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"Feng Qingzi, I'll see just what else you can do today!"

The might of the Utmost Being Saint was domineering as he shrouded the entire world in his aura. However, he did not know how that piece of trash, Cruel, was dealing with the human right now.

He looked at the Heaven and Earth Smelt that was floating peacefully in the air right now. It was extraordinary. He had to bring it back for sure.

The faces of the Female Empress and the Namo Saint Emperor were serious. Even if the both of them joined hands, they were not a match for the Utmost Being. However, it wouldn't be an issue for them to hold him off.

The Female Empress and the Namo Saint Emperor were both Divine celestial level 10 state beings. However, none of them had received the Eternal G.o.d Seat. Therefore, they were still weaker than Saint in terms of power.

Right now, there were three great Ancient race beings here and Cruel was stuck inside that strange looking smelt, where there was no way to tell of the situation at all.

Despite that, Saint and Fault before them right now were not easy to deal with either.

"Female Empress and Namo Saint Emperor, both of you have drifted through life ign.o.bly for countless of years now, and Your Utmost has just kept a blind eye towards your actions, ignoring you guys. But, to think that you guys would have the guts to come provoke me today? Naturally, there's no way I can let you guys stay alive then." Saint said with a frosty tone. Today, he was going to go all out for a ma.s.sacre and kill all of the remaining humans.

"Feng Qingzi, that lad might not be dead yet and is still within the Heaven and Earth Smelt! Let us try to fight for some time and just wait out the situation." Namo Saint Emperor focused his face. If they were to go at it later, he might probably have to use every single last bit of strength he had.

They had been hidden for a long time now, and their cultivation states had long reached that of a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being.

But, the f*cked up thing was that there could only be that many Eternal G.o.d Seats within the world. No matter how profound their foundations were, they could never take the step forth.

Namo Saint Emperor breathed out heavily. Seemed like he had to show some true skills later on.

"Alright." Feng Qingzi did not think that the lad was dead either. The lad was one with many tricks up his sleeves. Even an Utmost Being might not be enough to have him killed.

All of a sudden, Feng Qingzi roared out with a long and bright sound, "Today, this old man shall give the two Utmost Beings a good fight!"

Even though there was only three of them right now, their total strength was not comparable to both the Utmost Beings right here.

However, it was no issue for them to hold them back for a while.

"Hmph! Courting death. Today, I shall have all of you slain, so that we do not have any more issues in the future." Both Utmost Beings burst out. When they moved, the entire world trembled as all the Laws within started going berserk at this very moment.

For all of the powerful beings who were attracted over to this place, this wasn't a battle they could afford to take part in. Just the momentum brought forth by these people alone were more than enough to have them killed.

Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt…

Lin Fan connected to his Paradise as the continuous amount of lifeforce repaired his body tirelessly.

"Rebirth through Blood Sea. Boundless Saint Spirit!"

Now that Blood Sea had been trained up to a certain state, there was even a literal ocean of blood formed within Lin Fan's Paradise right now.

With just a single thought, a vast amount of lifeforce flushed through Lin Fan's body, regenerating that body that was damaged by the power of refinement.

At this moment, the Universal Elixir that was just cultivated was emanating a holy glow that shot out with a banner of lights, running down Lin Fan's entire body.

The Universal Elixir cultivated by Lin Fan was far from ordinary. Compared to any other one of the same level, it was stronger by at least a hundred times.

Every single skill he knew had entered the state of the Dao, and were inscribed onto the Universal Elixir as threads on its surface.

A single thought could cause the entire world to topple over, and a single flip of his palm could devastate everything.

The powers that were emanated were running rampant all the way as all of his skills churned out continuously like second nature, without any obstructions at all.

Right now, within this Universal Elixir, the amount of power acc.u.mulated was far more than hundreds and thousands of Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state powerful beings combined.

Along his way of cultivation, Lin Fan had depended on the system as a basis. However, at the same time, the foundation of his powers was extremely immense.

Spirit Weapons, Dao Weapons, powerful beings... Lin Fan had conquered tons of these things.

At the moment he cultivated his Universal Elixir, the True Essences of Water and Fire that was left behind by the Fire Water Emperor started rumbling out as well.

Even though they weren't as tyrannical as the Fire Water Emperor herself, they were still not to be underestimated.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Fan spat out a breath of corrosive air. The corrosive air seemed like it had a soul of its own as it floated within the Heaven and Earth Smelt and took on many different forms, It seemed as if it was about to split the entire world into two and convert every single thing within.

