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Everything that Lin Fan had just said was being knocked hard into the head of the Utmost Being Cruel.

Just as Lin Fan had said, even if he were to die, there would be a new Utmost Being of the Ancient race to take over from him. Everything that he possessed would be gifted to others. At the same time, he would be mocked by the other Utmost Beings.

This wasn't something that Cruel could endure. He had not expected to have to pay with his life by coming here to slaughter this guy this time around.

And, within this mystifying treasure, even the Heaven's Will could not be transmitted in. What else could he do?

Admit defeat?

The thought did cross his mind. However, as an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, how could he admit defeat? As such, the Utmost Being Cruel was still waiting.

Since this was the case, he could only continue to wait this out all the way.

To wait till someone acknowledged defeat first.

The Utmost Being Cruel had wanted to slaughter Lin Fan. Therefore, when he saw that Lin Fan had stepped into the territory of Saint, he was initially overwhelmed with joy.

However, now that he was thinking about it, if he were to pay with his life for killing this brat right here, it would totally not be worth it at all.

He should hand the headache over to Saint instead. At the same time, this kid could wreak havoc in Saint's territory!

"Human! You admit defeat and let me out. Then I'll let go of your Universal Elixir." The Utmost Being Cruel said.

"Impossible. Yours Truly has never lost in my entire life. Even if someone has to admit defeat, it should be you." Lin Fan truly wanted to admit defeat in his heart. However, he clenched down on his teeth and refused to bow down no matter what.

He had already obtained an answer right now. The inner heart of the Utmost Being Cruel had already started cowering. As long as this thought was something he was mulling over, things would be easy from here on.

So long as they could go through a few more rounds of smelting, the Utmost Being Cruel would be sure to bow down. By then, after his Universal Elixir were to return to its rightful place, he would be able to come up with all sorts of plans against this guy.

"Hmph! You've got to be dreaming if you want Your Utmost here to acknowledge defeat!" The Utmost Being Cruel replied harshly.

"Alright, since that's the case, let us continue then. Yours Truly will just have to see how long more you can hold on for!" Lin Fan set his resolve. Now that things had come to this, he might as well just bear with it till the end.


The power of refinement struck out once more.

The eyes of both Lin Fan and Cruel shone with a frightful look. However, the expression on their faces were equally unfazed.

"This sort of torment is nothing!" The Utmost Being Cruel declared sternly.

"Huehue." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out, expressing his disdain.

With this power of refinement that tore at their very spirits, the fact that these two could still face it like this showed the hardened wills of both of them, which was worth admiring.


Instantly, that pig slaughtering sound rang out once more. This time around, the power of refinement was way stronger than before.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +150,000.'

Lin Fan had long forgotten how many times the notifications from the system had rung out by now. Under this power of refinement, Lin Fan was not the only one yelling out in pain. All the living beings within his Paradise were on the brink of breaking down as well.

The Big Ancient Demon that was within the Demon City howled out continuously as an endless amount of demonic powers burst forth. However, under this power of refinement, it was destroyed instantly.

The Thunder Trainer King shone with a bright golden shade and had a composed expression. However, his body was as broken as it could be while he was still cultivating that skill of Purification.


The battle between Feng Qingzi and the Utmost Being Saint had long caused the entire world to practically topple over. When two powerful beings fought, even if it were just a single breath, it would be enough to destroy a single part of the entire world.

"Feng Qingzi! You don't have to dream of leaving alive today as well! It's long due for one of the four great Guarded Grounds to disappear by now!" Brandishing his spear, the Utmost Being Saint disintegrated Feng Qingzi's attack instantly.

"And you think that you alone would have the capabilities to do so, Saint?" Feng Qingzi no longer knew what was happening to Lin Fan right now.

What was going on within that smelt? No matter how powerful he was, he could not peer through the secrets behind it at all.

Each time he wanted to use his consciousness to check out the insides, he would find himself being blocked by a mysterious barrier of energy.

This caused Feng Qingzi to be startled. Given his current powers, even if it were an Utmost Treasure, he would be able to check through it. But to think that he couldn't peer into this smelt. That was something that was bugging Feng Qingzi in his mind.

"Well, what if you were to add me in?"

At this moment, the void was sliced apart by a sharp glow of light as though it was a wave. From within, an Ancient race being walked out briskly. Every single step he took caused the powers of the Earth to go berserk with it.

When Feng Qingzi caught sight of who had arrived, his face changed, "Fault…!"

"How about now, Feng Qingzi? Do you think that you can still hold out if you were to count me in?" At this moment, a third Utmost Being of the had arrived.

Out of the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, if one were to include Cruel, there would be three Utmost Beings gathered at this place right now.

