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"Ah, what is master thinking? Putting me here for restriction for no reason… When will this end?" A girl with white skin and a pretty look sat in a house constructed of stones, wearing green clothes. Her clear eyes were like two shining rubies.

"Master says, if a man shows up on the bed, I will avoid the punishment. But it must be fake. How can a man show up from nowhere? According to the record of the sect, there has been no one appearing on the bed for thousands of years." Mu Xiaoqiao had a caring master, but this master was a bit strict. If she made any mistake, she would be sent to the restriction room.

The stone house used to be a forbidden place. Later on, for some unknown reasons, it became a place for restriction. The house was big, and built such that no wind could come in. The stone walls were tough, and there was nothing but a bed made of stone in the house.

When Mu Xiaoqiao was still grumbling and thinking about how to endure the restriction, the s.p.a.ce above the bed bent suddenly. A man appeared and lied on the bed, literally out of nowhere.

Mu Xiaoqiao stood up in shock. What…what the h.e.l.l happened just now? How did a guy appear here?

Mu Xiaoqiao did not see the man clearly, so she moved forward to check him out.



Mu Xiaoqiao’s eyes opened widely, and she was struck by an unprecedented horror. What was that noise?

"Ah...." When Mu Xiaoqiao saw the man on the bed, she started to scream. She covered her mouth, unable to believe what is happening.

So much blood!

So many wounds!

The shoulder had been penetrated by someone, and one could even see the bones. It frightened Mu Xiaoqiao out of her wits.

"Is he dead?"

Mu Xiaoqiao looked at him with frightened eyes. When she saw what was between the man’s leg, she suddenly got embarra.s.sed and started to scream even louder.

"Master, help!" Mu Xiaoqiao ran out of the door, unable to stand the horrifying situation any longer.

The stone house had a door, which was not locked. People could actually leave freely. However, those disciples still did not dare to leave until the restriction time was up.


Not knowing how long had pa.s.sed, Lin Fan felt like his conscious is was a boat in the middle of an ocean. It faced a heavy storm and barely floated around, constantly under the threat of being consumed at any moment.

Darkness, there was not a single light

‘Am I dead?’

The storm seemed to have gotten bigger. The boat had sunk. Lin Fan closed his eyes and sank into the ocean.

He could not feel anything, any power. Sinking was probably the only choice left for him.

"Junior brother Lin, you can do it.

"Junior brother Lin, go on and live."

"Swim up, do not sink to the bottom."


At this time, so many familiar faces appeared in front of Lin Fan. Everyone was smiling.

"Brothers..." Lin Fan barely managed to speak out a word, his throat choked from the emotions.


Lin Fan shouted, using all of his willpower to swim up. However, it was really hard to do it. The water felt like mercury, but the constant urges of his brothers seemed to give him power to somehow work his way up.


"Grand master, he is awake."

Lin Fan found it a little noisy around him. The light made it more difficult to open his eyes. After struggling for a few moments, he got used to it and finally saw people in front of him.

"Senior brother, grand master..." Lin Fan looked at the blurry images and tried to talk. However, when he saw the people clearly, he lowered his head.

They were not his senior brother or grand master.

"You are awake. Then rest up. You must be thinking many things. Do not worry, you are safe now… and no one will hurt you. We will get out now and leave you alone."

"Yes, grand master."


When these people left, Lin Fan looked at the unfamiliar environment and wondered where he was. The grand master sent him away at last, sacrificing his life to protect him. What was this place? Was his sect truly finished?


At this time, at the main palace

"Grand master, this is the last disciple of Dark Rock master. I think we should take him in." A strong and handsome man stood in the palace and said with a depressed tone. A man who stood in the middle of the palace held the token. The token was with which Saint Devil grand master used all his energy to send Lin Fan here.

It recorded the end of Saint Devil Sect, and the situation about Lin Fan.

Saint Devil grand master asked the sect to take Lin Fan in, and keeps him as the last man of the Saint Devil Sect.

"I have made my mind. Dark Rock master was our senior master. Now that his sect is ruined, we need to take care of his last disciple. Later, you ask him a question. Does he want to join us? Or he wants to continue his sect. If he chooses the second one, then you will give the unnamed mountain in the North west to him." Glory Sect grand master shook his head and sighed.

This was all that he could do for the senior master.

Although Dark Rock master had been building a division in Cangling Continent for thousands of years, as the grand master of the main sect, he just could not ignore this.

"Grand master, this is not good. The disciple has lost his potential. His life is over. Others may disagree if you give the unnamed mountain to him."

"I have made up my mind. If there is an argument, they will have to come and see me. From now on, the unnamed mountain will be named as Saint Devil Mountain. It will be the division sect of the Glory Sect. The disciple is the sixth grand master of the Saint Devil Sect. My junior brothers, please help me in the future." Grand master Yan had clearly made his mind and left the place.

"Senior brother Wuya, why does the grand master do this? He does not have to give the mountain to the disciple." Yan Zhanwen was very confused.

Wuya shook his head and smiled, "Junior brother Yan, you probably do not know this. Dark Rock master saved the life of Senior brother Yan’s ancestors. Later, he helped Yan’s ancestor join the Glory Sect. This was such a big help. Senior brother Yan appreciates people who helped him. Giving the disciple the unnamed mountain is nothing. He has lost his potential, and cannot reach any higher level, and he will pa.s.s away after a hundred years of age. So why to take it to heart?"

"Fine, fine, no more talking. I will go check him out. Not sure when he will get over the desire for vengeance. What a pity! He was full of potential." Wuya shook his head.

They had known all the information from the token. This disciple consumed the blood of monsters and increases his power forcefully. The consequence was that he hurt himself and ended up becoming a common person.

For this kind of brave disciple, they trusted him and admired him.

It was an honor for a sect to have this kind of a disciple.

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