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"Ants! How dare a bunch of ants such as yourselves try to kill me? Today, I'll have you guys pay a terrible price for that!" Saint hollered out entirely. Those bloodshot eyes of his seemed as though they wanted to devour the entire world.

Cruel roared out as well. In his eyes, the Saint before him right now was the biggest enemy ever.

'd.a.m.n it! How in the world did this guy turn this strong? To think that he's even showing signs of being able to suppress me!' Saint wasn't bothered about anyone else right now.

At this moment, the amount of fighting strength that was exuded from Cruel was far beyond Saint's imagination.

"Cruel, you're seeking death!" Saint howled out as all the muscles on his body began to expand furiously.


A tremendous amount of energy erupted forth from his body and ejected the Flying Heavens out of his a.n.u.s as well.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this, he could not help but yelp in exclamation.

A single fart to shock the world! How powerful was this?

"Master, we've tried our best…" Flying Heavens floated gently beside Lin Fan and commented dejectedly. It was quite a disappointment that they did not manage to crush the other party entirely. Lin Fan just kept it back into his Paradise.

All the tree branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree were floating around in the void at this very moment. One by one, they pierced out of the void, as if they were rooted in countless worlds out there.

Saint's brows furrowed, as the aura being given off by these tree branches did not give him a good feeling. All of a sudden, his expression changed starkly.

"Mythical Parasol Tree!"

"Cruel! Go at him and whack him brutally!" At this moment, the only one who could match up against Saint was none other than Cruel.

There was no one else who held the same strength.

"Just what sort of a method did that lad use to have Cruel obey him like this? This is inconceivable!" Namo Saint Emperor gasped out in astonishment.

The Female Empress was equally taken aback in her heart. Everything was way too surreal for her right now.

"Could this be the Purification skill of the Buddha race?" After the Female Empress recovered from her shock, she looked at the Buddhist nature that was emanating out of Cruel and commented out her suspicion.

"If one were to talk about reforming others, amongst the thousands of races, the skill of Purification belonging to the Buddha race would definitely be the strongest of them all. However, if it were just that skill of Purification, how could it reform an Utmost Being of the Ancient race? Unless, it's that long lost Great Buddha's Light of Purification!"

By the time her thought got to this point, the Female Empress was at a complete loss for words.

"Impossible! The Great Buddha's Light of Purification has been lost in history for a long time now! Even in the Namo Island where the intent of the Old Ancient Buddha lives, there's no trace of this Great Buddha's Light of Purification!"

Namo Saint Emperor replied with utmost certainty.

Obtaining the Namo Island was as good as inheriting all the skills of the Buddha race for the Namo Saint Emperor.

Within the Namo Island, there were countless Seven Emotions and Six World Desires of great, powerful beings from the Buddha race that were entrusted to it. There was no shortage of powerful beings who had placed their emotions there. However, even within the memories of these great powerful beings, there was no trace of the Great Buddha's Light of Purification at all.

According to the rumors, the Great Buddha's Light of Purification was lost after a great powerful being from the Buddha race fell.

However, Namo Saint Emperor knew of the truth. A long time ago, amongst the first batches of Buddha race beings that had ascended into the Ancient Saint World, there was a powerful being who wielded the Great Buddha's Light of Purification. Because of that, he had almost reformed the entire Ancient race under him. For that, the Heaven's Will chose to take action eventually and stood in to have that great being slain personally.

This was a secret that no one else knew about.

If not for the Namo Island, Namo Saint Emperor would not have known of these secrets either.

"If it isn't the Great Buddha's Light of Purification, what other sort of G.o.dly technique could it be that could reform an Utmost Being?" The Female Empress reversed the question.

For a moment, Namo Saint Emperor did not know how to reply at all. Everything seemed way too impossible to him right now.

As an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, it was also because of the Heaven's Will that Cruel was able to obtain an Eternal G.o.d Seat. However, compared to Saint and the other Utmost Beings, his foundation was still slightly weaker.

Therefore, Cruel was the weakest out of the eight Utmost Beings.

But, now that the object between Cruel's groin was given a harsh kick, it unleashed every single last bit of potential within his body explosively.

