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"Cruel, you see that now? Do you see how this Saint and that Fault or whatnot are humiliating you? Saint is the worst to be honest! To think that he would say something such as you being a burden! How can you endure that!?" Lin Fan pointed out to the situation outside the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Hais! You know, now that I'm hearing it, even I am finding it hard to tolerate it. If you were to die just like this, not only would you gain nothing at all, you would be ridiculed like this forever! I'm feeling really pitiful for you right now honestly. That is one place in history I wouldn't want anyone to be in."

"Shut up!" Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Cruel was looking at everything that was happening outside through the walls of the smelt. Every single word said by Saint was transmitted into his ears.

For Cruel, this was an insufferable shame.

As for Lin Fan, he was a little startled right now. The face of that Female Empress was one that he would never ever forget. As for the other man? The one named Namo Saint Emperor?

When Lin Fan thought of him, he felt his nuts feeling a little crushed.

Back when they were in the Lower World, these two fellas had been thoroughly humiliated by him. The sight of it all was unbearable to watch.

A single strain of the Female Empress's consciousness had her chest expanded to a state where they were almost exploding with Lin Fan's Black Tiger Steals Heart. As for that beautiful, ravishing face of hers? It was walloped into the state of a pig's.

But, Lin Fan of now was a man who knew how to treasure and cherish a woman. He could not understand how he could have done what he had in the past.

But, none of that mattered anymore. After all, the Female Empress had played him out once as well.

Towards this Namo Saint Emperor, Lin Fan had always thought that he was an enemy. But now that he looked back, he might have overthought things.

After all, back when he had just ascended into the Ancient Saint World, this man did not come seeking him out right away to kill him. By the looks of it, he couldn't have been too angry after all.

'Forget it. Let bygones be bygones then.'

Towards how the situation outside was progressing, Lin Fan did not want to know too much about it for now. After all, the biggest issue before him right now was Cruel. If this Cruel weren't going to let go of his Universal Elixir, everything would be for naught.

"Cruel, even though we're both enemies, I've got to say that I, Lin Fan, have truly never respected any Ancient race beings. But you? You've got my respect right now. Let go of your hand, and I'll escort you out. Let's pinky promise this. Once we're out, we'll do what each of us wants to do from then on. What do you think about that?" Lin Fan's voice was gentle right now.

This was a discussion as well as a negotiation.

Given the current situation, if they were to just endure it on both sides, neither side would gain from it.

Cruel looked at Lin Fan, "You send me out first. Once I'm outside, I'll let go."

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was exasperated. "Cruel, we've been fighting for so long now. Can't we just have some mutual trust between us?"

"It's just as you've said. You should trust me." Cruel replied.

As far as Cruel was concerned, he would definitely crush this Universal Elixir once they got outside.

Initially, Cruel had wanted to endure it to the bitter end with Lin Fan. He didn't even have any fear towards death at all. However, the words of Saint were causing Cruel to feel really resentful within.

If he were to die just like this, everything that had belonged to him would belong to someone else for free.

"Hais! To be honest, you're just like me. We're both pitiful beings. Back in the Lower World, I was a lonely orphan with no relatives since I was young. In fact, I didn't even have a single friend. I even had to fight with a dog for a meal back when I was a kid. For the sake of living on, G.o.d knows how many times I've been ridiculed and laughed at. Even after I entered a sect, I was bullied by everyone else and beaten up all day and night…"

At this moment, Lin Fan paused to sigh for a moment. It seemed that there was so much pain in his heart that he could not describe it all.

This mouth of his was full of lies. And they were told in such an honest manner that even Lin Fan was about to believe them.

"How about you?" Lin Fan asked.

"Shut up! You either let me out of this place or we'll both die together." Cruel hollered out.

"Cruel, don't do this. The fact that we're both able to be in this place right now is a form of affinity as well. No matter what, we must both choose life over death today. I can tell that you've got a lot of pain within your heart. How about you tell me about them? Talking it out will help you feel happier. Look at Saint. Don't think that he's living it up right now. He's not going to be alive for much longer." Lin Fan continued.

"…" Cruel looked at Lin Fan while that menacing face of his was gradually softening. It was as though he was being moved slightly by that phrase of Lin Fan that 'Saint is not going to be alive for much longer.'