"Indeed, the path onwards has broadened after obtaining a Universal Elixir state. With the universe as a basis, I can control the Heaven and Earth while splitting out a world of my own as well."

Lin Fan did not ponder any longer as he dove straight into his Paradise.

At this moment, the Utmost Being Cruel was being tied up by the Mythical Parasol Tree, with countless of living beings suppressing him. Even if his powers were torrential, there was no way he was going to make a comeback out of this.

Right now, Cruel was immensely regretful. He truly shouldn't have trusted that human. He was full of tricks and a thoroughly sneaky sleazebag!


By now, Cruel's entire body was broken and damaged due to the smelting. However, a boundless amount of power was still surging within him like a raging river, that was pushing back at the Mythical Parasol Tree.


Right now, Lin Fan's skill of Purification was nothing to be scoffed at. It had already reached level 19, and the Light of Purification was immense. Instantly, it caged up the Utmost Being Cruel within it.

However, if he wanted to reform an Utmost Being, this amount of power was still not enough just yet. Although, now that the Cruel's body was immensely damaged by the Heaven and Earth Smelt, it opened up a world of possibilities for Lin Fan.

"Cruel, I'm not going to kill you."

Lin Fan hollered out as he pointed with his finger. The Universal Elixir within his Inner World shot out while revolving. All the Seven Emotions and Six Worldly Desires turned into a ma.s.sive river that seeped into the depths of Cruel's heart.


Cruel howled out while struggling repeatedly, ignoring the pulls of the tree branches from the Mythical Parasol Tree. However, in the blink of an eye, they regained their control over him.

"A starving dead camel is still bigger than a horse. Seems like an Utmost Being is not an Utmost Being for nothing. To think that you would continue to struggle even at this point. However, it is all just a waste of your efforts."

Between every single bellow of the Utmost Being Cruel, all sorts of G.o.ds of his martial arts Dao formed into a devastating giant. This was Cruel's last attempt at struggling. He wanted to sacrifice everything he had to suppress Lin Fan.

However, for Lin Fan, the current Cruel was nothing more than fish meat on a chopping board. No matter how much noise he made, it didn't matter at all.

'Demon City, suppress!'

The Lower Graded Utmost Treasure shone with an immense light as all the connate Five Elements joined together as one. The Big Ancient Demon howled out furiously as the Paradise brightened up immensely. A t.i.tanic punch that was shining as though it was cast in a golden mold shot forth with a devastating amount of power to it. Instantly, it ravaged through that giant that was formed from all sorts of Martial Arts G.o.ds and shattered it into dust.

"Cruel, you don't have to fight back anymore. All your efforts will be for naught."

"Come and follow under Yours Truly. Leave your position as an Utmost Being."

Lin Fan's entire body shone with a bright Buddha light as a weird phenomenon rose up. Thousands of Buddhas chanted their Buddhist sutras that coiled around Lin Fan's surroundings and revolved endlessly. Gradually, a typhoon made up of Buddhist sutras was formed as it wrapped itself around the body of the Utmost Being Cruel.

The infinite Buddha light seemed like banners that were pulling out at the body of the Utmost Being Cruel. Lin Fan's face was changing rapidly right now. A sort of compa.s.sionate benevolence of the providence that could purify all lives started spreading out across the entire Paradise.

The menacing looking Cruel started howling out furiously. However, that face of his was gradually changing. It was starting to soften as that ominous aura from him started shifting. In fact, the aura that was directed out towards Lin Fan was transforming at the same time.

Within this Paradise that was filled with the ominous aura of Cruel, a change happened as a bright golden flare burst forth from the body of Cruel, replacing that previously ominous aura entirely.

The face of Cruel turned merciful and harmonious, and was now starting to look friendly.

'Ding…Purification success.'

'Ding…Purification leveled up.'

'Ding…Purification has evolved into Great Buddha's Light of Purification.'

The golden swastika within Lin Fan's body suddenly changed into a single golden word, which was contorting and transforming continuously. At times it was like a dragon, and at other times it was like a tiger.

As though the golden word was being summoned by something, a long golden banner appeared all of a sudden that wrapped itself on the Universal Elixir entirely.


It was just a single word, yet it possessed all the wisdom and logic present within this entire universe. Lin Fan had not undergone any Buddhist teachings before, but because of this Purification skill, even his own aura was starting to change right now.

Sitting there quietly, it was as though he had obtained the Dao of a powerful being from the Buddha race. Even a single look or aura from him was more than enough to purify anything.

Naturally, this was just a manifestation of Lin Fan's inner thoughts. If this were truly the case, he would have become the strongest being in this entire universe a long time ago.

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