The previous state of the True Origins Crushing Kick was b.a.l.l.s Kicking. And b.a.l.l.s Kicking had a special function to invoke the hidden potential within oneself.

This single kick of his that targeted at one's nuggets was something Lin Fan had tested out before. The amount of battle prowess that could be unleashed from this was heaven defying.

However, given the situation right now, even if Lin Fan were to kick himself, he shouldn't be able to defeat Saint.

Therefore, there was no need for him to endure that unnecessary pain.

"d.a.m.n it! The tree branches of this Mythical Parasol Tree are too d.a.m.ned annoying!" The powers of Saint rumbled out profusely as they caused Cruel to retreat.

In between this battle of Cruel and Saint, the tree branches of the Mythical Parasol Tree were also doing their part in disturbing Saint insanely.

For Saint, this was thoroughly intolerable.

"F*ck! Seems like Yours Truly can only try to sneak an attack on this guy! If I were to rush up just like this, I might even be killed by him!" Lin Fan dodged left and right. He noticed that Saint's glare right now was extremely piercing. Each time his gaze met with Saint's eyes, they emitted an intense killing intent.

This killing intent dug into Lin Fan's heart like a straight current.

"Ant like being, Your Utmost is going to kill you right now!"

Saint could really bear with it no longer. Between this battle of his with Cruel, that d.a.m.ned human would come and disturb him from time to time. How could Saint endure this?


Suddenly, Saint's figure appeared before Lin Fan as he slapped out with a ferocious palm. The Saint right now was getting smarter. He knew that the first one who needed to be killed was Lin Fan.

"I'll hide!"

At this moment, Lin Fan retreated into the Heaven and Earth Smelt shamelessly.


The tremendous force slammed onto the Heaven and Earth Smelt and was repelled instantly.

"Come on! Continue to try f*cking me up… Hehe!" Lin Fan pushed open the front lid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt and mocked out.

"d.a.m.n IT!"

The Heaven and Earth Smelt was truly an Utmost Treasure of all Utmost Treasures. To think that it wouldn't even budge after that single ferocious attack of his!

In fact, the amount of power that was reflected back was even more startling for Saint.

At this moment where Saint was reflecting on his thoughts, Cruel pounced on him like a rabid dog.

"Cruel, you're going to pay the price for your actions!" Saint was incensed right now. Both his hands jerked as the void started vibrating and a long spear bolted out.

This spear was boundless like a dragon as it swiveled over. Piercing out, all sorts of Laws were infused within that spear.

The moment the spear pierced out, the world froze up as though time had stopped.

"Cruel, go to h.e.l.l!" Saint bellowed as he raised his powers to the maximum.

Against this formidably terrifying spear, Cruel's expression did not change at all. As he moved his finger, it was like a dragon, tiger, and even leopard at times.

All sorts of transformations took place. Within this short period of time, Cruel seemed to have displayed the most profound of all martial arts skills in this entire world.

In the face of Cruel of now, every other martial arts seemed to pale in comparison at this very moment.

"Hmph! Infinite Spirits Mythical Fist. This was a skill that Your Utmost here deemed as too lowly for me to learn. How dare you display that before me? You're just seeking your own humiliation!" Cruel laughed coldly.

A single spear to pierce through everything...

However, at that moment, Saint's face changed. He realized that the long spear in his hands had suddenly seemed to weigh a ton, and he found it impossible to use his skills!

When he turned around, he realized that those darned tree branches had come around from the back once more. Saint bellowed out.



A battle between Utmost Beings would almost always be decided by a single moment.

The almost infinite stances of Cruel were sent out as he placed his palms together to materialize a hammer that thumped down straight in the center of Saint's chest with a loud bam.

An infinite number of martial arts Dao culminated at this single point, unleashing a terrifying power from them.

This irresistible power pierced through Saint's chest, causing him to be knocked back intensely. The spear in his hands fell down as well.

"Good work!"

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy as he s.n.a.t.c.hed that Utmost Treasure of a spear over. The Weapon Spirit within it started bellowing instantly, wanting to break free from within.

"d.a.m.n IT…!"

Looking at how that Utmost Treasure spear of his was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the human, Saint was burning in wrath. This was an inextinguishable shame for him.

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