Even if Feng Qingzi were extremely confident towards his own capabilities, he could not help but tense up at this moment.

A single glance over and one could tell that the Utmost Being Fault had a body as vast as a thousands of feet tall mountain. As he approached closer, his body began shrinking down, until it eventually looked the same as everyone else. However, that explosive body of his still retained that boundless amount of power that it had.

"Feng Qingzi, do you really think that you can hold down a part of the world just with your position as a Guardian? The other three Guarded Grounds are like fishes in a pond that are just living by sneakily and lowly after being suppressed by our Ancient race. If not for the fact that Cruel is too weak, do you think that those living beings that are guarded by you would be able to move around with such freedom in this place?" The face of the Utmost Being Fault was calm as he commented indifferently.

However, there was an authoritative tone within that voice, as though a single word was enough for him to kill off all the living beings.

"Fault, I'm sure you can understand now how much of a burden Cruel is. If not for him, how could this old man here be so brazen right now?" The Utmost Being Saint laughed out icily.

With the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, other than the place where Feng Qingzi's Guarded Ground was, all the other places were oppressed harshly.

It was totally unlike this Guarded Ground, where the living beings were free enough to roam about easily.

"It's inevitable that the Utmost Being who rose up later on would be that bit weaker. But, it doesn't matter. Not long after, the Infinite Worlds will open up. By then, the Heaven's Will will awaken. From then forth, all the Infinite Worlds shall quiver and serve under the might of the Ancient race."

"Feng Qingzi, this Guarded Ground that you guys are guarding over is only a place which the Heaven's Will had arranged for you guys to live in. Did you really think that a miracle could happen?" The Utmost Being Fault's mouth smirked out.

In their eyes, the beings of the thousands of races were only beasts that were reared in enclosed areas.

Even though some of these beasts might be fiercer than others, the only outcome awaiting them was nothing but death.

"A bunch of c.r.a.p!" Feng Qingzi blared out.

"Haha!" The Utmost Being Fault chuckled out. However, he did not say anything more and raised his head and looked into the depths of the void. Those deep eyes of his seemed to be able to pierce through the world as though all living beings were revealed before them.

"Female Empress, Namo Saint Emperor... I guess it's about time for you guys to come out as well. Why? Does Your Utmost Being here have to invite you guys out personally?"

The void rippled out as a pair of tender hands tore it apart. An unparalleled and dignified figure strode out from the void briskly.

On the other side of the void, Namo Saint Emperor tore through another part of the void with a stern expression.

"Haha! To think that there would be two beings of the Human race who would appear within the Ancient Saint World. Unless, you guys are here for that human, eh?"

Thousands of years ago, there were countless of beings of the Human race within the Ancient Saint World. However, there was something that caused the eight Utmost Beings to feel restless in their hearts.

The Human race did not have a mighty body like that of the Vajra race. They did not have the potential of the other races either. Neither did they have any special bloodline to them.

Yet, the amount of potential that burst forth from them was something that left the Utmost Beings feeling really uneasy.

As such, the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race joined hands to ma.s.sacre the entire Human race. After they slaughtered the entire Human race, the Utmost Being Ancient One was scammed and killed by some powerful beings of the Human race. At the same time, they set up the ascension barrier within the Ancient Saint World. From then on, there were only two beings of the Human race left within the Ancient Saint World.

They were the Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress.

However, both of them were extremely well hidden, and had never appeared within the world at all. The Utmost Beings of the Ancient race knew that a mere two human beings could not possibly cause any huge ruckus. Therefore, they weren't bothered by it at all.


The Female Empress sighed. Ever since Lin Fan had ascended from the Ancient Saint World, she had been watching over him.

However, to the shock of the Female Empress, even she could not figure out what he was up to at times despite her strength.

And right now, this human had grown to such an extent in the short span of a mere four years.

He was now an existence that required the personal appearance of an Utmost Being in order to stop him.

This was something the Female Empress could have never imagined.

"Naturally I'm here for him. Even though Your Emperor here has a grudge against him, Your Emperor is here to guard over him today." The Namo Saint Emperor spoke up.

Back in the Lower World, everything that Lin Fan did had long caused the Namo Saint Emperor to burn with rage in his heart. He could not bear to squish this person to death instantly.

Ever since Lin Fan ascended into the Ancient Saint World, the Namo Saint Emperor could have easily killed him without any effort at all.

However, he didn't. He wanted to see just what sort of a potential this man possessed. If he were useless, the Namo Saint Emperor was prepared to just strike out and kill this person entirely to vent the frustrations in his heart.

However, with the way this lad was growing right now, the Namo Saint Emperor would not kill him no matter how infuriated he was. After all, this was the future of the Human race here.

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