patted his Heaven and Earth Smelt as it bolted out towards Saint instantly.

"This lad… Just what is he trying to do again?" The Namo Saint Emperor asked in shock.

"I've got no idea, but it definitely shouldn't be anything good. We should hurry up and get out." The Female Empress felt her heart being gripped by an ominous feeling.

"YOU'RE COURTING DEATH!" When Saint caught sight of how this ant like human would dare to come at him, he let out a cold smirk. Since this was the case, he was going to teach this human the true meaning of torment.

Now that he was swapping an air gun for a cannon, it was time to f*ck things up!


The Heaven and Earth Smelt brought Lin Fan to fly through the void.

"GO TO h.e.l.l!" Looking at how Lin Fan was darting at him, Saint struck out without hesitation.

"Aiyoh! Look at how powerful I am! Samsung explosion!"

Lin Fan asked and said nothing as he just threw out an entire bunch of Samsung race beings before shutting that front lid of his Heaven and Earth Smelt. He couldn't care about anything anymore. He just wanted to see how long more this Saint could endure.

Initially, Saint thought that this human was courting death by coming to him head on.

However, when he caught sight of how that human was throwing that entire bunch of Samsung race beings at him, his face changed. And, it suddenly struck him that the defensive capabilities of that Heaven and Earth Smelt were extremely frightening!

But by now, it was all too late for him.

This bunch of Samsung race beings were ever so dazzling. Looking like a radiant and glorious sun, they let out a magnificent gleam.


Lin Fan closed the Heaven and Earth Smelt's front lid shut and hid within it. Through the walls of the smelt, he looked at the situation outside.

"I wonder if Saint can hold out through this."

This was no ordinary explosion this time around. Even now that the Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress had hidden really far away, they could even feel the shockwave that was emitted from the aftermath.

"This lad is really way too savage. Even a Divine celestial level 9 state being would be blown to bits by an explosion of this scale!"

When Feng Qingzi caught sight of everything before him, he burst out laughing, "HAHA…! MY GOOD DEAR DISCIPLE! INDEED, YOU ARE THE DEAR DISCIPLE OF THIS OLD MAN!" His fight with Fault gave him no room to breathe at all. However, now that there was such a huge commotion being caused, even they could feel the repercussions.

However, for Feng Qingzi, this was a turn of events.

The fact that Lin Fan was in possession of a legendary weapon such as the Heaven and Earth Smelt coupled with this self exploding Samsung race beings, who else in this world would dare to try approaching him any longer?

It was just that…this way of fighting was pretty shameless…

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