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Lin Fan's incredibly tough body was pierced by that gigantic hand.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +1,000,000.'

By now, Lin Fan was no longer concerned about the notification from the system. The thing that Lin Fan was frightful of right now was the fact that the gigantic hand had not only pierced through his body, it had even extended itself into his Inner World.

"Prevent! I've got to prevent this guy from succeeding!"

All the skills burst forth as the living beings within the Paradise hollered out.

"Hmph! You wanna stop Your Utmost here? You must be dreaming." Under a single slap, every single bit of resistance was futile as the palm came before the face of the Universal Elixir.

"You want to cultivate the Universal Elixir before me? That's a fool's dream."

That gigantic arm grabbed hold of the Universal Elixir within it. No matter how hard the Universal Elixir struggled, it was all useless.

"Not good!" Feng Qingzi, who was engaged in battle with the Utmost Being Saint right now, suddenly took a change of expression when he noticed what was going on with Lin Fan right now.

To think that Cruel would appear here as well!

"HAHA! Feng Qingzi, your disciple is as good as wasted right now! The Universal Elixir is already in the hands of Cruel right now! Do you think that you've got the capabilities of protecting him still?" The Utmost Being Saint laughed out wildly.

"You've planned this from the very beginning!" Feng Qingzi's eyes were reddened with rage as he shouted out.

"Hmph! Now that another living being with an unlimited potential has appeared in the midst of the thousands of races, Your Utmost here would naturally not allow him to continue growing as such. Now that the outcome is already determined, are you still intent on dueling all the way through?" The eyes of Saint were extremely vicious right now.

Feng Qingzi's breathing was getting heavier right now. To think that the Utmost Being Cruel would cross the boundaries to head over here. This was something he hadn't expected at all.

"Cruel, you had better put down that Universal Elixir for this old man here!" How could Feng Qingzi allow Lin Fan to be crippled here like this? If he were to lose the Universal Elixir, all of his efforts from before would have been for naught!

No matter how high Lin Fan's potential was, he would turn into a handicapped person from that point on and truly turn into an ant like existence forever!

"Feng Qingzi, your opponent is me!" Utmost Being Saint instantly blocked the path forward. "Cruel, destroy his Universal Elixir and kill that ant!"

Cruel was laughing out maniacally right now as the hatred within his heart was seeping out. This ant like living being had killed countless of his underlings, and had caused him to bow his head down in shame in front of the other Utmost Beings.

For Cruel, that was an intolerable humiliation he had to go through.

"Ant, your death has arrived! From the very day you offended Your Utmost Being here, your fate has already been determined!" Utmost Being Cruel laughed out in a frenzy. With a jerk, he pulled out his palm from within Lin Fan's body.

"Cruel, your happiness has arrived way too early!" Lin Fan's face was entirely pale right now as he grabbed onto Cruel's hand. "Yours Truly is not someone you can bully this easily!"

"Heaven and Earth Smelt!"


All of a sudden, the entire world trembled as the Heaven and Earth Smelt appeared in the sky all of a sudden. That vicissitude aura flushed through the entire world.

"What's that? How could the aura of it be this strong?" When the Utmost Being Saint caught sight of that Heaven and Earth Smelt, his face changed into one of disbelief.

Feng Qingzi was slightly startled as well due to the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

From the Heaven and Earth Smelt, he could sense an extremely destructive aura, as though everything in the world would have to bow down to its might. This wasn't even an Utmost Treasure! However, the aura was way stronger than an Utmost Treasure!

"What's this s.h.i.t…?" Cruel's arm was still within Lin Fan's body right now. When he caught sight of this humongous object, he froze up as well.

"This is a sh*t that will take your life!"

Lin Fan was close to scolding his mother by now. These guys were giving him no chance at all! All Yours Truly was trying to do was to cultivate out a Universal Elixir, wasn't it? Did they have to f*ck up Yours Truly like that?!

A single Utmost Being wasn't enough that they had to b.l.o.o.d.y sneak one more in? Enough was enough!

Now that the Universal Elixir was in the hands of Cruel, it would be a fool's dream if Lin Fan thought that he could break free of his grip. But at the same time, it was an even bigger dream if Cruel thought that he could just steal Yours Truly's Universal Elixir like that.

"You…!" Cruel had not expected things to turn out like this! From the unknowns, he could sense an ominous feeling surging up his mind, warning him of danger. He wanted to retreat, but it was all too late.

"Get in here!"

The Heaven and Earth Smelt could refine anything in this world. And, this was Lin Fan's only method of destroying everything indiscriminately.

So what if it were an Utmost Being of the Ancient race? In the face of the Heaven and Earth Smelt, everything must be destroyed equally.

In the blink of an eye, the Utmost Being Cruel and Lin Fan disappeared from where they were.

"Where is this?!" The Utmost Being Cruel looked at everything around him as his face took a huge turn into one of disbelief.

"Cruel, I'm giving you one last chance to let go of Yours Truly's Universal Elixir!" Lin Fan was glaring the Utmost Being Cruel in the face right now. There was only the distance of an arm between them.

"Ant, you've got to be dreaming!" Now that Cruel was holding on to Lin Fan's Universal Elixir with a death grip, there was naturally no way he was going to let go of it. "Do you think that you can rest easy just by trapping Your Utmost Being in here? Wait till Your Utmost Being kills you…"

"You're not going to get the chance to."

Lin Fan did not wait for Cruel to continue with his c.r.a.p as he started smelting instantly.

All of a sudden, horrifying flames blazed within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


Snakes of fire coiled around everywhere. Under the might of the smelt, even Lin Fan could not withstand it despite his current physical body state.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +100,000.'

Two tragic cries rang out together. Cruel could only feel his consciousness, in fact, his entire soul enduring an endless torment that was so painful that he could literally die now.

This feeling was bringing forth fear towards Cruel.

"I'll give you one last chance! Are you going to let go or not? If you do, I'll let you out! Otherwise, you'll just have to die here!" Lin Fan's skin was tearing apart as he sweated profusely. Even a single breath of smelting within this place was more than enough for Lin Fan to endure.

This was no ordinary smelt.

Not only was it unbearable for one's body, even one's soul and consciousness would undergo an equal amount of torment. This wasn't something that any ordinary beings could handle at all.

"ANT… LET GO OF ME!" Cruel screamed out. There was a hint of fear hidden deep within his eyes.

Even though he was the weakest of the eight Utmost Beings, he was still an Eternal G.o.d state being who had obtained an Eternal G.o.d Seat no matter what! He wasn't someone who could be compared to those Pseudo Eternal G.o.d state beings.

But, that flame just now disregarded all his powers entirely and was incinerating his body directly! That was something extremely horrific for Cruel.

"You let go!" Lin Fan's breathing was heavy. In order to let Cruel know of his strength, he had purposely increased the power of smelting within this place to a certain degree.


"You're belittling me. How dare you try to bargain with me when Yours Truly would even dare to torment himself? Forget it. Today, whoever begs for mercy shall be a dog then!" Lin Fan was angered right now. He knew that Cruel was a tough nut to crack. But, if that were the only case, he was not going to be the first to bow down either.


Lin Fan bellowed out.

Instantly, an even scarier power of refinement burst forth.


The two screams of pain like that of pigs being slaughtered rang out together within the Heaven and Earth Smelt. This was a torment of the deepest level, one in which there was no way to fight back at all.

This was a sin of its own.

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