"Now that we're both inside this place, we've yet to reach a common consensus after such a long time. Additionally, your hand is now pierced right within my Inner World. What can I even do to you?" Lin Fan asked.

Cruel closed his eyes gently before opening them up slowly as though he was busy recalling about something from the past.

Normally when Cruel spoke, it would always be sinister and creepy. A single word of disagreement would be enough for him to break out into a fight. Everyone from the thousands of races were akin to fish meat while even his own race was equivalent to mere ants.

At this moment, Cruel's voice was somewhat more peaceful, as though it had returned to normal. It did not sound like that of some evil being anymore.

However, Lin Fan knew that this was all on the surface. Once he seized the opportunity, he would definitely bare his fangs.

"I was born way more than 10,000 years ago, and was one of the lowest cla.s.ses of all Ancient race beings. Due to that, I had to endure all sorts of torments. From an Ancient race soldier to a deca.n.u.s, a centurion, a tribunus, et cetera… I've been through all sorts of battles and was practically living on the brink of death countless of times. My life before the recent 10,000 years was a life of darkness. Within the Ancient race, the strong would prey on the weak, and the weak Ancient race beings were just ants…"

As Cruel recalled, he gradually spoke out slowly. On the other hand, Lin Fan was getting astonished as he heard the tale.

The story that Cruel had mentioned sounded even more tragic than his!

Because he was weak, he was nearly eaten up his fellow Ancient race beings!

Lin Fan almost could not believe that he could live on till now given how tragic his life was back then. Could it be that he was guarded by his own life's fortune?

However, Lin Fan was sure to not let out that look of astonishment on his face. Instead, he sighed out, "Hais! Seems like we're both pitiful beings. To think that your life experiences would be even worse than mine."

"I've said what I have to. Now, let me out, and I'll loosen my grip on your Universal Elixir." Cruel's eyes shone with an ominous glint as he said it.

"No. Right now, the both of us have let go of the barriers within our hearts. You ought to trust me. I am an honest man and would never deceive others. As long as you loosen your grip, I will definitely let you out." Lin Fan shook his head while saying.

"By this, you're showing that you do not trust me, eh?" Cruel barked harshly as his face started to look menacing once more.

"It's not a matter of trust. It's a matter of principle." Lin Fan replied.

"Hmph! Principle... Since that's the case, you can continue smelting then if you've got the guts. I've just got to see who can hold out all the way to the end." Cruel shouted out angrily.

"F*ck! Are you threatening me now? Smelt then! Let's see who's afraid of whom!"

A single word of disagreement meant f*cking it up till the end!

In a jiffy, that power of refinement surged forth once more.

Two cries of pigs being slaughtered rang out once more. This time around, the sounds were even more sorrowful than before.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +150,000.'

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body levelled up. Level 8.'

'Physical Body State: Divine celestial level 9 state.'

At this moment, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. To think that his physical body state would actually level up under such enduring times!

Lin Fan closed his eyes gently as two streams of tears flowed down the side of his eyes. This painful price that he had to pay was finally starting to give back the returns.

The question was, what should he do now?

So what if it were Divine celestial level 9 state? What sh*t use would it be?!

This was an Utmost Being who had obtained an Eternal G.o.d Seat!

Cruel was heaving out in fatigue right now as he perspired profusely. Right now, his body was severely damaged, and he did not know how long more he could last.

But, he knew that if he were to loosen his grip on the Universal Elixir of the other party here, he would have to fall here for sure.

"Cruel, let us stop harming one another, shall we? You are the most tenacious Ancient race being that I have ever met. This resilient state of mind that you possess is enough for me to respect you."

"Hmph! Let me go then!" Even though Cruel was little more than a sh.e.l.l compared to the dying strength within him right now, but he still had to maintain his overbearing att.i.tude.

"Alright.! It's not that I can't let you go. However, a brave warrior such as yourself is truly someone that I can't help but admire. Therefore, I feel like hugging you. Can I?" Lin Fan could feel the entire sky almost toppling as he said this.

"You're trying to humiliate me? Where would my face go to if I had to hug an ant?" Cruel rejected vehemently.

Lin Fan, "…"

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